i’ve been busy!

doing my magazine!

the front cover…was made TODAY! lat minute like hell..its not bad..OK la right? we took the pictures today also…

zz1 contentsNEW copy
content page..so colourful!

zz2 thegirls behind the pages copy
our thankyou’s

zz4 ROWENA ad copy
i like this ad a lot!:):)

zz9 redears view Gay and Lesbian relationship copy
another layout thingy

zz15 Karen ad copy
and mine..hehe…i promoted my website and stuff!

hahahaha..i so had fun doing this project! :):):) btw, ALL layouts by ME!!!karen marie!!!!:):)the magazine looks so nice, i dun wanna part with it..

Haloscan is giving me problems!reply to mr tan…
yes, yes, mr tan….i learnt it all from Edboard!i miss CIMP edboard..i didn’t have time to use Pagemaker..i used photoshop for the whole thing.
so i did not know how to justify it so that it does not have hyphen…
i did it in 3 days!!20 page magazine…haha..and i know where i learnt how to do that! hahaha..twice in a lifetime experience!:)


if you like watermelon, check this out!


btw, it only works on IE…its soo pweeetyyyy…. go on IE and see!!
sorry for those Firefox users..i will change the layout once i feel like watermelon is not pweeetyyyyy anymore!:)
im off to watch desperate housewives…byebye

photo madness

lallalallalala…the weekend was alright. i guess..been sick. and moody. and headache.

here are some pictures we took on Amelia’s camera. ALL edited..don’t we look flawless..haha.


4 of us againEDITEDsmaller

4 of usEDITEDsmaller

ok, ofcoz, im the paling NOT photogenic one among me friends. hahaha..

i woke up today, started to do my layouts for American Flyer. hehe. he gave the work on friday, and im doing it today! pass up on wednesday i think. i finished 2 pages. another 1/2 more. yay!

and i just realised that i need to finish my reading assignment. and i don’t know if i got quiz for psych tomorrow! yikes!!! madness man..

then at that night, went to Joshua’s 1st birthday party. and no he’s not in this picture. he doesn’t like me at all…sheeshh…he cries whenever i look at him.

James . me . Rapheal

thats all for now..im going to do my reading assignment now. ta-ta!


owh. dreadful day. but i got my mid terms results. got an A. yay!

just when i thought things were so crappy today…. mr G messaged me!! Mr. G is my lecturer from CIMP. today he was so chatty!!

haha. had a fun talk with him!

KarenLee-mr G talked abt u! hahahahha…u still have his photos? gimme some k?

Victoria, Guan Lim, READ! he asked about you guys!:) *bolded for u guys, so that u don’t need to read the whole thing*

