its been 2 and the half months since i changed my layout!

ahahahha. i remember posting my portfoilio thingy. (AS IF its a real one. ) but still…i made all those!:P i want a new layout!!!

i wanan change my layout!! i was looking at Denise’s layout’s graphics, here at exploding dog. and thinking of making one with these graphics..the artist gave permission to use the graphics for personal sites…so yay!

i so wanna get this pen thingy. it would be so darn cool to draw. then i can be bert monroy. haha. or at least try to get close to his worst photoshop work! hahaha. he’s a talented guy bert monroy, a digital photo-realist artist. if you’re wondering how i got to know bert monroy, TECH TV! geek tv of all time…! hahaha. but i love that show..whats it called, “the screensavers” it used to be “call for help” when Chris and Kat was the host. i loved that show too. so informative and they seriously knew their computers!:)


shushi is yummy and im so fullnow! haha.

i ate one whole box of sushi for lunch…i also just ate my first california roll. and that rocked too.

aaahhhh…..the wonders of japanese food. they are so pretty and yummy.


right here…click here..

im too lazy to upoad here. maybe i will. a few just to show. ok i will.


the past few days has been tiring. i technically did not blog since wednesday cos i was busy doing the preparation for Fright Night. did spiders, eyeballs, signages, and stuff.

then on thursday, it was Fright Night day! haha. i went to bio lab at 8 and went back at 10. it was so fun going back at 10! haha. my brother wasn’t even up!i came back and finished my deco stuff. made last minute eyeballs and my own magic wand with eyeballs. haha. u see, i bought this hat at Watsons for RM3.90. and i planned to be a witch. haha.i wore black..u’ll see mypictures soon. haha

so at 1pm, i left my house to go to the costume shop at Hartamas. Mel wanted to get an outfit. so she did get it. i do have pictures of us in cute outfits..but haih. bluetooth not working. haih.
so anyways, i went to Row’s house after that, had lunch and bathe. and went to college at 430.

from 430 till 730. we were working straight! decorating the place and made it so pretty! hehe. here’s one part of it, i would like to say the best part! Bella (my partner in making the deco stuff) is such an artist!


eat at your own risk.there was supposed to be fog coming out of the pot in the middle..but too bad our fog machine did not work tho. how sad, we had such big ideas for this part…

then also, my own masterpiece, the graveyard!!!! hahahaha. i made the tombstones, collected leaves and spreaded spiderwebs all over!:) and ofcourse made spiders..


mel paying her last respects to the dead. hehe. it looks wayy better than this picture! hahaha..looks dark and eerie if taken without flash. i had one. but Rowena’s hands shooked so turned out ugly. eekk.. but still it was so pretty. love the spiderwebs!:)

hehe. the turnout was GREAT! more tha 150++ college kids came. it was such a nice feeling seeing so many people there. as we only expected about 100 people. and bought only abt 100 people worth of food. so sad. only flaw. haih.we screened Amytiville Horror on that night. it was freaky alright. i remember the freaky sounds on that day. so darn freaky.


ofcourse, we need our time of narcicissm. we were all dressed up. Row as a gyspy, me as a pumpkin witch and mel as a cute lil red riding hood. so cute righttt?? hehehe
(**owwwhh i ove this picture, i look so kurus here. muahhahahahha..must be the black outfit and also i was a lil covered behind mel! hahahahaha**)

i was busy taking pictures of everyone there. many were so dressed up. some as girls and some as guys, some as kiler clowns, some as witches, japanese kawaii girls, dracula, and many many more! hehe. too see them, click here..

l-r: Dewi, Bella-the artist who made level 4 so lovely!, Rowena, Mel, Suraya and moi in my full outfit.

the night went on..Row, Ephraim, Justin, Renuka, Abraham went to the dungeon together. haha. it was kinda freaky in a way, like you’ll never see level one the same way again! haha. kinda freaky, but a little empty la. but all in all, okay la the dungeon.

we had games and the best costume beauty peagent. hehe.

all of em who volunteered to come in front. hehe. there was this ring girl, her picture is up here. go see, she’s freaky!!!!

it ended there after the costume party and some games. we had to end early due to some management problems. Dr.Goh asked us to close early, so sad..:(

we took pictures of the people that made it happen!


(minus the first guy in the “LAH” tshirt. he was just the mc. hehe.)
we so can make a difference. altho there wasn’t much profit, but we made our mark at ADP!:)

so thats about it. on FRIGHT NIGHT! please please please go see the pics and see what you’ve missed out on. haha!

after the night was over, we cleaned up aaron asked me to keep the hi fi home and bring tmr. we all went back but i had an obstacle! the parking guy asked me to pay RM14!!!!!! madness.. i thot after 5pm was like RM2 only. but since i parked there at 430, they counted every hour. and it came up to 430. we argued our way like mad. finally, we parked there and took mel’s car to makan at a mamak in Bangsar. sheessshh RM14!!

