all psyched up for mid terms!


i even went to mid valley today to watch a movie! hahahahhaha…lazy karen. lazy lazy karen.
oh ya i watched madagascar today!!! woo hooo…super nice movie cartoon man.. i like chris rock…and david schwimmer’s voices..haha…the giraffe, melman, is so like Ross in a way!haaha.
went to watch with Rowena, Amelia n Brianne.

later we went shopping. Nose is on sale. so is top shop. and PDI, padini authentics. OWH everywhere’s on sale! i wanted to buy two sandals…but NO!!! my huge leg had to get in the way. ” no size miss, want to try size 8? ” sheeshh!!!i can only wear 9 or 10! not 8!!

its frustrating to go shoe shopping. haha. Rowena and i went to Top Shop to try on clothes while Amelia was doing her nails.. Top Shop is WAYYYY out of my pocket. haha. but no harm trying right? i always try clothes in top shop. and zara. haha. just to see how i look in certain skirts and pants and tops. and when there’s sales…hehehe..ill buy! i’m like a only buy during sales girl. and owh…there were really many mnay cheap and nice slippers/sandals/shoes at Nose. you girls should go see. i so feel like a girly girl after today’s shopping. its fun. kinda like when i went shopping with Karen Lee and Wing sun in 1U! hehe. darn…miss them loads! december faster come!!!! i wanna meet them again, after so long!

i finished my Psychology Movie Review on Miracle Worker. haha. man. it was so full of crap man. i seriously crapped so much and i think i repeated a lot! hahaha..nvm. hope its like only bonus mark.

haha. yea right. oh ya i wanted to go for this Giordano warehouse sale in Segambut today, but it closes at 7, and we reached there at 7 sharp! man. so suey. anywhooo…going this thursday. after going to KLCC to redeem tower records voucher. wanna come?

so i was at livejournal-malaysians ans was reading and reading….suddenly, this came out….

Malaysian National News Agency

M’sia’s National Anthem To Hit The Cinemas
May 31, 2005 11:57 AM

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 (Bernama) — `Negaraku’ will hit the cinemas nationwide as part of a campaign to honour the national anthem.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Information Datuk Seri Dr Arshad Hashim said respect for the Negaraku had waned among Malaysians, particularly among the younger generation.

“This is not something new. In the past, cinemas used to play the national anthem before the start of a movie and we want to revive this,” he said at a gathering to instill love and affection for the Negaraku for staff of the Information Department and Bernama at Wisma Bernama here Tuesday.

Arshad also expressed regret over the attitude of some Malaysians who did not respect the national anthem when it was played, and there were also school children who failed to memorise the lyrics.

Even in sporting events, either national or international level levels, there were also athletes who did not even sing the Negaraku when it was played, he said.

Besides government events, he said, the government would make it compulsory for the private sector to play the Negaraku at official functions involving government leaders.

The ministry, as the campaign organiser, would also ask all kindergartens, schools and institutions of higher learning to play the national anthem during their gatherings.

“We can’t take for granted. The government must implement a special programme to imbue the culture in our society,” said Arshad.

Also present at the ceremony were Information Department’s Director General Datuk Abdullah Morad and Bernama General Manager Datuk Syed Jamil Syed Jaafar.


i was like WHOAAAAAAA! madness man. haha. not that i hate the national anthem, just that, kinda susah right, stand up before the movie starts. with popcorn n cheezels all in my hands. haha. funny.

anywayz. hope you had a nice laugh at the story above. and had fun today! i did, i think..sidney finally reloaded his phone!!! yay!

Better Together-Jack Johnson

“Better Together” by Jack Johnson

There’s no combination of words
I could put on the back of a postcard
No song I could sing
But I can try for your heart
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
Like a, shoebox of photographs
With sepiatone loving
Love is the answer,
At least for most of the questions in my heart
Like why are we here? and where do we go?
And how come we’re so hard?
It’s not always easy and
Sometimes life can be deceiving
I’ll tell you one thing its always better when we’re together

MMM its always better when we’re together
Look at the stars when we’re together
Its always better when we’re together
Yeah, its always better when we’re together

And all of these moments
Just might find there way into my dreams tonight
But I know that theyll be gone
When the morning light sings
And brings new things
But tomorrow night you see
That theyll be gone too
Too many things I have to do
But if all of these dreams might find there way
Into my day to day scene
Ill be under the impression
I was somewhere in between
With only two
Just me and you
Not so many things we got to do
Or places we got to be
We’ll Sit beneath the mango tree

