Verse 1:

She told him she’d rather fix her makeup, then try to fix whats goin on

But the problem keeps on calling, even with the cell phone gone

She told him that she believes in livin, bigger than she’s livin now, but her world keeps spinnin backwards, and upsidedown

Don’t say so long,….

Don’t spend today away

Cause today will soon be


Like yesterday is Gone

Like history is Gone

Just try and prove me wrong

And pretend like you’re immortal

She said he said live like no tomorrow

Every day we borrow

Brings us one step closer to the edge

Where’s you’re treasure?

Where’s you’re hope?

If you get the world and lose your soul

She pretends like she pretends like she’s Immortal

Don’t say so long

You’re not that far gone

This could be your big chance to makeup

Today will soon be


Like yesterday is Gone

Like history is Gone

the world keeps spinning on

you’re going going


Like summer break is Gone

Like saturday is Gone (like all my pictures..GONE)

The world keeps spinning on

And pretend like your immortal

your immortal…your immortal

Your immortal..ha ha

we are not infinate

we are not permanant

nothings immediate

were so confident

in our accompishments

look at our decadance

Gone like Frank Sonatra

Like Elvis and his mom

Like Al Pacino’s cash

Nothing lasts in this life

My High school dreams are gone

My childhood sweets are gone

Life is a day that doesn’t last for


Life is more than money

time was never money

time was never cash

life is still more than girls

life is more than hundred dollar bills

and time fills

life is more that fame and rock and roll and thrills

all the riches of the kings and up pinwheels

we got information in the information age

but do we know what life is outside our convenient Lexus cages

She said he said live like more tomorrow

every moment that we borrow

brings us closer to the GOD whose not sure to cash

Hey..im glad you asked

Life is still worth living

Life is still worth living


i cna die now!

i really can die nowWW!!

all my pictures are GONE!!!! my precious pictures! my lovely darling edited pictures! im so sad right now…im gonna cry later!


i dun like the stupid lap top!

i really dun like it!

i hate it!!!!


u cannot take away pictures! its life! memories!


i hate my lap top!

i lurrve this song!welcome back-Mase… hahaha

anywayz…just came back from carolling..drove all the way to Damansara Kim…hshhahha….dunno where is that also…just followed the gang…then later went to mamak wit them and then to the last house..so many boo-boos today…as one of our lead guy singer-christopher was sick (and he can’t come tmr too..DISASTER!)…and out lead guitarist can’t make it to the last house! hehehe..

tmr will be the last day of carolling…we’ll be going to 3 pubs in the damasara area…or was it hartamas? somewhere la..i just follow! my chest (above the boos area! ;P) is so itchy! :/

hahah…anywayz…i like mase! hahah..

tmr my bro and i will be going on a ONE day only shopping spree! hehe… 1000-warehouse sale near my house then later to 1U or Mid valley to get more stuff for me and him and others!

i need to buy gifts for me friends too!:)

and sidney! and christina my bro’s gf…cos she bought for me present already! hehehe..

anywayz…i gotta go!

do something useful..but i want the lap top!!!!: p

i wanna do more pictures..hahaha…i keep on decorating my pictures!im trying to put frames on all my highschool pictures and name them so that 10 years from now i know their names! 🙂

good idea eh…i mean…if i dun name them now, i’ll forget their names! i already forgot so many of my school mates names!

so yea…have fun reading this! check out me recent photos!

pics post

my christmas tree!! hehehe…nice or not…i decorate wan…ahahaha..okayla…not much synchronied deco’s so had to decorate it with what we had…before lights and after lights!
More pics here…

me on the computer…thats what i do everyday! ahhaha…and yeah…my freaking computer is half nakey!

Me and bro…SS-ing again…hehe…


i look so fat!) but haha…parading my new halter i bought for RM10.<3

My not so new anymore Wh slippers! cute eh? guess how much RM11.50! hahaha..

heart shaped n star shaped pillow RM12.90 each from Jusco!


