durian lecka-lecka?

my day…purchases-bolded.

i went out today, just as i said! heehee…met Sidney in KLcentral and headed to KLCC! it was super fun!!! hehe..ofcoz…i was with sidney right? hehe. anywayz, when we reached there, i bought my BodyShop Shower Gel(RM9.90) straightaway! hehe. i was super happy! hehe. now i smell so strawberry-ish! hehe. yum!hehehe…i wanted to buy about 5 bottles! but nah…no money. (altho i DO have money in my ATM, but my mum n dad will just KILL me if i ever do that! hahaha…then there goes my financial fredom!) hahaha…there were many girls and guys in the bodyshop outfit at the concourse area…hehe…freaky! everybody asking me if i wanna buy a shower gel…(its a sign, i think!) hehehehhehe…so anywayz, after that, we went to the ATM machine! (yes, its my first time taking out money from a money machine!) i was so excited. i finally feel like an adult!took out RM100… i need to pay my debt laaa…i owe my brother RM82 for the FON concert.so anyways, later we went to Watsons to buy my Watson’s Beer Hair Treatment Wax(RM15.90)! its fun buying stuff! hahaha…i also bought some rubber bands(RM2.90) for my new plan to braid my WHOLE head! hehehe..will post ugly pictures whem im done! hehe…i WILL do it. oh man, that reminds me, i have about 1 and the half week more till college starts. yikes. school. man that sucks! haih. i will leave my ccomfortable home and go to college. i will have to meet new people. meet new friends. see new faces, get used to a new place. learn new routes to go there. if i ever drive there, pay the parking fee like as if it was JWWMarriot hotel (freaking expansive!!) eat new food. what if i dun have teman to makan?? i dun think i will be as lucky as CIMP. i mean, just when i thought im going to eat lunch ALL alone, Rina asks me to go eat….my darling friend Rina. haih. i never took a picture with her. she was the first to tell me what’s college life is all about ad she has been to HELP before she came to Sunway. she told me all the things she did back in HELP. haih.–bleehhh-off topic..back to the fun day! Sidney bought some perfume oil. yummy smell. then later we went for our usual Lecka-Lecka fix. we ate 2Scoops of chocolate(RM7.90) and Sidney bought Durian. GROSS! hehe. got some gross-er story which shall remain with me. (if you wanna know, msg me on msn! hahaha) so later, i HAD to take off the Durian taste from my mouth , so i went to redeem my FREE Original Ice-Blended Mocha from Coffee Bean(RM0.00) hahaha…my dad won the voucher thingy from Hitz.fm cruisers. then we decided to go to Berjaya Times Square to visit Borders (the new book store there) since taking the train to KLcentral then, take the monorail means spending more than RM4 per person, we decided to walk! yes.walk! hehe. it was tiring, but worth it. at least i know i lost some weight. even if it means 10 grams. heheheh… so we were walking along towards BTS and we saw something coming out of a building….it was a SHIP! hehe. we were so drawn to it. it was just calling us..hehehe…so we ended up eating their set lunch. it was RM12.90++ they gave us a full lunch! realy! hehe. we had mango juice(coke for Sidney), bread, mushroom soup, our main course-Russian Chicken. (its just chicken chop topped with some white souce with loads of vege! and Papaya for desert!hehe..worth it right for RM12.90 plus,plus! hehe. we spent like so long there…hahaha….air-cond marr..somemore we walked under the sun! hehe. so after makan, we went to this RM4.90 Japanese shop. ALL the things there are RM4.90. Sidney bought this black bowl and black chopsticks for his mum for mothers day. since she likes eating with bowls.hehe.later, we went to low yat plaza. walked and walked and walked. Sidney was as usual looking at PDA’s and smartphone and i was trying my best to keep up while whining abt my legs! hehehehe….it hurts k? i dun walk alot! hehe. after that, we went to Borders. its a freaking HUGE bookstore! and quite a nice place to browse books..cos they are ALL open and not sealed like Kinokuniya and Times!haha. it was HEAVEN for Sidney. he loves books. i was looking at Photography books. hahaha..
i tend to go for pictures and not word.s one wonders how am i gonna survive psychology. hehe. hey, i love that subject. i did not wanna take up creative stuff as i dun think i’m creative enough. right? im not right?? im just OK. hehe. after a while, i really couldn’t take it. i had to drag sidney away and i needed to sit n rest! hehe. he bought some Zen Book.it was RM19.90. cheap…considering it was a hardcover book with loads of coloured pictures. oh ya, there were many many cute-sey notebooks there. i SO want one. but heck so mahal! better re-make my own notebook. i can funky-fy my own notebook laaa.haha…then later we finished our day by going to a crystal shop.(we never fail to visit these shops in our outings!) hehe. wanted to buy something for my mum, but the stuff there, not really appealing. hehe. i was eye-ing some pearlthingy for my mum. but couldn’t find any. haih. so forget it la. will hunt for more this tuesday. oh yes! Leech gave Sidney a one day tryouts at fitness first for two. So ofcoz i was invited by Sidney to teman him. haha. going this tuesday. yayness…more exercise! hehe.
we went back to KLcentral by TRAIN! hehe. cannot walk adey. my legs still hurt now! haha.
the back-ish picture was taken in KLcentral when i was at the opposite terminal.and that white-shirt guy sitting down, thats Sidney. i love this picture!