Its always better when we’re together
Somewhere in between together
Its always better when we’re together
Yeah, its always better when we’re together

MMmmmm MMMmmmm Mmmmmm
I believe in memories
They look so, so pretty when I sleep
Hey now, and when I wake up,
You look so pretty sleeping next to me
But there is not enough time,
And there is no song I could sing
And there is no, combination of words I could say
But I will still tell you one thing
We’re Better together.


so ya, yesterday i was online chatting with this friend of mine(who shall be remain anonymous!). then suddenly he went all angry n mad..i dunno if he was mad at me or not. *sigh* he’s online now..nahh…dowanna message him. maybe he’s still angry (at me?) i dunno! haih..scary shit man..

today was ok. tiring tho. i went for ADP Student Council Meeting. got work adey! haha. Design tickets. haha. just cos Photoshop slipped out my mouth. haih. adding more work to my undone work load. haih. haih. but its all good. i also went for the Peer Support Group GM. it was nice.
got makan. will be learning how to counsel soon. after my 10 hours of training and practicals!yay!

all you ppl out there, got problem, call me k? after i graduate from this training! ahhahaha!

alrights. gtg sleep or do some work. i need to get somethings done. i need to study too! yikes. Psych Mid Term’s on june 8th!!!!! it accounts for 30% of my final mark. i SO need to study.

oh ya, my bro got into an accident today. poor car’s bumper’s all i dun have transport to go to college tmr! haih! so cacat! hmmmm…
dad’s like being a pain in the butt abt the car now. haih.

i miss sidney. see you tmr!bye

HELP friends!

me n me buddies in HELP…well, some of em. will take more pictures later!:)
((BTW, Amelia, Rowena n Aeona, just save the pictures from here…))


(had to blur this one, cos my hand shook..but we are like “glowing” here! haha)

today was fun! we talked abt something we could all relate to (movies n actors n FRIENDS! and books…), except Azat, who was the only guy in our gang. haha. poor guy.
i like thursdays n tuesdays!

Digi IMAX Cinema

tirign day.
LOOOOOONGGGG classes today…i started at 10am and finished at 6pm! phewww….glad i managed to stay awake…by the time it was eyes were dozing off..

psychology today was fun. did a lot of eye experiments! hehe.
then at 12 we had credit transder briefing thingy. haihs. i was like so lost. cos they asked, who’s going to Australia? US?? but, but, but, what about those with no money, undecided, waitign for some kind rich people to give scholarship type? hahaha
haha. i guess i shall just ask her later.

guess wat, guess wat??i joined ADP’s student Council, The American Flyer (kinda like edboard) and Peer Support Group (be a mentor!) haha. yea. hope i can make it..

anywayzzz…after classes, i got wet in the rain, sent Imm and Fira to Bangsar Station and went to KL central to pick Sidney up, it was already 630pm. haha. SO LATE ADEY!
and somemore i wasn’t sure how to get to Berjaya Time Square from KL central..with the jammed up roads, we decided to follow our instinct and road signs..haha. we were near Bukit Bintang already at 715pm. so late. still jammed. so we called the IMAX ppl, asked them if we could change the time to another time. and they said can! YAY! we din need to rush so much! haha. then we reached there, got lost finding for the car park. haha. im like the queen of getting lost on the road man…

reached there at 745pm. parked the car, went to the loo, an went inside the cinema! haha.

the movie was SO CRAPPY man! Haunted Castle. seriously very crappy. dun ask me to explain. haha. so we took pictures of our coolness goofy 3D glasses! ahha.

i look so cute righttt? Sidney looks so hot! haha!we rock!

so anyways, Riki was supposed to come with us but he FFK at the end! haih..wasted 2 tickets only..haha. anywayz. i have an assignment to do for english. and a short story readign to do. haha. here i am, online-ing and never even study! im such a bad student!blame it on the internet man…

but heck, i love the internet!


