Since i won’t be here on July 30th, i shall post an early blog for her..hehe.

Saturday, 30th July 2005.
hehe..sorry i cannot make it tmr(yesterday) for your birthday party at Faith Bar.

hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Anyways…nothing’s been happening lately, besides a lot of sleeping and being lazy. oh ya. my notebooks! remember this post, where i said im making and selling notebooks? well, i am really making and selling notebooks for real. Sidney, Tsien Kwang and a few others has seen my designs and they are buying notebooks!:):) Azat is also going to buy a half A4 sized one.

Some of you know im making notebooks and selling, but never seen the designs. well, click here to see my designs. i kept it in Flickr. im too lazy to post the designs here now. i might do it later next week, when im truly satisfied with my designs.

(*** by the way, the colours may seem a bit off cos of the monitor’s resolution. Its better if you have an LCD screen, because the colour is almost similar on an LCD screen and real life printing. I’ll post pictures of the notebooks taken by a camera soon, after my brother grabs the camera from his friend. hehe. ***)

anyways, comment here about my notebook designs. haha. i know its not all that, but its alright. haha. the price of the notebook is in between
RM5-10 for the 1/4 A4 sized ones
RM15-20 for the 1/2 A4 sized ones. (Spiral Binding costs a lot :/)

as u can see, i havent really decided on the final price. i’ll do that next week after i’ve binded my notebooks.

anyways, i’ll be away for the weekend to go to Penang for St Anne’s Feast. hehe. i can’t wait to go see my nephews!!!! i’ve miss them so much! hehe. my cousin Jerome’s coming with us. so the car will be a little packed. hehe.

update on TimTam: he’s growing big. hehe. and now he’s not eating his dog food! how now? anyone got any solution on how to make my dog eat his dog food? its frustrating! cos must feed him with other things! and its not cheap!hehe.

ok. thats all for now, oh ya, i’ve updated YAC’s blog. changed the layout a bit and made it a bit neater. hehe. go visit!

other than that, im going to bathe and probably pack for tomorrow cos tonight got LOST!!hehe. i want my the O.C.! i’m going to get it by next week! yayness! Riki‘s giving it to Sidney tomorrow! yay yay!

ohmigosh! this is madness!!

have you ever seen a male pregnant??

hahah!go check it out.

Pangako Sayo

Pangako Sayo

i miss that series. its a Phillipino soap opera. i used to watch it when i was in Form 4/5. EVERYDAY without a miss. hehe. even if i did, its because of tuition or other classes. hehe. its really nice i tell you. its a love story between Yna Macaspac (Kristine Hermosa) and Angelo Buenavista(Jericho Rosales). its like so suspense and drama and also long winded. but i like the conflict between the characters in the show and also the way they (Phillipinos ) speak english. its so cute! hehe. anywayz, if anyone has the full series, please let me know. i wanna take it from you!:P

Anyways, i went out on Friday and Saturday! haha. madness right? we went to Subang Parade and walked around SS15. haha. was sweating like mad. i wore my new pants. the Thai Pants. hehe. the pants where we tie in front and at the back! hehe. its hard to explain, but i’ll tae a picture of it later when i wear it.

the next day is saturday, we also went to the same place! haha. this time we stayed in Subang Parade. that place is so boring! haha. but it was so full that day! so many children, adults and school kids in uniforms! haha. they were having inter school choral speaking competition. loud mouth people! haha. i went for the KL district one when i was 14 (Form2) hehe. it was fun! i had a solo line too! the storyline was about life of a teenager. hehe.
later, we went to Swensen’s for ice cream! some expansive ice cream! haha


hannah tan

Hannah Sarah Tan…everyone loves her!

Hannah Tan on her new show, Looking Good Feeling Good on NTV7 every mondays!
on her new show also i think…
screen shot.
at some events somewhere

She represented Prada and Prada won an award at the KL Fashio Week.

at the mickey shop. hehe

ooohhh…..bikini shot..