we ate banana leaf rice at the mamak. i was so hungry. we did not eat there, not enugh food mar. haha. after 12 ephraim sent me back to KPD, collected my car, and paid nothing!:P hehehe. reached home at abt 1230 cos of a stupid road block at segambut. sheesshh… stupid po-po.

i stayed up till 2 sth online transferring pictures and stuff.

the next friday, i went to college at 7am! 7AM! makan at San Francisco Coffee. i did not wanna stay at Level one ALONE at 7am. haha. it was freaky okay, considering i was at the dungeon the night before! ahhaha. then at 930, Justin came to pick me up to bring the hi fi from my house. man he drives so slowww..haha. so after that, went back to college, couldn’t find parking, we hunted for parking like mad!! seriously. haha. then i thought justin to park. hahahah. im such a good park-er. hehe. anyways, after that went to meet up with my english group, discussed our project thingy. then later went to ADPSC SOAPBOX. held at Level 4. it was the biggest turn out of all time for soapbox! hehe. i totally forgot to take pictures of SOAPBOX! but it was something to remember. we settled and battled bout some ADP issues. it was a heated up discussion! hehe.

after that i went to Amelia’s house cos my brother was at an interview. her house is HUGE man. like 5 times my house-put together. hehe. we went to 1Utama after that. she was raya shopping. and i was tagging along 🙂 it was fun. bro came at about 6 sth. then went to Jes’ house. saw Ally the baby!she’s super cute man!! i have pictures, but bluetooth’s not working. haih..

came home at abt 7, bathe, ate and slept at 8pm. woke up at 11am the next morning. i was just so tired! hahaha. madness right, sleep so late.

i doubt any of you reached reading until here. hahaha. such a long post. but i needed to write about this. its important. 🙂

thats about it. bye bye blog people!:)

once again, pictures here..

i’m joining!!!

im joining this photography contest..just for the fun of it!

Are you an avid nature photographer?

LIONS Environmental Photo Contest
2nd October 2005 – 15th November 2005

Lots of attractive Canon prizes to be won!

Just submit in your best environmental photo(s) and stand to win

1st Digital Video MVX250i worth RM3000 x 1
2nd Digital Camera A510 worth RM999 x 1
3rd Digital Camera Powershot A400 worth RM699 x 1
10 x consolation prizes Canon premium item worth RM150 each.
For further enquiries, please contact DC Ln Lee Lih Shyan at 012-2081489 or Ln Dhyana Low at 012-2958803.

Download the Rules & Entry Form here.
Closing Date: 15th November 2005

Jointly organised by
Lions District 308 B1 Malaysia & Photographic Society of Malaysia

Main Sponsor: Canon Malaysia


Aim: To provide a way for public and Lions to portray, through an original photo,
their pride and commitment to improving, protecting and preserving an
aspect of the environment in which they live.

Eligibility: The contest is open to general public and all Lions and Lions clubs of good
There is no restriction on the number of prints entries, analogue digital
camera is allowed. The Organiser accepts only colour prints 5R size (5
x 7) printed on any photo paper.

Photo should portray any one or more of the following aspects: –
Landscapes (urban or natural)
Animal Life
Plant Life
Weather Phenomena
A Passion for Our World

Each photo submission should include (in either English, Bahasa Malaysia
or Chinese) a title and a 25-word (or less) description of the photo and why
the environment being depicted should be improved, protected or

Please include name, gender, age, address contact number
(telephone, mobile and e-mail) and name of the (for Lions members only).

All entries are judged in an objective manner by an impartial group of
judges. Winners are selected on originality, artistic merit and portrayal of
environmental themes.

Photographs must be original, unaltered in any way(thats going to ba hard.) and taken solely for the
purpose of this contest
. Photos depicting people will be disqualified. The Organiser reserves the right to reject photos not meeting contest criteria.

Submitted photos shall become property of Lions Clubs International District
308B1. Lions Clubs International District 308B1 will be responsible for
standardizing the size of the photo for framing and exhibiting. Entrants are
responsible for all costs in taking and submitting photos.

All winners will be notified by e-mail or post. Winners are requested to submit the
negatives or high resolution soft copy in a properly labeled CD, within 10 days after the
notification, failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

Entry photograph must reach the following address before 1st December 2005.

The Organizers reserve the right to amend any rules and regulations without any prior
notice. The decision of the Organizers is final and no correspondence on any dispute
would be entertained.


today i recieved an email about someone commenting on myspace(clickie!) so i went anc checked it..

haha. i’ve got about 59 friends/contacts there at myspace. but i hardly know any!:P

i probably know about 15 of em out of the 59.
hehe. and most of em are malay guys. they probably thought was malay, then soon realised im not. haha. funny funny people. one guy even asked me (in the picture comment..) to dump my bf and go after him! owh gosh, stupid people, luckily photo comments are deletable.

its funny how i get so many comments (its like testimonial on friendster..) on my page. haha. its like from 4 unknown people and one of my friends, maria. its nice in a way that people comment on my page, but seriously, i don’t even know them! haha


click on it to read the fine prints. its really funny, especially the second last comment from the bottom!

