omg, this weird-o from msn added me.

then i said hi, he replied,


HAHA, do you remember asl? age, sex, location!!!! hahahha.

aaahh..MIRC days. i miss those days. haha.

i sent my ERB to my tutor. hope she checks it asap.

i shall start on my MC101 paper now, ta!:)


finish ERB, finish ERB, finish ERB.

i just need the questionnaire from Pia and the IV’s from Row.

fyi, ERB= Ethics Board Review. They must approve my experiment before i can start my experiment.

my research is going to be interesting, in my opinion la.

gtg study religion. i’m so going to fail, OMG!


bye muacks!:)

remember, remember the twentythird of june. 23rd June 2006

long time no see

i’ve been busy

procrastinating + researching

i’ve finally going to finalize my ERB form and pass up by thursday!:) HEHE.

i found all the questionnaires by myself, thank you!:) i’m glad im so hardworking to make things happen. if not i can kiss my grades goodbye.
i really am!🙂 heehee.


there are SO many things that i wanna blog about.

i met sidney for lunch today. ate yums vegan economic rice


few days ago, i saw an injured monkey on the road. SO POOR THING OK!!! i dunno who to call, who do i call if i see an injured animal? SPCA? BOMBA? poor monkey. i hope he makes it.


so the sign up sheets for research are up. One of it says, “This experiment is for CHINESE ONLY” so i asked myself, am i chinese too? or am i indian?

what do you think?

most of y’all will answer that i’m more indian (like duh, the skin colour. everyone judges you by your skin colour anyways, and i’m forced to write “india” in my bangsa/race section in all formal documents)

but what if i’m like the same person, but only much fairer, would you say i’m indian too?

i’m in between. not chinese or indian. i can never get along with both extremes. altho i claim im more chinese than indian cos i speak the language, i don’t really think so, come to think of it. its just the language. i’d like to think that i’m not indian nor chinese, i’m malaysian, thank you.

does all mix-parentage kids feel the same way too? or is it just me?


went for Col. Goh’s (the DSA guy) farewell party. I don’t really know him well. i’m a new prez and i’ve never worked with him before, but then again, i know he approves of all of our events. and i am grateful for that!:) loud old man, but young at heart!:) nice man!:)


i look like i got a lot of parking tickets. Everyone will somehow choose me to ask for parking tickets in the car park! sheeeshh.


dumdeedum. i hope TK comes to HUC! hhhahahahaha.


ps is sick. poor fella.


i was so angry today! OMG! but i kept my cool.


i’m watching full house season2 now. 🙂


Uncle Jesse

i wanna marry john stamos in the 80’s!

(lemme rephrase that)

i wanna marry uncle jesse (from the show)!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*licks finger and touches picture* psssst…this man is hot! (DJ Tanner, 1987)

*drool worthy*

the pictures does not do any justice, watch Full House!:)

psych talk

i just had an hour of psych talk with Hon Wai. it was fun!:) we talked about things that only a psych student/psychologist would understand!:) hahahha.

before that i was talking to Alvin about birthdays.

do you celebrate your birthdays?

editing pictures now. dum dee dum.

i’m super not panic about my research methods. i really dunno why. i should die. cos its panic time.

i doubt we’ll make this week’s dateline. so its FINAL FINAL WEEK ADEY! DIEDIEDIE!


pictures from that night:
group picture!:)

Ps actually took about 5 shots, cos i din look nice! hahha. lucky one of it turned out fine!:)

i had to desaturate it because the coloured one was too dark!
do you like my brushes? its so pretty huh? *credit to deviant art brush makers!*

and finally, the husband and wife..hehe. see the pretend drinking thing? hahahha. pose also never pose properly! hahahah.


i met ps, finally! after a year. it’was fun. but din get to chat much cos we went out with Lea, Joyce and Gaithri. I’m not close to Joyce and Gaithri. so yeah, a bit weird la.

but twas FUN! we were talking and gossipping after ps left to see Jonathan, Simon, Jayee and Chang Weng. we stopped by their football watching table too. then we had ice cream.

and came back. Pictures later. i’m too lazy to edit. besids, its 1227. i need to sleep!:)

its so nice seeing Lea and Ps after so long. Still the same. we talked about the same things. thinking back, updating ourselves with whats new…but its like their first time coming back from overseas, so the conversation was mostly “how was it there…” Joyce and me were just listening…haha..both of us still here!:) Just like how when i met up with KarenLee and Wingsun..haha. this time was UK and Australia.

i mis them already.

i’m definitely seeing Lea again, The Curve this Sunday??

ps will be gone by then. byeee..:) msn you soon.

soon Lav will be gone. Tk also will get a new Uni placement soon…

i just hope our friendship lasts till we are grey and wrinkled
even if it is going yam cha once in a while 🙂


so interesting…


*clickie* *clickie* *clickie* *clickie* *clickie* *clickie* *clickie* *clickie*

in a nutshell, these people, who apparently hate scientologist, explains what is scientology. *clickie* its damn hillarious

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