can everyone send me their house addresses?
send it to
i wanna update my address book:)

Mr. Miyagi aka Pat Morita (in real life la..) passed away!

he acted in Karate Kid 1,2 and 3?? that japanese fella? remember? i just watched Karate Kid 1 on AXN yesterday! hehe.

i love karate Kid. used to have a crush on Ralph Macchio. hahaha. funny, but true. and i still watch it if its on tv! hehhe…

photo source: espn

anyways. RIP Mr Miyagi. love your shows!

on another note. you know when i drive, i always think of things to write down on me journal/blog. but i always forget!:(

anyways, i wasted so much time adey yesterday. today must study english like mad. *study english?? ahha. our lecturer gave us what to study for critical analysis and essay!*

hehe. nice huh?

i was playing with my pretty beads photo using photoshop.

watercoloured beads
using watercolour filter.

only riki thinks its nice. haha. others either never saw, or just don’t care! i dunno.

hehe. i need to join a photography community where people will tell me if my shot is nice, or its just ugly.

i have no lunch. haih. lazy to go out la. i think i shall eat hash browns with half boiled eggs. yumm.

i’m uploading photos to my multiply like mad cos its the end of the month and i have 100+ place left to upload. haha. cos i wanna upload almost all my photos online…so that if whatever happens to my lap top/comp (*touch wood*) i still have back up!:)

ok i shall leave now.

owwh, did i tell you i’m in love with black and white photos!:)

hehe. can’t wait for christmas!!! i wanna go carolling!!!! dun care with what group. haha. just wanna sing out loud. and get money. but this year cannot go to pubs and shopping malls. priest dun let. 🙁

anyhoooooooooooooo..i need to burn the OC mix into a CD!:P


karen loves her camera!

i was procrastinating (how to spell adey ar? lazy to look at!)…

anyways, here’s what i did..took photos ofcoz!:)

flickr so darn sloww…haha. ok rephrase that. streamyx so darn slowww..

my brother’s working for streamyx. he should change it to the higher one right? with more MB’s.. hehe.








i was posting at happycafe.

food in packets…

lunch: rojak
dinner: siew mai’s…(my parents somehow think i can finish ALL that,madness!)

link: HAPPY CAFE! 🙂

i studied a lil today. ok la. considering my whole body hurting like MAD! went for yoga yest. and man i tell u today’s pain is the worst!!

i couldn’t even move at 12pm today! slept till 2pm. then slept again till darn tired. my stomach still hurts now 🙁

managed to d/l OC mix 3,4 and 5. listening to it now. really yummy music. at least i like! 🙂

i love this song a lot..Shout Out Louds Wish i was dead Pt. 2.

real nice. hehe. emo music. i think. haha they’re Sweedish!

this song is cute!(video and lyrics) hehe. by LCD Soundsystem. they’re Australian i think…(unless they are touring at Aussie, but from somewhere else..hmmm..malas la wanna read! haha.the biography so long winded..)

for more info, d/l or buy OC MIX 5. but 5’s the best so far..

3 and 4 are nice also.

alright. i think its time for me to study again. my stomach hurts tho:(

and my mum will be home tmr! owwhh gosh.. i miss being alone with the house all to myself!

music from the OC


Sidney!!! my brother is giving u SWAT4 dvd game…:)

and i am on break from studying. yay! listening to music from the OC5. i d/l this cd long ago. only now im listening.

listening to my msn friend’s rap song. its kinda ok. but he dissed a few notable malaysian rappers. not good. haha.

llalalalallalallalalalllalalla….i am now d/l music from the oc 1,2,3 and 4… love love love it.



these people. click to read! so malu-fied to be a malaysian police now right? it has even reached BBC. sheesshh..dum dum police.

anyways, NOBODY came to my site since last night??

no one commented on how the blog looks?

come on people! i need constructive comments…like whats nice and whats not? kays?

i started planning what to study and when! yay!

Friday, Sat, sunday – PY221
Monday, Tuesday- EN102
Wed, Thurs – MA125

FRIDAY- EXAM!!!!! EN102 & MA125

Friday, saturday,sunday,monday,tuesday – BL101

Wednesday – EXAM!!!!!! BL101

Wed, Thurs – PY221

Friday – EXAM!!!! PY221

haha. ok. so i’ve got everything planned. so now…need to study!


i made this!:P just a while ago when pughan was here. he taught me how to make the shape using paths..something which i never knew!:)


fisheys copy
the fishes pic was taken in Pulau Redang.