Geoff says:Is this picture your bollywood pose
Karen Marie says:haha..NO
Geoff says:you look nice. going for the Bombay diva look are we
Karen Marie says:its the eye bags Pose!
Geoff says:eye bags, cannot see la
Karen Marie says:hehe..thanx..how r u??
Geoff says:how are you doing?
Karen Marie says:im good.i started college at HELP in Malaysia
Geoff says:I am ok we are finishing exams here and then i have month holidays.what are you majoring in?
Karen Marie says:Psychology…
Geoff says:hmm easy so far? you should be able to kick butt
Karen Marie says:yeaa…kind of…
Geoff says:well make sure to smoke those marks and then you can examine me, I have often wonderred if I am a bit crazy..I am looing forward to the hoidays to spend a bit of time with my parents
Karen Marie says:come to malaysia!
Geoff says:baby sit my nephews, I have two now one is 2 and a half, the other is 6 monthes…man you have no idea how much i would love to come there
Karen Marie says:whoaa…hows the rubber duck??
Geoff says:I do miss it a lot, has been a tough adjustment at times being back here..my nephew is enjoying him but think he bit off part of his head
Karen Marie says:hahaha…cutee..
Geoff says:violent little guy.you still have the duck pics?
Karen Marie says:its with KarenLee
Geoff says:I think I will come back to Malaysia for a visit next summer
Geoff says:and you did not keep any of the pics?
Karen Marie says:she forgot to give mee..and then she left..haha…nvm..i shall get it from her when she comes back in december..
Geoff says:do you know how juch effort and planning went into those pics? the sweat and tears…and you saw howe I sweat!you still in touch with her?
Karen Marie says:yes. on msn everyday
Geoff says:send her my regards
Karen Marie says:sure sure..its her exam period now
Geoff says:and ask her what type of monetary policy shoudl the government use during a period of stagflation…ha ha…just to scare up some memories
Karen Marie says:yeaaaa…she’s studying econs and stuff..she thinks of you whenever she doesnt know how to do anything
Geoff says:are you doing anything outside of HELP?
Karen Marie says:
outside HELP? what do u mean??
Geoff says:ah ha so now she should be realizing that they stuff I taught her was completely false
Geoff says:what are you doing for fun? volunteering? a part of any groups?for example I am going to take mandarin lesson this summer, and I am on a couple of beach volleyball teams
Karen Marie says:owwhh…im still struggling with me classes, i joined EdBoard… and Organizing a Summer Variety Concert next week.im also in 10 hour training to become a mentor…sort of like learn how to counsel…but..without the masters.
Geoff says:going camping a bit too with some buddies, but was bad last week when one almost started a forest fire
Geoff says:
that’s good that you are getting involved, smart move
Karen Marie says:hehe…i did an assignment on ontario…hahaha…jus coz i miss CIMP so much!
Geoff says:what was the assignment?
Karen Marie says:about why you should visit a city/country
Geoff says:I assume you included a profile of me in your assignment
Karen Marie says:hahahaha…yeah… Reference : Mr G, staying there…
Geoff says:exactly
Geoff says:so it was a tourism type project or also rerlated to IB and doing business in a coutry
Geoff says:we almost burnt the forest in a camping trip.
Karen Marie says:YOU??
Geoff says:you know how responsible I am.. I was out collecting firewood and nursing baby squirrels back to health ha ha..
Karen Marie says:hahaha..yeaaaaaaaa….responsible..
Geoff says:one of my buddie shad a bit too much ummm soda shall we say to drink and he got a hold of some lighter fluid and he decided to lite up a dead piece of wood and it caught fire very quickly and almost spread.I was sprinting down to the lake to get buckets of water, was not fun. myself and the other guys were not impressed…so when he fell asleep later we opened up his test and threw a bucket of water on him ha ha.it was great
Geoff says:so i am going to have to try and keep in touch with others for at least another year b4 I come visit..save me some mangoes!!
Geoff says:mmmmmmm mangoesmmmmmm
Karen Marie says:hehe…its here all year round..so no need to save u any
Geoff says:but there is a mango season …I knew from thr lady at MeiDan (he means MEDAN as in food court!)
Geoff says:my mango girl, so nice to me
Karen Marie says:are u still vegetarian?
Geoff says:well we are all not as fortunate asd you thnk you very much ha ha
Geoff says:was only a part time vergetarian in KL
Karen Marie says:i tried being vegetarian…i failed…haha
Geoff says:mmm oh I miss those veggie lunches soooo much..how long did it last for?
Karen Marie says:3 days..u knoww..the cafeteria in Sunway is renovated
Geoff says:are you christian or hindu?
Karen Marie says:christian.
Geoff says:is it better?the cafeteria
Karen Marie says:yeah…its so romantic noww….dim lights..red colour
Geoff says:my friends here kid me and say i must have been Asian in a past life
Karen Marie says:cos u love asian food?
Geoff says:hey how is CIMP doing?
Karen Marie says:fine i guess….
Geoff says:love the food, the people, my friends, the culture, but not the corruption
Geoff says:tida bagus
Karen Marie says:they incorporated malaysian studies n moral into a subject
Geoff says:ouch!well you kids need your morals…especially you, my friends at the book club told me you were always out and about in KL clubbing and causing trouble
Geoff says:tisk tisk
Karen Marie says:whattttmust be my evil twin..
Geoff says:if only I had been at grad and had the chace to tell your parents
Karen Marie says:im still a good kid
Karen Marie says:owwhh….my mum says hii…tho she hasnt seen u…but she said, he’s ur lecturer whattt..
Geoff says:actually that was one of the saddest things for me when I left, not being able to see all you first semster guys graduate sniff sniff
Geoff says:tell your mom hello and it would be a pleasure to meet her one day
Karen Marie says:yeaaaa..it was kinda sad not having our past lecturers there…
Geoff says:tell her thanks from me for making my job easier by rasing such a lovely daughter
Karen Marie says:so flattering..
Geoff says:I was there in spirit…perhaps but honest…and you should tell her that besides i am sure both of your parents are already proud of you
Karen Marie says:mr G, do u keep in touch with Ms. NG?haah…tell her i said HIIIIIIII
Geoff says:yep she is in OZ just ought a house with her hubby..she is enjoying life there, good to hear how happy she is
Karen Marie says:is she lecturing?
Geoff says:nope accounting or some other stuff
Karen Marie says:isee….she prob got sick of students..
Geoff says:can u blame her?troublemakers such as yourself
Karen Marie says:hahah…accounting class was so fun with her.and i actualy understood accounts..
Geoff says:I can imagine, a lot of the kids liked her as a lecturer…well the combination of your hard work and her teaching was a good one I am sure
Geoff says:hey how are all the other guys that i taught…man now i have to try and remmeber names
Karen Marie says:guan lim’s in Monash..
Geoff says:i think you knew others from my other classes
Karen Marie says:pei shan n victoria’s in Monash
Geoff says:hmm that name rings a bell
Karen Marie says:the two…always together..
Geoff says:did she have a friend who she was always with
Karen Marie says:yeaaa..
Geoff says:yep man they were inseperable
Geoff says:I wonder how they managed being apart
Karen Marie says:now they’re in a same uni too
Geoff says:oh my..tell them it is ok to seperate…man if they ever both got married to guys those two guys would have no choic ebut to get along…tell them i said hi if you see them
Karen Marie says:yeaaa…ofcoz
Geoff says:and to be in KL next summer
Karen Marie says:yea i will.
Geoff says:I wonder what they would do if they were apart
Geoff says:I had better get going, should do some work after all…… good chatting with ya and best of luck at HELP, I am sure you will win a few rewards
Karen Marie says:hope so!
Geoff says:have a good night, and stay away from the clubs, that Karen Lee is a bad influence la!!!can’t trust her, good she is in Oz!ha ha
Karen Marie says:hehehe…so meaaannn