Hannah Tan became famous when she won Miss Petite at some beauty pageant….hehe. she’s real cute alright, but she cannot beat Jessica Alba, she’s HOT!

everybody loves hannah tan!
hahaha…seriously, about 3/10 people that google hannah tan, goes to my blog (From Extreme Tracker) to view her picture i guess, well, i’ve done my own googl-ing and now im posting hannah tan’s pictures for your viewing pleasure..

btw, she has a website,

*all pictures are not mine..but other people’s from various websites from


ok. i know im kinda dumb when it comes to phones. haha.

but listen to this, i just went online on my phone!!

i was on Google! i checked on my tiny phone! hahaha.i love my k700i!(see my picture??) haha

tho its kinda mahal RM0.10/10Kb downloaded. hehe. but im juts so excited! haha.

bwahahahahha..besides that, i also learnt that i could record my phone conversation and also, i have speakerphone! yes, you heard me right, i have speakerphone!!!! hahahaa..i NEVER knew that! haha. im so dumb. but oh well, never too late.

oh and i also just realised that blogger has uploading service now!

yay!!!! i don’t have to upload on flickr anymore.

life’s full of surprises!:)


whoaaa…xiaxue’s blog and email has been hacked!

poor girl..i hope the hacker gets tortured. really!i pity her so much… imagine all your archive GONE! all your memories and stuff..haih.

i hope nobody does that to me.

anyways, a lot of people are taking part in the Blogathon 2005. Blogathon is when a blogger blogs ever 30 minutes for 24 hours and the charity they choose, will get some amount of money. something like that, im not sure. hhehe

i wanna do it, but i don’t think i can do it. haha. 24 hours k!! hehe. i need sleep.

Serge’s doing it! go to his campaign to donate money to the charity org…so go visit his blog for more details!

yesterday was so fun. no no not thursday, but wednesday! haha. went for a movie and swimming!:)

notebooks for sale..

Would you buy this notebook?

  • Size: its about 1/4 of an A4 paper
  • Pages: 80 white papers with some coloured/decoarted papers inside
  • Cover: has a hard semi transparent plastic cover (i used wrapping papers from memory lane-stripes and all)
  • Binding: Spiral binding. (see the larger notebook’s binding)
  • Price: You tell me! haha.
  • All hand cutted my moi! 😛

notebook copy

Thanx for your feedback! If you want one, you know where to find me, hehe!

blogs and sites

hmm..hmm…its a tuesday, and i’m at home. still. hehe.

i chatted with Mr.Tan! haha. somehow, it feels weird. hehe. he told me where to get a PDF maker. i’m yet to google it yet cos im hooked on these websites!:P

Click on the links to check out the sites.

  1. Real Style, Real Beauty
    its a fashion blog. kinda ok. then from that site, i linked to
  2. Jolie NYC
    this is a personal site of a editor of a beauty magazine in NYC ofcourse! nice posts. i’m gonna link her. hehe.from there, i linked to some other really cool sites like this one..
  3. Awful Plastic Surgery
    oh mi gosh! everyone should look at this site! im telling you, its worth it. its about plastic surgery on holywood stars. i was browsing through all the stars pictures (the writer thinks they had plastic surgery la, im not sure if its true.) most of it are boob jobs. haha. like jessica simpson,lindsey lohan and vivica a fox. mandy moore did a nose job. kylie with botox and stuff..haha..they do the before and after thingy. hehe. i found this real FUNNY boobies. hahaha..see here. her boobs looks almost fake. like she implanted her boobs. or maybe her body was just too big! haha.
  4. Fashion StyleChic
    another fashion blog. nice stuff..i really like this dress. really chunted huh? i wonder if i’ll look nice in it. hehe.
  5. The Bag lady
    since i love bag…i love this site. she reviews and tell about new bags in town(US ofcoz!) hehe.but no harm in looking and hoping i have enough money to buy those bags!:P
  6. Closet Therapy
    immediately loved the layout! super chun and pink! i want i want! i shall try to learn to make tables!:P

hehe. thats about it..have fun!:)

i love these colour bars!

f.r.i.e.n.d.s are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

pictures are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

malaysian food is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

[info]lyyyl is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

hugs are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

photoshop is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

nasi lemak is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

[info]sidneyficance is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

hahahah..played with some meme’s!:P:P it did not work…nvm..

summer 2005

karen’s got a new layout!

hahahah…how’s my new layout?

dedicated to my first term at HELP! hehe.

sorry for not blogging here..

i promise to blog public stuff here:):)

seriously, i invite all of you reading, to make and livejournal account and add me as your friend to read my journals. haha.

i know you want to!

i can make for u lj accounts, like i did for Guan Lim. (im super free now..)
all u need is just enter username and password and read!:):)

haha. who am i kidding, im not important. haha.

have fun.

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