crap crap…

some stuuupid fella is talking crap on my tag board!!
that person said that he/she is amelia…when clearly that person is not! and lavena doesn’t go online! crap…whats this man…! stupid!making him/herself look so stupid only..

sorry amelia!

listening to…bright light-matchbox twenty
thinking about..SPM!
anywayz….spm’s like so near….hahhaa…i’m going mad!

check this out…
HITZ.TV emerges this month as Astro’s newest TV channel. Finally – a music channel produced in Malaysia for Malaysians.

HITZ.TV offers the most popular local and international music according to YOU, the viewers. If you want it, we’ll play it. UP2U puts the power to programme in your hands. You can SMS vote for the next clip to play – no more waiting around for your fave. Dedicate songs to your loved ones via this site, drop us a line to tell us what you like or don’t like – it’s your channel!

All the entertainment news from here and around the world. Some hard facts, whats on where, a little bit of gossip mixed with a whole lot of laughs.

With the HITZ.TV on air team, we have broken the VJ mould. Predict the unpredictable – that’s what you get with our team of Rudy, JJ, Serena, Jay and Ferhad. Chill out with them while they chill with you – weeknights and all weekend on HITZ.TV.
And every afternoon, tune in to see who is in front of the camera as we take to the streets with UVJ. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a VJ, then drop us a line and we’ll bring the camera to you.
the vj’s….ferhad???

amelia! you want a ride home after the concert?cos the other day you were saying something about no transport home…there’s place in my bro’s car for ya…tell me if you want alright??

listening to…diddy-nelly-murphylee–shake ya tail feathers
thinking about…SPM!

la-la-lala(jayz style) spm’s in a month…yay! i’m lovin it…!
so,PMR’s next week…we have the whole week…i mean 4 days of freedom!!! no school!!!!muahahahhahhaa…but i’m going to school on monday….extra add maths tutoring from miss teoh…i need A LOT of help for add maths…there’s chemistry class by the new teacher also…

berjaya times square’s open! yay..another roller coaster to look forward too…but i have this urge to go to a beach right now…i don’t know why…but its like the beach is calling me…darn…i need a holiday…badly….

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