hehehehehe…mr G is so nice. did u read how me flattered me?heheheh… he was a superb lecturer…tho me made us suffer with loads of homework and all..hahaha…i miss mrG!!:(

answer my question laa..whats so hard?

im done with my lab report. yayness!

hehe. im so tired…need to sleep.luckily tmr i don’t need to drive.hehe.

tmr got PSG meeting. got debate. got handing up lab report ceremony. hehe.

who loves Jack Johnson-Better Together?

  • Karen Lee

others did not reply me. haha. if you dunno what i’m talking about, look down there…a post below. then you’ll know..or if not..click here to answer the question…haha.

i just feel like making a poll out of the song!
cos i love the song, thanx to Sidney!:) *sentimental feeling when this song is played*..hehe..



miss you loads! breakfast buddy!:)
i don’t think you visit my site nowadays..but anyways, if you do, then u can see this!:)
*the marquee thing is not working…so no moving fonts for gracie..OWH!!! i know why! im on mozilla! nowonder…hehe.

im doing my lab report now…

🙁 i must finish at least half by today!

yay! more work!


things to do by tuesday:

  • Reading Assignment #3
  • Study for Psych Quiz
  • do an outline for the directional paragraph and write the paragraph itself. its a groupwork. but i know i will gona do it in the end. cos everyone will forget about it.
  • Task 4 : Directional paragraph. of my groupwork. titled “how to have a fabulous night out.” ( for a girl to have a good night out to be specific…)
    (me? i, karen marie, the lame-o is doing that. haha. i NEVER have a good night out at all. haha. im more like the writer for “how to have a good night at home, not out” oh well, since im assigned to this, i shall create an imaginary good night out. anyone can give me any suggestion?)

things to do by thursday:

  • Argumentative paragraph on abortion.

things to finish by friday:

  • LAB REPORT!!! i haven’t started on it yet. yikes. i dedicate sunday to do lab report. i’ll try to finish everything. try. try. tho the dumb pro-quest is not a very friendly place. sheeshhh…i emailed my tutor and she never replied me!!! gosh.. i need my a for psych. haha. im trying for scholarship u see. my friend Brianne got some entrance scholarship from HELP. haih. im doomed.

haih. all datelines next week. busy busy week. haih.

im doomed! haih. im going out tomorrow! yay! some relaxation. meeting sidney. yay! double yay!quadruple yay!

we spent our break time at HELP’s other DSA, which is les happening. haha. no one there. took a picture of the view..


hahaha…some view..

hmmmm..then after that went for the Summer Variety Concert’s Audition. saw Ephraim(Rowena’s bf) and Justin perform, “no such thing” i wish i could play that song. i wish i could play guitar!:)

anyhooooo, student council meeting was after that. we talked abt the concert. then i helped them cut the words for the banner. and the banner’s up. yay! it looks so pretty!:)

heyyy, everyone!

Place: AE1, Block E, KPD, HELP.
Time: 7pm-9pm
Date: Friday, 24th June 2005
Price: RM3

hahahaha..buy tickets from me. its for charity! got singing, some hot chicks cheerleading, bands, dancers, and all that!:)

hehe. took syok sendiri picture yesterday..


hehe. Amelia and me. and Jay at the back there.. haha.

sex and the city girl…

Melody and Rowena, being big SATC fan…they picked me to be the Miranda…haha..
i did this quiz ( here )…and guess who i got??

You are Miranda.  Men tend to be intimidated by you because you're so intelligent and you most probably earn more than they can even dream of.  You're quite a private person and don't l
You are Miranda. Men tend to be intimidated by you
because you’re so intelligent and you most
probably earn more than they can even dream of.
You’re quite a private person and don’t like
anybody interfering in your business. You’re
the one with her head screwed on and you offer
brilliant advice. You sometimes find
compromise difficult.

“A ‘Sex and the City’ quiz”
brought to you by Quizilla

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