Goodbye 2005! Hello, 2006!

its been a shitty GREAT year!

my new year’s resolution is to be happy no matter what happens to my life!:) i wanna be strong and smile when i feel down. i wanna be the best of me. i wanna make sure i do well in everything i do. i’ll prob be doing everything with 110%! hehe.

i seem so determined, right? well, i have to be! i found a new friend who will make my days at college better, i hope. Elaine. (been talking to her last night). i hope i don’t screw up again like i did. i realise that i cannot be too personal with my writings. some people take my writing too seriously.yikes. i mean, its me writing, how true can it be? HAHA.well, on the bright side, Elaine has a blog too,maybe she would understand the blogs i write, maybe.

summer and marissaangrythe OCryan and seth

the oc makes me happy!:) it makes me think about an ideal life of being something that im SO not. HAHA. i made these thumbnails for my LJ userpic thingy. now i can use it here, i finally realise the function of the uploading pics thing, its like a thumbnail to link to elsewhere.

i so wanna leave Malaysia right now (and pack the boy with me). i wanna go to Chapman University in Orange County,US. it looks so nice from the brochures.i so wanna go! but i can’t! haih. wish my parents had more $$$ to send me overseas. i was wondering if i could get loan to go overseas.if only. if only.

owh well. life’s good. i have great parents. although, they could give me more freedom. ๐Ÿ™‚ great brother. great boyfriend,sid. great friends who care:tk, ps, lav, paru, elaine…and those who helped me through this. great computer who makes my day. great internet connection to keep me connected to my great friends overseas and far apart. great strenght from The One, who will guide me to go through the next year. ๐Ÿ™‚ *hugz everyone*

alright, i think i need to go out. somewhere. i dunno where! maybe i shall go to church to pray tonight…might be a better choice. ๐Ÿ™‚ its been a while since i did God’s work. i need to go to the youth meeting, and revive it, thank you. if not all my training in YAC would just go to waste. haha.


everyone’s rushing to do their mykad’s.. i found this Wiki page that explains the mykad. its very interesting..

The first group of number (YYMMDD) on the IC is the date of birth. The 2nd group of number (SS) is representing the place of birth of the holder, i.e. the states (01-13), the federal territories (14-17) or the country of origin. The last group of number (###G) is a serial number in an unidentified pattern which is believed significantly related to ethnic group, blood group & religion. The last digit (G) shows an odd number for a male, while an even number is given for a female.

You see, i never knew that! haha. i knew about the last digit thingy, but not the middle group and the last 3 numbers. hehe. the amazing thing is, i have the same last group of numbers with a friend of mine. and we’re SO not from the same ethnic group or religion! but that last assumption acording to the wiki is just a believe. owh well, interesting thing for the day!

i found out something very important yesterday. revelation! haha. i need to fix it fast. but i just dunno how. haih. i wish someone gives me a scholarship somewhere, or a reason to quit college and go to a new college!:-( life would be better there.

owhh well,ย  life has to go on and i wish the next one and the half years goes SO FAST that i never imagine it was there. my college life’s going to be sucky..shucks.


test post 0.003

it worked

test post 0.002 worked! the password is……..not telling! haha.thats why its called a password, right?

well, its only for one person to see, so yeah, that person saw, so no need for anyone else la k?


byebye. today’s a good day!:) im happy.i wanna go shopping. ZARA’s on sale!

owwh ya,ย  my reason for this post is this LJ-CUT kinda thing.. Read more

fights are bad

haihs..sid and i are in a fight now. i dunno, maybe im like that. no one likes me. no one thinks i appreciate them, no one wants to be with me cos im just one annoyingthing. maybe.maybe.
haih. just when i thought i wanna move on..i dun have anything to fall on now.


mum’s awake. no more crying to make me feel better.

i bet sid doesn’t know about this site. i told him. yesterday. but i don’t think he knows i write here. owh well, im not telling anyone anymore.ย  its really going to be private. well, not so private, not until someone finds out.