all in all, a fun day!:)

how was yours?

i wanna go out!

more like, i wanna meet Sidney!:)
he finished his exams…and is out with Riki (go visit his site!got loads of songs to listen to…)
they went dunno where and going to the book fair…i wanted to go with them,(buy some shopaholic series…hehe..i doubt they sell it there..) but i was too lazy to bathe and change, cos by the time i finish, it’ll be late and i can’t go out too late, cos i need to pick mum up at 6. besides, i din tell my parents that im going out and yea, no money also…haha..i DO have money in the ATM, but dowan to mis-use my money! hehe. keep it for a rainy day huh…who knows, maybe micheal Jackson is planning to come to malaysia, and i need money then right?hahaha..but yea, i dun have money in my wallet now..


these 2 pictures were taken on december last year. christmas time. i look so different. haha..thats what good lighting does…makes u look nicer…haha..currently, i look like crap. haih.

yesterday i slept at 2 something…was really NOT sleepy..hehe. chatted with Basil and Riki. Basil was talking about busking in Sunway Pyramid…hahaha…for more information—http://whazoolespeaks.blogspot.com/— go visit him and watch him play the guitar for free…haha…and ofcourse there will be a hat for u to donate! hehe..i also tried webcammng with Guan Lim. hahah…so long din see him adey! his hair grow adey, from that botak Lim. hehe.

i miss my old college friends…haih. now i hardly talk to them, let alone see them. my clostest mates are all overseas. somehow we’re not that close anymore. maybe everyone went on with life, and me, i’m still stuck here. hehe. i knew this would happen, no matter how much we said, “dun worry, there’s always webcam and MSN..” thats why during KarenLee’s farewell party, i actually cried. cos i knew our friendship won’t be as strong as before when we met everyday!:)

oh well, at least i met new msn friends. Riki. who is also Sidney’s close friend.talk to Hazel once in a while on msn too… i still talk to Ps. hehe.thats all i can remember… i’m just one lost child.

i’m gonna start college soon! yayness..i can’t wait. serious. may 13th, i love you! hehe..time to make new friends and start new friendships. i guess.. *but i dowaaaaaannnnn, i want my old friends back!!!* heheheheh… *get a life, kid!* hehehe..

haih. tmr im SO going out. haha. i wanna go to KLCC for the bodyshop sale. i need to go to HELP UC to confirm that im going there…i need to see Sidney!


meego schmeego!

i was creating my meego on MSN 7, the new one..

My Meego

so after that, i clicked download la, and guess what appears next? “how do you want to pay for it?” i was like WHATTTT!! MYR$7.49 +MYR$4 for my phone billing or something like that!

WHOAAAA!! so cut throat for some thing which is so stupid looking. Yahoo’s Avatar is WAYYYY realistic and nicer and its FREE!!! dumdum…

so i print screen the picture and i got my Meego. only mine doesn’t change mood according to the emoticon..hehe..

Jessica Chua

ohmigosh! guess what?? my primary school friend is getting married, next month!!! at 19!! according to Yuen Theng, the wedding’s at Johor..haih…i thought of inviting myself…cos i really realy wanna meet her.and my other friends…..we used to be close friends!

jessica chua
okayyyyy, okayyyyy, i know i look dorky with my dorky bangs! (don’t i look super thin?? back then i ALWAYS thought i was fat!) heehee..thats my old school. i love my old school…so small and nice. u see the arrow pointing to a tree? well,under that exact tree, a bunch of my friends and i…10 of us to be exact, wrote a message and put it into a coke bottle and buried it under the tree…i wonder if its still there! i wanna go and see!!!!