Your friend has reached their max number of friends.You have a maximum number of friends. [Edit Friends]

hahahha…i only have 346 friends! is that the maximum? i gues ppl cannot add me anymore..and NO im not getting a second account. so lame..haha..maybe i shall filter my account n delete those im not really close to and will never bother to see their profile from time to time…

tmr’s gonna be a long day! 10-6 at college then 7 at Berjaya Times Square for IMAX thingy. hope its nice!:)

gtg study now! byebye!

swatch strap

i got a new strap!!! well, its about time old one is like so old! i guess this is the last strap thats ever gonna fit in the watch cos its about to break! the sides, i mean. one part is already broken!
the strap looks like this…

nice right? RM35. haha. i like it!

mum also bought me 2 other watches. RM30 for two! haha. one happy house fake and another is some black circle rounds one. hehe.

so ya. been studying. a lot.


see ya!

hair pin

i found out a way to get my hair out of my face! hair pin!:) haha..
yea, i found an old pin i found in my old old box thingy. that box thingy, i remember, i used to bug my mum to buy it for me! hehe. then when i finally got it i was super happy! hahaha..
today was meaningless..anyway, i was supposed to study, but i dun think i can with my uncle n aunt here watching football with my brother n father. Arsenal vs MU? sth like that.

i shall start studying later when i think i wanna sleep. haih. so boring laaa…haih..

victoria has xanga premium! yay for her! now that she has linked me…i see many ppl coming from her site! haha. HELLO! people from victoria’s xanga site! welcome to me blog! i have nothing much here..u can read my old posts. go see my pictures and stuff..i have a xanga site too! hehe.

anywhoooooo…i hope sidney comes online today. i wanna chat with him. riki’s not replying my messages. too depressed i guess. so bored la. no one to talk to. haih. so the last resort…i shall blog.

blog blog blog.

blog blog blog.

what shall i blog about? something important? someone famous? i shall blog about ME! the most famous person in my heart! right heart? hehe. so anyway, karen’s lost her touch on studying. haha. did she? oh man…i so need to step up and study.

its been a while since i posted a picture! right??oh no i did, my handbags from target. haha.MY konon. hehe.

—the paragraph below…u won’t understand, unless u’re me!so read if u want!—

there’s a youth concert today! some jubilee thingy at bukit jalil. i think its today…im not sure…heheh..i was supposed to go but no one to go with. nobody wants to go to a church event with me. haha. i never had close close friend in church. i wonder why. i used to. but she doesn’t come to church anymore. or at least come for any activities. the church youth “battle” is now silent. haha. i still wonder if i should join the “real” church youths. but everytime i think of joining the “real” church youths i feel like puking…seriously. i just dunno why. haha. i figured, i shall just NOT join any youth group. but leaving YAC is like tearing out a piece of me. i mean..a few of year 2001, formed YAC. we built YAC. we went for dreadful meetings in the small toilet sized cubicle room, listen to uncle ben talk about leadership. listen to Sister Getrude about praying and being a leader. we were leaders! hehe. i guess. me, victor, louanne, christopher, sam. we were the only one who was willing to come to build a new youth! haha. Sam eventually din come for any meetings. left, me+Louanne+Chris+Victor and then the F5 joined. they made YAC bigger and more cheerful. we went for meetings. worshipped. played. carolling. man…last eyar was the best of YAC man. everything was going so well. till they found out about us having the edge and spoiling our strength. the things they said about us. the bad bad thigns they said about our leaders(the bigger ones la) i guess, it really took something out of our group. me were a strong group. really. they spoilt us. we are now all having second thought about YAC. thats bad. cos nothing was supposed to break YAC. really, nothing. i could cry if we ever bubarkan YAC. haih. oh no, getting all sad…change topic.


okays. what else we can talk about today. oh ya. i made a stupid mistake. haih. its so stupid that you have to ask me then i’ll tell u. (i dowanna tell the whole world how stupid i am, u think im stupid ar??) ;P

i wonder how’s hazel doing…miss her blogging. never heard from her since a week ago. hmmm…she has a Hp number i think. but din tell me about it. so i shall just shaddap! hehe.

CIMP’s exams r next week! good luck to all CIMP’ers. i doubt anyone of you visit here anyways!according to Glorie, who is the Valedictorian for this sem, many teachers are leaving again. CONGRATS to ms Glorie…so proud of her. EdBoard member! hehe. editorial board will always have a special place in my heart! 🙂

i need to get a new bag for college. a shoulder bag. i saw one in Padini Authentics. yay! RM19.90 i think. okla..not bad. i mana ada money to buy more expansive ones?? right? so the PDI one will do.

oh ya, the other day, Imm found a new shop to eat at KPD block. hehe. finally some chinese mixed rice (no pork tho!) haha. the other place, at HP building, where there’s malay/indian food is not really nice. i like cheap food. then i get more money to spend on stupid stuff. haha.

karen needs to talk to someone!:(

where’s everyone???

