happy birthday karen..

You’re OLD! hah!

its my birthday, in case you already did not know…(all my publicity for nothing? haha)
but i get less people here now. i wonder why. haha. dun care, cos u will be so updated (i meant outdated) if you did now know this!


its my very OWN domain +hosting thingy!!!!:):)

thanx to my very sayang sidney! and Riki for helping too. love y’all loads! and thanx a bunch for my very own site! Layout by YamashitaRiki.

ahahahhaha..im a very happy child as you can see..
besides that, loads of birthday wishes came today! and some earlier..THANKS You GUYS and GALS! really appreciate it..

Earlier on email…

  • Mr. G!!!but he just sent me an email saying he meant that email for KarenLee..how sad… but nvm. made me happy for a while only..haha
  • Lea sent me an Ecard..

then, Suet Ling, Christopher Tham messagedme on MSN. earlier.



  • Amelia – at college..
  • Ephraim – at college..
  • Sidney – met him after college, we went to 1U, he bought methis little teddy bear from GSC thingy. we watched 2 movies, Flight Plan and Creep(which was a very bad Brit movie, DON’T WATCH! haha. there were only 4 people there..) went walking, sent him back and now i’m here..
  • Mum – she’s getting me and my brother a new Digicam..yay!
  • Dad – Rm200….love my dad! just when im runnign out of money, hehe!
  • Koko – owwwhh, i bought himhalf of Jason Lo’s new album The Fall, and he bought me half of it, so we’re even! haha. (in other words, we shared 50% 50% to buy the album laa..)
  • Aunty Linda and Shermaine – they came to my house and gave me present..:) a shell pendant thingy. i think i should accesorize more often!:P
  • Pughan


  • Eng Hoe – He sent me a birthday song!!! how sweettttt…..miss that fella..
  • Rina – From CIMP! miss her too.
  • Fadzmel – amelia Rashid’s friend.thanx loads.

On Phone-talking…

  • Rowena – i was at the cinema at that time! sorry rowww!!:P
  • Melody – we didn’t meet in college, cos they did not come for college.

On Phone-sms…

  • Amelia
  • Jesrina
  • Paru
  • Karen Lee
  • My Godparents and cousin
  • my aunt, Agnes
  • Chris Tham, yesterday i think
  • Wei Foong from Aussie! he even tried to call, but as usual, my phone was on silent.
  • Yuen Theng
  • Lea – she tried sendign me mms..but Digi is like so spas, i can’t read the mms…stupid DIGI!

thats about it i guess..OWH YA! friendster! haha.

  • Rebecca
  • Melody
  • rowena
  • amelia
  • maria
  • Karenlee
  • rebecca
  • Roberta
  • yvette

now im done thanking and mentioning everyone! hehehehe..


i sound so silly and crappy in the above post. must be the overjoyed hour of me day. anywayz,
TK smsed me tadi.and WingSun and Gracie Called me!!!!!!!!so happy to hear their voices after so long. kinda awkward a bit..but ok la..i mean, i was never a phone person. i’m still waiting for another person, PHAN SHEAN!! haha. must be the time difference..hahahha..yeah, keep on telling myself that!:P

but anywayz, good night. i just came cos i needed to lepak from studying Freud. hehe.

September babies…

Birthday Wishes!!!

22 September
went to Hartamas to makan. it was alright!he’s 22!!! ahahhaha..so old right? hehe..

23 September
we celebrated last last week! ahahhaa.. we “tried” la to celebrate, ended up walking around KLCC and lookign for a tie for Riki! hehe

25 September
We did celebrate!!! at Faith Cafe in Hartamas. Mel’s mum’s bar. it ws fun. we were talking, loads of drama went on…Mel drank her flaming something. i forgot the name of it. we played the hand game and the 7-bart/butt game (the one where when u loose, you drink!) hehe. then when i went back at 0030 hours, policemen stopped me and asked for my license and IC. haha. first time ever policemen stopped me. it ws an experience! 😛

29 September
im still 18 for a few days more…after that, im 19…oh my!!!!!
and another sesat one..
31 October!
took this pic in Toys’r’us!

i NEED to study, but im just too lazy..haihs.. a few more chapters..and need to review lagi…haih. owh ya, my sign up sheets!:(

more work! haih…


UIU-Upper Iowa University.

im graduating from that university! NOTTTTT! haha.

actually, technically, i am, but im doing it all in HELP la. no money to go overseas.

hehe. so yea, i was talking to Cat(as in a person la) and she said she’s doing UIU double degree in Marketing and Psychology.

so that so got me thinking. haha. i need to talk to her about this. maybe see the HELP fella that handles UIU.

heehee. so excited! the thought of getting double degree. 😛

anywaysss..i got my lip smackers! yay! it smells so good. from far la. like if you try to pout ur lips and smell it, then it stinks. haha. like lipstick smell la. i still love my TheBodyShop Strawberry lipbalm. the bestest! smells so good.

even tsien kwan asked me that day, “Karen….how come you dun smell like strawberry anymore???” hahaha. my TheBodyShop Strawberry shower gel finish adey la. and its so mahal. like can watch 3 movies on wednesday! 🙁

anyone care to buy for me? *hinthint* September 29th comng soon! hahahahahhaha..

you all know whats happening on that day right? check out this link..

anyways, gotta go exercise and study!:)

truckload of pics!

i went to AQUARIA at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. near KLCC.
people went: Karen, Sidney, Amelia, Ruffie, Rowena, Melody.


nice hor! i love this picture of this tube thingy.

small little family of corals. cute.

dunno what fishes! hehe. they were in a small aquarium below the huge tube.

fishes in the tube..

tortise’s(is that how u spell it?) cousin, turtles!hehe. so cute right? i wanna swim with a turtle

NEMO, NEMO,NEMO and maybe Marlon. hehe. no sight of Dory.

love this picture!

water snakes…and this nice red coral thingy.

whole turtle family!:P

nice fishies..

more fishies! hehee..

to view bigger sizes of this picture, go to my flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lyyyl/sets/984621/

Other things that happened..

new hair! NOT!!! haha. just trimmed and adjusted my hair. haha.

yes, this is new! nice or not? i dun dare to wear them yet. scary la. what if people stare weirdly!

my brother and me at the Korean shop. hehe. how’s the earrings?