like i said on the picture, sparkly words are quite famous on myspace. you should visit Riki’s space. (its nice, got his song all! free for everyone! written and played by Yamashita Riki himslf!:P) see all the girls he adds, they always thank him(or anyone for that matter) for adding them with sparkly pictures and also will ask thim (or anyone for that matter) to hit them back. most of em are like hungry for hits. hehe.


toilets for the disabled.

have you used them before?

haha. there’s this big fight in the bloggersphere about toilets for the disabled people between Peter Tan and Xia Xue. hehe.

funny how everyone(other bloggers) was like blaming Xiaxue. she brought it (the toilets issue) up and now everyone (other bloggers) is against her. shows how influencial she is. hehe.

anywayz, i have no say in who’s right. haha.


i love adding bloggers to my list. esp if i know them, or i fancy their writings/camwhore-ing pics/pictures.

i found another ADP-ian, Elaine. who is also in ADPSC. hehe. small world. shal add her later. to lazy now. didn’t know she was only 18. younger than me. haha. she seemed so much older than me. but then again, it shows how immature i am. haha. maybe she’s a PTS student, cos i think she’s been in HELP since last year. owh well..

would love to find more HELP bloggers. hehe. im such a busy body right? not my fault!

sue the people who invented blogs! haha. actualy, who invented thes weblogs anyways? smart fella. if only he patented his idea, would be super rich by now.

im so doomed la. seriously. doomed. i need a PA. just to help me do stuff and remind me of things. seriously need one.

haha. owhkays. enough for now. i think. more tmr if im free.. another wasted weekend. haihs.


timtamboy so cute right?? 🙂 hehe. love my dog! 🙂 such a brat too!

i’m flooding my friendster photo page with loads of pictures! mostly from ef’s birthday!:P haha

anyways, at leasti did 3 productive things yesterday.

  • went for Yoga. and i could do the Bow pose but everybody else can’t!!. strike 1 for karen!finally!! i need to win those old ladies in my class, they are more fit than me kays! hehe.
  • went shopping! as u can see..:P
  • edited my short story. hehe. im finally done with it. gonna print it and hantar it adey on tuesday. hope all goes well and i get good grade. sidney and lavena helped me do it!:) but i did more than 60% of it k? haha.

ok what for a day? no?
i need to do sth else. owh ya, go stationary shopping for stuff for my FRIGHT NIGHT! clicky!
i really hope people come! thats our main thing to do now. is to get people to come

i did nothing today!

yesterday, some girl added me on friendster..then i was like, owwh, she’s so familiar! then i was like thinking so darn hard who she was! was like thinking of everyone on all of my classes and still i could not recognize her. then i thot, maybe i’ve seen her in college. haha.

i checked her blog and messaged her. checked again tadi, and found out that she was in ADPSC! haha. so dumdum of me. such a booboo. anyways, nice meeting ya, Arina.go visit her blog!:)

ADP HELP friendster acount posted the fright night on that account! yays! more ppl will be aware of it. hehe.

i love my new camera. hehe

see how detailed and clear my fingers look? hehe. can see all my ugly cuticles..hahaha! but nice or not my nails?

this is what i did today!::

  1. i did my nails, lefty only
  2. i watched 50 first dates and oogled at Adam Sandler’s funny and witty romantic ways of making drew barrymore fall in love with him again. love that show! hehe.
  3. played with timtamboy
  4. slept like a piggie..
  5. downloaded Padi’s menanti sebuah jawaban(jawapan?). love this song! fly fm has been playing this song alot, and i love it! i love indonesian language!!
    i miss sunway college. where most of my classmates were indonesian, and i just love to hear them speak! and they’re such nice people! i miss gilbert(he still annoys me until now on msn. hehe. he’s in limkokwing now!), ranidya, rini, indira, deddy, stephen (basicly 90% of my math classmates were indonesian!) !
  6. blogged. duh. haha. waste more time
  7. at least, i downloaded many journals. so that i can read later at night and tmr, as i will be in college at 7am! yikes!:/ so boring i dun like to be in college alone. its not fun. most if the time, i prefer to stay in San Francisco Coffee (smells nice, lovely iced chocolate and nice atmosphere to study!), but its super expansive there!!!!

ephraim’s birthday!!

teasers! hehe

anywayz, im too lazy to upload on hehe. someday la. but i uploaded on my multiply..:)
>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<
itwas fun. in a way. hehe. tho they (the crowd outside, where half of them were from HELP and i knew some.) were gambling, and i did not wanna waste my money! hehe. so i just watch them tell jokes and play blackjack. the crowd inside the house were chor tai dee-ing. i would play, only i don’t really know how to play and don;t really know them. maybe i should have been more friendly, but i seriously did not know how. haha.
so anyways i went home quite early, cos i was so sleepy. and i did not wanna knock down any car/cat/tree.
owwh ya! i bought SO many things at the warehouse sale!:P hehe. will take picture and update soon!:P
advertise a bit..
kepong baru. sameplace also.
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