Kepong? So far!

yay, its the triple treat weekend…haha. this triple treat weekend is not brag-a-ble! cos everyone has monday off! haha. wait, next week, i’ll have my triple treat weekend and YOU all, have to go to school/work! haha

listening to Backstreet boys now. i’m so proud of them, they actually did come up with an album, even if it means the final album. i hope not! 🙂

mariah carey-i like her songs! all her number one hits…all yummy-licious. i like r n b. i like slow slow songs. ballads. i like rock not those super shouting ones. but i like to head bang in gigs!nice. i like hip hop once in a while. if thebeat’s nice.

college’s alright.psych’s assignment’s not done. psych got quiz on tuesday! man, that sucks! its like worst than CIMP. at least CIMP’s test n quizzes all not so fast! haha. oh well, university wat! haha. but i love CIMP. was talking to Renuka about all the fun times and teachers we had before class today! aahhh, the joy of CIMP! everyone should join CIMP man…its like super nice and nice! hehe. For more info, go here. haha. btw, they have a nicer campus too!

haha. today i spent my 4 and the half hours with Mag, Amelia, Maria, Imm and Melody. trying to study, but we all ended up laughing about everything else. thanx to the happy chick, maria. she’s just so happy man. i wonder how she does that! they were whining about why there ar not many cute guys in ADP. haha. i think so too. no cute guys at all. or maybe i’m just bias, cos my baby’s the bestest! 😉 (right, baby?) 😛 anywayz. Melody’s friend came and asked if all of us were Malay. haha. i look malay?

one more weird thing about the people there. ignorant! hahah..nola…only that my lil kampung, Kepong is not famous. cos this happens :

A: Where do you live?
Me: Kepong.
A: Owwhh, that’s so far!!!
Me: No, its actually only 15-20 minutes away.
A: oh….so not that far la..

hahaha…EVERYONE who asks me thinks that Kepong is some ULU place near Tanjung Malim! the thing is they don’t even know where’s Kepong! never watch Malaysian Idol meh…Jacklyn Victor’s from there laa! haha. if they say that about Selayang nevrmine la, cos that IS an ulu place! hehe. ulu yam. aahhh..i miss my old house. it was so quiet in the mornings. can smell the forest (in the first 5 years staying there) when i woke up! haha. good old days…sweet memories!

anywayz! i’m having period pain. haih. so painful. imagine if wanna beranak later man! i would just die!! i was shouting at home about my pain. haha.i was like “im just reminding u how it felt like to have period!” haha. my mum was like, “tell it to me in private need to say it out loud!”my mummy doesn’t have an uterus anymore.

btw, i need to adjust to speaking a lil malay in my speaking everyday, as my malay friends do speak malay ones in a while. haha. haih. although they’re nice and all…they’re not like Sidney or me CIMP friends. not even close. i miss you guys! a lot!its so much different in HELP. haih.

anywhooooo…maybe i just need more time to adjust. should i go counselling? its free, and plus i can experience how it feels like to be counselled, then in the future i can counsel too! yayness!:)

my msn cannot recieve mp3 files. so crappy.

alright, enough writing. gotta go do something useful. i also dunno what! chat with Riki. haha. i miss Sidney.


as maria always say, ” PSYCCCHHHH students!”

anywayz…psych is err..getting more and more a lot! haha..nola..prob cos i din use my brain for quite some time…so a bit lacking in recieving information laaa….

haha. but its all good. learnt about the brain n neurons all over again today. haha.all fun!

we had our “fun” orientation today…haha. some games thingy with a bunch of people in a group.
we were tied up on our hands and were playing games like “blanket bames”, “passing the message” and stuff like that…we got 4th place! haha. oh ya, i also now have a senior mentor, and our group will meet every wednesday for updates? i also dunno why we’re meeting! haha.

i had lunch with friends today! (oh ya, i din blog yesterday, i was eating lunch alone…*sob….sob*
haha. its all good, i was about to go back anyway!) so ya, new friends! Rowena (Denise! she was from your school! and she knows you, what a small world!) Azat, Imm and Amelia (met her adey wan!) i’m like more friends friends with Amelia la. we ot to talk more when masa nak balik…her driver sent me back to main block! how sweet!she has a driver! haha. too bad she stays at Taman Desa! haha..if not can tumpang. haha.

drove to college today. yay!

okay, that college’s not that bad..haha. tho i still feel that CIMP rocks! 🙂

i had to explain to everyone who asked me how old am i why i went for CIMP then changed to ADP. haha. so irritating! not the people who asks la, they dunno marr…but the thought of repeating myself over and over again..sheeshhh…

oh well. life’s good. i guess. Sidney’s fine. still holiday-ing..he found some place to work as an intern!yay for him…but its at cyberjaya… 🙁



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