last monday, i went to the royal london circus. my bro and i..we didn’t buy those no…dad won first class tickets to go see clowns and animals and acrobats.
so, i went out in the morning, to meet sidz. my bro told me we’re going at like 630 pm…when i was one hour away from i rushed home 745 reached station, called bro, he picked me up.we went..then i read the tickets….”complimentary tickets-come one hour before the show to collect the tickets” i was like…”koooo, we’re so late..” we just went la, wanted to try, if cannot get in we’ll eat at 1U and balik..
when we reached there(810pm)…there were like probably 10 cars..went looked so SAD…like one of those circus where there’s only one clown and a few animals..
TRUE enough..there was only one clown and a few animals!
we got like front row seats…so we sat…waiting and waiting..i looked back…i think there were maybe about 50 people in the HUGE stadium like place..
hhahahhaa…then there were those people who sells popcorn and cotton candy and cicus tshirst and merchandises…they were bangladeshis(spelling??) and one circus performer, probably russian. they walked sadly, with thier stuff in thier hands…looking at you, patheticly..with thier sad eyes,asking you to buy thier stuff…

hahahahha..but the show was nice..
first there was a clown. then got acrobats..the acrobats was those normal acrobats laa..
all chinese group..the boys are adorable! so cute!
the russian people..some of them were cute!but they all so strong! haha
the highlight of the night was the animals!
ELEPHANT…baby elephant…he did some tricks..and the “highlight” of the elephant was his HUUGGEE penis! hahah..its like as big as a coke 1 litre bottle!! serious!
TIGERS and LIONS-tigers were cuties…the HUGE lion actually pee-d on stage!
cute lil DOGS-gosh..they are sooooooooo adorable…
then there was the usual motorbike stunt..where they all ride in the circle thingy..

this was definitely a better circus than FANTASTICA!
i had fun..altho the crowd was sad..
reminds me of the Frequency Cannon Shout Gig! hahaha..
that was a veryyy sad gig little people turned out..but the show was awesome!

accidenally in love..

shrek 2’s theme…

i luuurrrvee that movie…and lurrrveeee that song like mad!


dustyhawk@lionel wants me to blog here! hahaha…but no one reads my blog here..

maybe i’ll have two blogs…like he does..


anywayz…im feeling gooodd..

have fun!


just checking…

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