look at me. since when i’ve become so damn emo abt things? i used to be so freaking happy about everything. life was simple.i live in a simple life. now everything has become so complicated. damn complicated.

haih, to those of u who read, haha. i’ve only told a few, please do comment every once in a while, to show that you’re here for me:) *hugz*

see ya soon, im going to take a long bath. bye.

its the 29th!

few more days till 2006 arrives. hehe. people(on livejournal) have asked me to move on, grow up, get new friends. they don’t understand la. haih. how can i move on or grow up or get new friends if i feel miserable each time i think of it? and the problem is not even solved. i feel so darn crapy. is it childish to feel sad? i mean, these are people that i relied on when i first went to a new place. i cannot just drop everything and move on. right? maybe some of you can do it, but i can’t. i never had any friends leaving me. never. (well.literally, got la, those who left the country, but not emotionally. no.) so yeah, life still sucks for me.

2005 review.

review anyone?


– i was bored..
– i made 2 blogs for my friends. sidney and YAC
– i found out and remembered a fav bible verse My favourite bible verseโ€ฆ1 corinthians 13:4-7
– got my ielts results.
– made it into the Sunway University College CIMPโ€™s handbook. (my pictures la!)
– visited my uncle in the chemotheraphy ward and realised how precious life was
karenlee+wingsun+jungwei came to my house!:)

***for more info, message me on msn! karen_lyyyl at ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve got a secret for you readers..***

omg,i got my own!


feels so weird to post here. like i have to be so formal cos it looks so formal..haha. how ar? should i or should i not move?

justin is willing to help me move to wordpress from blogspot, on my host, but i dowanna leave my blogspot!

but ofcourse, i will never stop updating my lj.

with the problems i have lately with my life, i don’t think its safe to blog at blogspot anymore, and i’m friends-cutting my lj so that i can cut out unwanted readers that will get angry at my writings and decide to kill me emotionally. i just cannot be truthful anymore. really. blogging has become a thing that people do to write abt superior things instead of writing how one really feel.

wordpress can be password protected. yay! then only those who i love loads can read my posts!:) right right right? maybe i shall just retire from layout making? and start blogging for real. haha. instead of making layouts and trying to blog secretively. haih

big decision. big decision.

HELP ME!!!:)

for those of you who do not know what my problem is. its OK. doesnt matter. cos its nothing big really. only i will experience some screwed up life in college soon. friend-less and alone. my fault. my fault. it always is. no matter what. i shall just be a sad lil lonely girl. i feel like i wanna quit everything.ADPSC is one. even if im on the verge of getting a quite nice position in SC that will look good on my CV that will help me get my scholarship, i feel like doing it. its no point doing something with someone that hates you right?

maybe this blog shall be discreet. haha. owh, another blog? oh no!!no no. i can’t control so many. maybe no one will know about this blog’s existence unless i tell. i’ve already told sidney. and no one else. maybe, maybe. i shall delete blogsome soon. cos i’ve got my wordpress!:)

haih. life sucks. 2005 literally sucked so bad.

review anyone?


– i was bored..
– i made 2 blogs for my friends. sidney and YAC
– i found out and remembered a fav bible verse My favourite bible verse…1 corinthians 13:4-7
– got my ielts results.
– made it into the Sunway University College CIMP’s handbook. (my pictures la!)
– visited my uncle in the chemotheraphy ward and realised how precious life was
karenlee+wingsun+jungwei came to my house!:)

– i decided to take the Bachelor of psych program instead of ADP. (damn, i should have done that!)
– went for a roadtrip with some of YAC-ians. to find a hall
– made my first batch of cookies!:)
– bid farewell to my CIMP friends
– realised how lonely i was without them.