OWH YA! and last friday, i met Lavina, Tsien Kwang and Melinder for a yum cha session! i had fun catching up with Lavina and Melin and tk la. hehe. but i talk to tk online all the time. thats not the point, the point is, i finally saw Lavina after 2 years!!!! hehe. had fun talking to her again. kinda awkard at first, but then we got into talking about school and our lives. she’s studying Dentistry at AIMST, in Kedah. so nice right! hehehe.
here are the pictures!




aaaahhh..sweet times!:)

OC obsession

obsessed completely!

i love the oc series. its just so yummy.

i made the thingy yesterday when i was bored. hehe.

you must think im mad! haha. oh well..i am, partially. bio exam coming up!:/ i keep on saying this but i have not studied..going to do so today. now going to do bio lab.

okay byebye!


just realised that i haven’t been blogging for a while already.. hehe.

well, been real busy with asignments. ERB is approved! yay!!!! need to book lab now..haih…and also. finished my psych asignemtn. just finished my ADPSC board thingy. then did stats homework.

i bought dangling earings today! hahaha. first time. ok not first time la, but for this year, first time. boguth those 3 for RM10 ones. loos cute.

haha. oh ya. the waiter at this Korean restaurant was hitting on me. haha. some chinese dude. my mum and bro realised. haha. they were like” he likes u laarrr..” hahaha.

christopher tham has been smsing me.

other than that, Sidney’s on holiday. my birthday’s next week.yay!!! o nooo….biooo… yikes…BIO test next week.haih. sad…so sad…

im getting paranoid about my bio. BIO LAB due thursday!!! DIEEEE!!!

haih. so much to do so little time.

oh, and my lipsmackers is coming too! AND I NEED MONEY!!! 🙁

i need money badly. i have ZERO amount of money now as i owe my brother RM15 for his birthday present. actually, it is OUR birthday present, cos we shared and bought Lo’s new album,”The Fall”

kinda nice the album, haven’t really listened to it yet. i printed out my human personality notes. planning to study tomorrow! cos i wanna be prepared for Ms.Winnee’s class! hehe. she’s mean. she qives quizzes all the time! insane…but i like her teaching.

oh well, im going off to do something useful, like sleep. and ya, try to study. sidney’s asleep adey. so no use staying awake right? no one to sms..haha.



From DanielTan’s blog…

  1. Go to www.google.com
  2. type “Failure” and click Search
  3. See the first link on the first page!

ahahaha…funny right? anyways, i feel like a failure now lorr…my human personality can go down the drain.. prob will not help to maintain my GPA… bio another one… but i think if i really study bio, can la… stats…boleh la…its kinda like revision for me. and EN102..haih.. so hard la.


chatted with wei foong that day, he said i pretty adey! haha. and i think he became thinner…and i told him not to become too thin, then it would not be wei foong! haha. i’ve seen him grow big since kindie! haha. i hope we’ll remain friends for life!:)

Phan shean’s leaving tmr! :/ i din get to see him before he leaves! i hope we keep in touch and remain friends for life too!

lea’s leaving too. hope to meet you soon..:) its amazing…we live so near, yet don’t meet…is it my fault?

my other school friends, lavina… yo girl! where have u been? haha.. i will sms you k? miss her la. its been so long since we hung out at her place rushing to go to tuition!

Tsien Kwang!!haha i miss this fella! we became buddies like really buddies in form 3 when i was sitting at the back of him hehe. until now he still thinks i have small oranges and i should drink milk more often!!that fella never changes! 😛 miss him too…

i also miss my “itchyfied gang” of 5K! haha. Lavina, Melinder, Suet Ling, Me, Mei Ee, Melissa, Yvonne! hehehe.. we rock din we? we used to sit in class and talk for hours when there were no teachers! hehe. talk abt everything from life to periods to feminine wash! haha. miss those times!

i miss my Good OLD gang, Lea, Asyikin and Karen! hahaha. tho it will never happen again cos of some misunderstanding, i loved those times! form 1 and 2!:) sweet times! all those dancing and boy watching! haha..and eating…and cursing teachers…and haih.loads more!:)

besides that, i also miss my whole 3B gang! Phan shean!(tho he was in 3A, he’s still part of our gang!) Sze may,Simon, Chang Weng, Liyana, firdaus, Farhana, Jude, thavaraj,Dinesh, Fook meng, leong hui, jonathan, patrick, wei foong, lavina, rajesh, wai kit, azrina, sharifah, nurul ain, adam, lim lee, wei nee, may kum,yvonne..ok…i can’t remmember anymore names, unless i look at pictures!haha. we used to be like “make sure we keep in touch k??” nothig happened after form5! haha. all lost touch!

aaaahh…good ol days!wish i had a scanner, and showed you guys all my good ol form 3 friends!:)

such a nostalgic post! hehe. Theme song for this nostalgic post :Graduation by vitamin C.

haha. alrights…got replacement class at 9am tmr 🙁 , i’d better get to bed!:) chiows!


im so screwed la!

haha..loads of work…loads to study…

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