Jessica Chua. she was a very very pretty girl back then in primary school…everybody loves her!really, cos she really knew how to converse well in Malay. she was from Kelantan. she was talented in sports, head of my scout troop. (hehe…i was the secretary!) both of us were like our teacher, Encik Rosedi’s pet..hehe. cos he’s the teacher advisor for the Scout troop. she’s getting married!! (as much as i was surprised when i heard this..) i’m SO excited for her!i mean, after all, we used to share secrets, go toilet together….ate bad malay food in school camps together…hung out after school together….ate recess together… even if we lost contact in form2…
you see, back then we used to write letters to each other…then she was moving house quite often, so i lost her address…
back to the old memories…We always are buddies when it comes to camping in school, cos ofcoz, we were the leaders back then in Scouts. (i can’t believe i was a scout in primary school!heehee..)

oh well…life goes on….will blog later if i have anything to write..hehe..im going to go on Smallville marathon later…see ya!:)


msn conversation with a new found friend…

karen marie says:yea , i WAS from Holy Spirit Jinjang…
msn friend says:Holy Spirit Jinjang?!! you know how funny that sounds?
karen marie says:cos of Jinjang?
msn friend says:Jinjang man jinjang. used to be gangster area
karen marie says:i grew up there almost half my life till i was 12
msn friend says:now its klang. ohhh iseee..

hahahahhaha….yes, i WAS from Jinjang…and the term Jinjang Joe/Jane…is so so so not related to me…heehee…

if you dunno where the FAMOUS jinjang is….go here…thats my primary school btw…

Oprah’s Bootcamp

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this is from my extreme tracking on who’s been coming to my site through links..full details here

hahaha…so i clicked at the Jesus Caritas, Kepong youth link…and guess what i found?
Aunty Margeret and Uncle Ben on the net! heehee…
click here… http://www.flameministries.org/news15.htm#malaysia

we’re going to get a Gym Ball!!

hope it helps! (the process of me getting thinner and healthier…)hehehehe….i’ve decided to join the Oprah’s Bootcamp. only i cannot follow the food instruction…cos you know la..we live in malaysia! but then again, i’ll try my very best to cut down on sugar (NO COKE!! ohmigosh…thats gonna be so hard! ) and eat more vege.
hehehe…besides that, we’re also going to get a

Fruit juicer!
this is a Jack LaLaine Power Juicer! heehee..i want this Juicer!!!super power one.watch Quantum showcase on NTV7 hahahahahah…

but, ofcos im NOT gonna get that juicer…gonna get a normal one…Panasonic i think…not really sure..hehe. to add on to my healthy Diet! yay! hehehe…i wonder if it can work. well,

Oprah said it would work(i mean the bootcamp), so i shall see…hehehhe…i’m really going to write to her if i really lost weight!!

handbag fetish!

i think i found a new past time..but i have no money to do it la…only get to ooogle on the things…


hahahaha..i joined handbagfetish at lj the other day. and i think i’m in love with bags! hehe.

the “i love bags thing” came out when i was looking for bags to buy. and when i got my bag, the Padini one, i feel like i want another one!!!! 🙁 this is bad! heheh.. but nola.. i dun have money to buy bags. so i oogle on people’s purchases. ehehehhe.

my research on bags..handbag to be specific..

people seem to like Coach Bags…

This charming new Hobo is crafted from our graphic Optic Signature pattern fabric and trimmed in luxurious Coach leather.
Inside zip pocket
Zip-top closure
Optic Signature jacquard fabric
Vachetta and calfskin trim
Fabric lining
19 1/2” adjustable strap
10 3/4 (L) x 6 3/4 (H) x 3 3/8 (W)
Silver/White shown

it is super popular…EVERYBODY wants coach bags! i want one too..i like this Hobo.simple and nice. oh well. i wish i had the $$ to buy bags! hehee..

back to bags…
this is a L.A.M.B. Bag by Lesportsac..

it is super super famous cos Gwen Stefani has it…and because of their funky style.

another l.a.m.b. bag..

so i was at lespotsac’s site, the way they sell teir bags so cute. they have an ALL white bag and people can choose what design they want on the bag! ofcourse they have pre-designs there already!

this is a Juicy Couture bag! hehe…alotofppl seem to like this bag too!

people like Louis Vuitton bags too! especially Ena, my lj friend! hehe..

alrights..enough of bags…

note:when i say a lot of people.i mean people from Handbag fetish and purplemascara! hehehe…

i would so like to buy a bag online when i have enough money. i hope by the time i get my USD$100 from Google Adsense, Melie Bianco bag is cheaper and I WILL BUY ONLINE! even if it means using my Dad’s Citibank Card! heheheheh…

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