– went to Klang for the first time. hehe. by train and bus!:)
– listed my own version of the top 10 most influential girl groups.
– showed the world my room.
– had a new hairstyle-haircut and still loving it now!:)
– found out about igs college and UIU in malaysia.
– got so excited when i found out about the Force Of Nature concert, bought tickets and had fun!:)
– at 12 sth when i was at FON, my uncle passed away ๐Ÿ™ RIP Sae-Ku (smallest uncle). attended his funeral.
– realised that i grew fatter in 2004. (still growing fatter!)
– fell in love with Melie Bianco’s convertible hobos. (this was when i started loving bags!:))

– went for my cousin’s 12th birthday
– was burping non stop. thought i was going to die.
– got my first ever manicure.
– bought my padini bag. which is now spoilt, cos i scrubbed it a lil too hard.
– opened a Karen Marie Foundation…to collect money for the poor *points at karen*
– tried to sew, failed, really cacat! hahaha.
– went back to school to collect cert with ps.
– visited a lil paradise. i like beaches! redang is heaven.
– checked and see if my face was perfect, but you know the answer.
– found out Jessica Chua is married.
– some random blog reader made my day.

– went bazzzoook with my friends DVD’s that i got from the jumble sale.
– wrote 50 things you should know abt me
joined ADP. first day at orientation. new place, new people. (never knew it would end this way)
– fell in love with more bags! haha
– watched some crappy chow on IMAX with sidney
– found out the true colours of studying psychology
– was darn stressed out about assignments and stuff. HAHA
– chatted with mr. G. my fave lecturer turned friend.
stopped posting at blogspot due to some reasons. i freaked out. haha
– made my magazine with my groupmates. first ever magazine, edited and produced by moi. thank you. im so proud of it.

– i was with ADPSC – organized and attended Summer Variety Concert at college.
– i made and got my new specs, loving it until now!
– i got a new dog!!!!timtamboy…i officially made July 8th’s Timtamboy‘s birthday because of his official arrival to my house. i love my timtamboy!
made notebooks to sell, but no one wanted. haha
– ate swensons ice creamfor the first time with Sidney.

– went to penang for st anne’s feast. visited my nephews.
– fell in love with the o.c. series.
– whole of malaysia was wearing masks, including me.
– made my little portfolio of my layouts, in case anyone wants to see. haha
– started semester 2 in college. never knew it would end this way either.
– i blogged at Berjaya times Square. HAHA
– the most important win of the year, iPod shufle!

– started yoga classes!:) yay…but still so fat and not flexible!:P
– organized my first and last YAC gathering
– phan shean left.
– was obsessed with the o.c. still am.
– met up with Lavena and tk, reinforced old friendships. i turned 19. got my first ever own domain and hostings from sidney.…yummy

– was all stressed about college work and i quit the american flyer.
met some stars at the RAGE event.
– i decided that i wanted to exercise. lasted for a day.
organized and had fun at Fright Night. ADP’s very own hallowee party.
– finally got my new camera! Casio Exilim…been doing loads of photography with my baby.
– decided to make my old photos digital!

– met up with my form 2 tuition friends in Nisha’s place for Deepavalli.
– was darn stressed about college work..
– dad got a Canon Powershot and i touched a snake!:) hahahaha.
– took a really nice picture by playign with the manual controls of my camera.
– WWE star, Eddie died in november.
– went for my first ever expansive haircut. but it was free! thats when i met Sherreen!:) love the hair product they used on me…
– presented in my first ever research colloqium. sucked so bad. haha. i need some skills.
– went for Raya celebrations and makan at amelia’s..
– darn stressed because of the workload.
– took some really nice shots with my camera…im so syok sendiri, but it was really nice!!:)

– the worst month of the year. funny how one incident can change the whole perception on life.
– wrote about world aids day.
exams sucked. really.
– went for my reunion. ex 3B 2001.
finished exams..and realised something.
– realised that someone some people hated me.
– had a blast wit my new found close mates. went out many times with them!
– went out wit Lea too.:)
– missed Rock the World 6. damn!!
– went to Sabah.

done! finally!!:) i took so long! hehee.

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