i’m loving this bag!!


i would love to have one of these…black or white.

pink looks gorgeous..

Blue’s nice too..

the green is just so cute!!!

can i have them all??
the problem is i can’t even afford ONE! haha.
its USD$40-50 on ebay.

i shall find a replica version in sg wang or something.

my edited dvd cover

my edited dvd cover
Originally uploaded by lyyyl.

another person happy with my photoshop works! muahahaha….it was firstly edited my Karen Lee, right? (i don’t know, liang heng told me..)
this is actually a DVD cover (some anime), i edited for Liang Heng.He was my class mate in my Accounts and Economics class in CIMP. feel free to click on it and tell me if its okay?

My Flickr pictures attracted some ppl to comment on it.

one guy from London said:
Great pictures! There is a lot of fun in your shots – inspiring almost…. take care ,J

my shots are inspiring!WAAAHHH so made my day! this coming from some starnger!i saw his photos. he was like some proffesional photographer! his pictures are all super nice and chun.
haih, i want a nice camera too!!! my cmera just sucks so bad. haih. wish i was in edboard! haha…can steal and use their 5.2MegaPixels camera! haha.

oh well, i actually wrote a looooooooooong story to blog yesterday, but haih. my itchy hands pressed Ctrl+A and Ctrl+V instead of Ctrl+C. (if u get what i mean…haha)

so i shall re blog. and try not to do the same mistake again.
saw my last picture? haih. im so fat now right? ohmigosh. i can die looking at my fats!
haih. i need some slimming programme to ask me to model for them and tell my success story. (they must give me their slimming contract for free first la)

i also blogged about Oprah. i love Oprah Winfrey!
she rocks! haha. i wish i knew her or somehow met her somewhere! she’s a kind lady!Don’t you think? haih. i just want to go for one of her ‘Oprah’s Favourite things’ show! that would be cool!

oh well, anyone watching LOST the series on AXN every thursday at 2100hrs?
super chun series. it has so much suspense that you can’t wait to see it the next week. haha.not really la. it is just one of the movies where, they tell you things halfway and it makes u so bengang (annoyed) that you will want to watch more to find out.

i should download the series! haha.

oh ya, im loving Goo Goo Doll’s new song. “Give a little bit” (i think, im not sure about the title.)
i have been humming the tune all day. i NEED to download that song.

today’s thursday, which means there is Latte@8 today! yay! i wanna go watch live! its so much fun to be on tv! hahahah…see my fat hands +10 punds on tv(according to the myth right??)
i saw the episode which i was in when they replayed that season of latte on tv again.
i seriously looked fat.

wish i was in Sims2. just press Ctrl+Shift+C and type Motherlode and i’ll get Sims$50000!then i can buy a workout machine.and workout. and fastforward so that in a few seconds i’ll be fit+slim!
btw, din i mention? i’m playing Sims now. haha. and yes that was a cheat code which i found online!i’m a cheater!

have fun. i’m gonna go do something useful. yea right!


Sidney: i forgottttt!!! to take picture of us!u larrr, never remind me!u know im old right?? ;P

anyways, met Sidney at TBR, hung out there, ate lunch and guess where we went?

i like this shot. super nice angle.took this while waiting for Sidney to come out from the loo.
hahhaha….we were bored. and was supposed to go bag shopping! but we never went. instead went DVD shopping.
watched Lemony snickets, Finally! anywayz, lemony snickets is a nice movie what. wanted to watch miss congeniality 2. but Sidney din wan. NICE show right?? will buy DVD.
later ate at the food court. i have to say, the new and improved food court has very very chun food. and many kinds of food. no more sizzling noodles and stuff like that but italian food/bengal food/japanese food/chinese food/etc.etc.etc.

i ate this yummy lasagna. sidney ate bengal food. quite chun too.

i had fun! finally, get to see Sidney after so long.
oh ya, i bought body glitter. will take pics of it tmr. i think.
have fun!

btw, i love this colour! so pink.
i officially have fallen in love with the colour pink.


went shopping 1U.
bought all these stuff!
WH slippers. RM9.00

girly WH top RM19.00

Reebok Shoes from the Reebok shop. RM199.00

notice the numbers? all got 9 wan! hahha..
tmr im going to meet Sidney! yay!
cannot wait.
in the mean time, im going to make another layout for Suet Ling!

Finally! FON pics!

this may take a while on dial up or even broadband(unless u’re on high speed connection).
30+ pics altogether!
ALOT of pics are very blurry. sorry la, not so high tech camera.and we were quite far. and shaky hands.only went near starting from jackie chan onwards…
its all in order of appearance.i think.
some pics are not here.
thats about it.
if you want bigger pictures to keep, tell me on msn.
i’ll pass it to ya.
have fun!

blogger’s still down??

Blogger’s down…
haih. but i manage to make a new layout. before the server wnet haywire.
i hope its still there. haha…altho most of my posts are crossposted here. oh well.
my brother’s sleeping adey. my best friend’s not replying my sms. maybe asleep also.
my n ang g always go when i spell sleepign haha

oh well.

oh well.

i like that words put together. oh well.

anyhooooo…my uncle was cremated on monday. went through his prayers buddhist/taoist style. hey, im not prayign to their Gods. only helping my uncle’s soul. so dun say im a pagan praying to other Gods.
it was facinating, the prayers for him. we had to sit with joss stick, kneel, stand, run around the altar, run around the fire (from the cars/house/money burnt for him.
i spent my whole saturday and sunday folding “money”( made out of paper) for him. hope he’s super rich whereever he is now.
we also folded lotus flowers for him. it takes abt 15 pieces of “blessed paper” to make one lotus.
guess what, for the departed soul to come back and visit his family, he need 6/12 lotuses! whoaaaaa…..we only managed to make 20 something. his wife, my aunty was busy making many, hoping he would visit them.
kinda creepy.

but its their culture! right? all i did was help.

they have SO many traditions/do’s and don’ts
like, cannot bathe after th sunday night prayers.
wear the same tshirt on funeral day,
cannot look at the coffin when their closing/moving it,
people elder(by family rank) than my uncle cannot send him off to the crematorium,
only youngr ones (by family rank)can mourn,
eat roasted pork after they cremate! (this is true!)

one chun thing was his Pepsi family. like abt 100 people from Permanis Company (pepsi) came for his funeral.even the President of Permanis came! and another repreentative from Indonesia! so nice of them!
and after our procession (the customary walking from the house) we all went to the crematorium by Pepsi Cars! haha…it was chun. whole row of Pepsi cars! hehehe

haha.thats all i can think abt to write abt the funeral.

i was sick since sunday. flu on sunday and sorethroat when i came back. i think its due to the whether and i also slept in an aircond room without a blanket! hahah…couldn’t complain. too mnay people were in the house that day. so my blanket for the day was my towel.
shivered at night. couldn’t off aircond to, cos dunno here the remote control! in other room.

im ok now. (in case u’re wondering…haha)

i mde a new layout.

go see…

yesterday was Good Friday. i managed to fast!! hahha.

which means today’s easter vigil! yay! i’ve always liked easter vigil…its also significant to me! (between me and God la)

anyhoooo…gtg sleep now!ciowss!!

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