not sleeping over anymore

yeah, you saw the biggest “prank”


will give out no details more. please COME!!it’ll be fun!:)

i just watched oc 318 without watching 317.

was too desperate to watch something. and my brother lost all my recent downloads. ugh. my computer went on a major change of HDisk. we bought an external one, 200GB, like whoaa! and a brand spanking new monitor. now my screen is clearer, and it does not spoil the eyes! hehe.

must download all over again!

including your 316, elaine! 🙁

so sowiiee…

the photostat people at the shop on top of main block is so nice! so friendly!hehe.

the printing people at the frame shop are NOT nice. not friendly at all.

i think the name Sadie is just so sad!:) haha.

HELP U C is OVERPOPULATED, please don’t come to HUC anymore, ok? thanx.


Random pictures…






no mood.

bad bad crappy day. ugh.

im lonely and sad. i need something. or someone. or just a hope.

just edited hazel‘s layout. dun feel like doing anything else 🙁

i feel like a sore loser.

i was wishing for the lightning to strike me today while i was in the car. there were massive lightning today. very pretty to see, but damn scary.

Kirk Franklin’s ‘imagine me’ helped me go through this. haha. funny how God works. i love God.

going. to. sleep. now.

luckily i dun feel suicidal, if not i will prob be in the last few pages in the newspaper tmr.

haha. life sucks!:)

imagine me

today i had this conversation with Shu Wei (i think?) and Justin about the turnout of the ADPSC April Fool’s Sleepover Party.

Shu Wei: a lot of people said they don’t wanna come because they have church events.
Karen: Really? but its on a friday night till sat, not sunday!:)
Shu Wei: Are you christian?
Karen: (ofcoz, immediately, i said, NO. *in my head i’m catholic la duhh, i always distinguish between catholic and christians*) no. So whats up on sunday, its not even easter yet!
Shu Wei: its a Catholic thing.
Justin: wonder i don’t know anything about it.
Karen: Whats up on Sunday?
Shu Wei: Its Palm Sunday!
Karen: Do catholics celebrate Palm Sunday on Fridays and Saturdays? *blur*
Shu Wei: Well, some churches have camps!:)
Karen: *face palms* Ohhh, kaysss…

HAHA. damn malu. i don’t even know this Sunday’s Palm Sunday! *-_-

owh well. i need friends like that to remind me 🙂

i printed out damn alot of past journals to bury my head in tmr. *DIE* so much to do, so little time!:(

i NEED to finish my design at least by Wednesday. then do business from thursday onwards. haihs. DIE LA really.

owh, did you read the previous post? its one damn lame thingy i found on friendster bulletin!

really, damn lame wan. i wonder who created this chain letters thingy. this one became damn lame, the creator of chain letters also will laugh his/her ass off. hehe.

read on!:)

i gtg sleep. planning to wakey early tmr to get parking space and read some stuff. sheeshh..

omg, lameness

got this from Friendster Bulletin.

Message: Don’t stop reading this or
happen to you in exactly 5 hours and 22
is extremely freaky. Be careful what you

During a thunderstorm …

Beth: Hey Ben! Sup?
Ben: Uhhh … nothing much about to go
to a
party …
haha you?
Beth: Haha nice … uhhh just staying in
for the
Ben: I have this huge favor to ask you …
Beth: Yeah … what?
Ben: Can you please come over and
watch my
brother for me? I won’t be able to go if no
watches him.
Beth: Ughh … well ….
Ben: Please Beth!
Beth: *Sighs* Alright. I’ll be over in a few

A few minutes later, Beth arrives at Ben’s

Ben: Hey, thanks so much!
beth: Hehe. No problem. By the way, you
Ben: Thanks! Anyways, here’s my
number. Call
about an hour and tell me how
everything is, okay?
Beth: Alright, bye!

Then Ben left. Beth headed over to Ben’s

Beth: Hey sport!
John: Hi Beth … I’m really scared …
Beth: Awww … don’t be. I’m here. Lets
turn on

As Beth walked over to the T.V. , the
went out. John freaked out and screamed!

Beth: John, it’s okay. I have a flashlight.
Hold on,
second. Darn it! The flashlight doesn’t
Uhmmm … okay, okay, lets go up to your
room. I think he has an extra one.
John: *mumbles* okay.

As Beth and John headed up towards
they heard a creepy laughter that brought
their spines.

John: *screams* What was that?!
Beth: John stop doing that. Let me call
and ask where the flashlight is.
John: But I didn’t … *Johns voice started
to fade
away …*
Beth: Hey Ben! How’s the party?
ben: Good, thanks! Listen I got to go. Can
I call
5 minutes?
Beth: Sure. But where’s the flashlight in
Ben: Oh, uhmmm … it’s under my bed, to
left. I

Beth walks over to Ben’s bed and screams.

