This hair makes me so happy. I’m so glad I did it. People are now calling me lala 😒 (👀 @sidneyng @jieqiangtan 👀). How is it lala? It’s so gorgeous 🌈🌈🌈 The perm will be gone and I’ll probably need to straighten it or Sth. We’ll see after my first wash.
Cheated on my salon in KL this time and did it at @impulse.collective!

Sometimes I overshare my feelings on the internets. Then I regret it because it makes me feel like I’m so vulnerable. Then again, 50 year old me would appreciate my overshare. If you are reading my thoughts, it’s a process. I just need to think out loud and go on a head space cleanse. I may seem like I don’t have my shit together. But I’ll be alright :) if I’m not, you’ll be the first to know.
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