Syok Sendiri in the car while waiting for others ro arrive…talkign to Sidney on the phone also! hehe..

i was supposed to wear this hat…cute eh? its a smaller version of the santa hat!(thats the steering wheel)

Hazel, Camelia, Yvette and me…so dark this picture…i swear it was wayy brighter on my lap top! now on computer and its like this…hahaha..nvm…enjoy the dark picture!


SS pose…hahahaha…me taking pics in the car before the party…

my brother and me…SS pose again in the car!

smiley SS pose with the car’s blue light…my car has a neon blue kinda light…

action face SS pic! ahahaha..i look so fat here!

me with my eyes closed and Audrey…she’s like me-chindian…she’s so cuteee!! heheh..she bugged me to take so many pics of her..

she turned back..hahaha

Audrey and Cassandra..it was a candid shot!

Thomas-drinking beer in a (18 years and below) christmas party??? hahaha..NOT! he’s drinking chinese Tea+Paech+Zappel+everything Uncle Stevenson can find…he wanted to make everyone sick..its some Punch…it really sucks!

Thats all folks! more carolling pictures soon!
have fun!:)


hahaha…i dunno why but im so happy! NOT! so miserable my life…haih…i should doi something!

i’ve been online for everyday since my graduation…i feel weird if i never go check my mail…one reason is because i wanna know if i got my scholarship…i would so love to leave here….as my relationship with my parents is like…i dunno spoiling?we fight all the time…but i can never get angry at time for a long time..

but i dun wanna leave here too…i’ll miss sidneyficance sidney so much! my brother…my friends…my room..MALAYSIA!

haih….sidney’s still working…i can’t see him tmr…cos its a monday…my uncle’s chemo day..so yeah i dun wanna cause another war with my mum…she’s been kinda cranky lately…

so what else can i do at home? i can’t go shopping tmr also…cos i’ll be going on tuesday…mum gave me n bro her ATM card to buy presents for everyone and also new clothes for christmas!! i can’t wait!

every year i look forward to buying clothes! hahaha…dress…looking all pretty! hhahahaha…but im FAT this year…guess i dun have much options to nice dresses! 🙁

Kevin asked me to vote for Qings & Kueens!

so here it goes…public announcement…

TYPE “VOTE ROCK 5” and send it to 32111

its for the best Rock Band in Malaysia thingy..i hope they win! but tough competition tho….OAG, dragon red and all..

Kevin calls me his mui mui…hahaha..i guess i have another brother!yay! more brothers!

btw, i went to Rock the world! it was held in Stadium Merdeka…and woah…got about 20000 people there yesterday!(according to Jason Lo on stage..will check newspapers!) after 4 rock the worlds i’ve been to…this is the first time im seeing SO MANY people!

it was alright…i went with HonWai and my brother(as always).the bands were alright…i din know many bands,,,but Disagree rocked!

as usual…met Albert Ng (i think thats his link..)there..

one thing i found out! Roberta Ng is actually ALbert Ng’s sister! ahhahaha….Roberta’s in YAC! and i din know they were related untilm that day…funny!

hahaha…anywayz…carollign was alright…i was a bit the showing my i-dun-like-being-here that day at carolling…but it was all good…

put up the christmas tree that day! i took picture…but i haven’t installed the driver for the camera thingy…cos as usual…my computer went to Dr. Aaron (my bro lar) for reformatting…

so yeah…today went to my BEC;s christmas Party..the usual gang…eating and me, bro and thomas were talking and comparing the Youth’s carolling to YAC’s…FINAL verdict…we’e SO MUCH better! ahahahahhaaa…so evil..but its true! played with kids…Cassandra, Jovan and Audrey…disturbed small baby! she’s so cute!

goshhh! its 0210 and im here onlione-ing!

im gonna sleep! nights!

current mood: crappy

current music: lallala




lavina, melinder and suet ling! i was supposed to be ther in that picture..but din make it…gosh…i miss them! ahahah…don’t they look so nice and prim and proper…

hahaha…especially lavina…woah…make-up and all…she looks like she put on some weight..she used to be so kurus…*look who’s talking..im like SO FAT now!*

anyways…nice seeing their pics! thanx suet ling!!

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