Beth: Oh my God!
ben: What happened?!
beth: Oh, hahah. Nothing, I didn’t know
you had a
clown statue in your bedroom. It scared
me half
death Especially the bloody knife on its
hand. It
so real! Where did you get it? Did you get
it at
Halloween store?
Ben: Beth … I don’t have a clown statue
in my

The line quickly goes dead. Ben started
raced home as fast as he can. When he
ran into his bedroom, where Beth and
Ben were
where to be seen. He saw his brother
lying on his

Ben: *rolls his eyes and said to himself* I
Beth would play such an awful trick on

He went and sat down at his computer
and pulled
myspace. He went into his myspace
account and
checked his bulletins. I noticed that he
had a
new friend. The profile picture was a
face. That made him freak out a bit.
Then he saw
the mysterious clown friend had posted a
called “Clowning Around”. Ben opened
the bulletin
started to read it. This was the same
bulletin that
saw last night! He got freaked out and

Trembling, he got in his bed, next to his
kissed his cheek good night.

Ben: You can sleep here with me tonight,

Suddenly, the figure in the bed turned to

Clown: Now its your turn.

Ben let out a high pitch screamed and
the clown
him. After the job was done, the clown
threw Ben
under the bed along with Beth and John.

If you don’t repost this in the next 10
clown will appear by your bed tonight,
sleeping and the same ending will
happen to you.
When you repost this name it your
schools name.
This isn’t a joke


long overdue adey!from Denise

Four jobs you have had in your life:

1. giving out flyers for domino’s!:) the one and only job i had!
2. Student
3. family member
4. bbds 🙂

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Sister Act 2
2. My best friend’s wedding
3. George of the jungle
4. Dennis the menace

Four places you have lived:
1. Taman Nanyang, Jinjang
2. Taman Sri Kepong Baru, Kepong Baru
3. Bandar Baru Selayang, Fasa 2B, Selayang
4. Taman Petaling, Kepong Baru

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. America’s Next Top Model
2. The OC
3. Friends
4. Desperate Housewives

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. KK, Sabah
2. Singapore
3. Redang and Tioman and Langkawi and Pangkor
4. Genting? haha

Four websites I visit daily:
2. blogspot and lj friends page
3. gmail
4. random sites.

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Italian. carbonara. yums
2. Chinese. i love chinese food
3. Anything to do with potatoes
4. Chocolates

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. with bbds at his house:)
2. on vacation at some exotic beach, prob in hawaii
3. on the 29th of April at KPD at 4pm.
4. shopping at beverly hills with cash!

Seven friends who I have tagged that I think will respond:
1. Amelia
2. Lainey Belainey
3. Wing Sun
4. Karen Lee
5. Maria Elena
6. LP Shean
7. Sidney

**i doubt anyone will respond! hahahahahah..

new layout, yo!

owh ya, the new layout is done by

pnk bttrfly lyt credit

to Wingsun and KarenLee and Hazel and those using my layout!:)
i need to edit your layouts, cos i found a small mistake in my layout that makes the links ugly, its fixed in my new layout. so yeah, please ask me to change them when you see me online*…:)

*terms and conditions apply!(HAHA!)
only if i’m free la k?

OMG, im in love with this song!

Imagine Me ——Kirk Franklin

Imagine me loving what I see when the mirror looks at me cause I, I imagine me.

In a place, of no insecurities and I’m finally happy cause I imagine me.

Letting go of all of the ones who hurt me cause they never did deserve me, can you imagine me.

Saying no to thoughts that try to control me, remembering all you told me, Lord can you imagine me?

Over what my momma said, and healed from what my daddy did and I wanna live and not read that page again.

Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally, finally I can imagine me, I admit it was hard to see you being in love with someone like me, finally I can imagine me.

Imagine me

Being strong and not letting people break me down, you won’t get that joy this time around. Can you imagine me?

In a world, in a world nobody has to live afraid, because of your love, it’s gone away, can you imagine me.

Letting go of my past and glad I have another chance and not hard to dance cause I don’t have to read that page again.

(Repeat Chorus 2x’s)

Kirk talks:
This song is dedicated to people like me, those that struggle with insecurities, acceptance and even self esteem, you never felt good enough, you never felt pretty enough but imagine God whispering in your ear letting you know that everything that has happened is now.

Gone, Gone, Its’ Gone, All Gone
Repeat 8

Kirk’s remarks
( Um It’s All Gone. Every Sin, Every Mistake, Every Failure Its’ All Gone!
Depression Gone By Faith It’s Gone
Low Self Esteem, Halleluiah Its Gone, All Gone,
It’s Gone All My Scars All My Pain It’s In The Past , Its’ Yesterday Its’ All Gone( Can’t Believe Its’ Gone) What Your Mother Did, What Our Father Did, Halleluiah (Its’ Gone All Gone Oh Whoa))

Oh na-na-na
Oh na-na-na-na-na-na
Repeat 3 X’s
Oh na-na-na-na-na-na

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