awesome-ess pictures

omg, i love this person’s photo gallery!:)

he/she takes such pretty pictures…check it out!

Stillleben: Erdbeermilch


project going to Jasmine’s house delayed. she’s still out. owh well. i shall continue making ugly layouts for my magazine.

i was telling Sidney that day: i wonder why do some people come to college….i mean, if you wanna skip classes, don’t study (or attempt to), do badly in exams, do shitcrappycrap assignments, why would you even pay RM1000+ per subject and fail it like every other semester? WHY EVEN COME TO COLLEGE!! i’m not discriminating against the not-so-good academically, at least they try to do good work and study for tests and exams, even if they don’t do well.

shit, someone called, and i lost my words to continue rambling..haha. owh well.

dumdeedum. i bought this new CLEAR anti dandruff shampoo. hehe. it us very cooling and ncie to use! :))

on a random note:

i’m “appearing offline” on msn. i just don’t want to talk to some people. pissed me off last night. i really don’t know if i can’t get along with them anymore…. i have to take in so much shit from them, particularly one person. but owh well, life goes on. ramble ramble also nothing will happen.
just so irresponsible and childish.

end random note…

btw, i made a total of 3 sales on dreamstime!:) hahahha. damn happy adey!need to take more pictures from now on…:)


if you’re free, please come k? its only RM4….


tmr is officially MC101 day!:(

i made 2 pages adey! yayness!:) i’m on a roll. need to do the real writing on Word tmr(i have the written on paper draft!), before i head to Jasmine‘s house…i hope we can do it!:) considering its going to be both of us only. i hope others did their part.

got to sleep now.

HUC stopped subscribing to Proquest!!!!!:( how sad…

its Rowena’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROW!:)

happy anniverssary bloggie

on july 2003, i experimented with blogs. signed up on SO MANY blogs. blogspot, tblog, blog-city, xanga…and so many more.experimented on so many blogs…. i made a blog here at blogspot then abandoned it and blogged at  tblog and blogcity. then i came back here after signing up for livejournal. haha.

from then on, i had 2 blogs that i maintain…lj and here. (and also all the other misc blogs la! everyone who knows me, knows i have tons of account everywhere!)

my first attempt to making a layout..

then it was my life without colours

i loved this layout loads!:)

owh well, happy anny bloggy:)


Serena thinks i’m a mass comm major.

then i asked her what makes her think so, she said cos i’m outgoing and all.


me? outgoing?

maybe cos i’m always doing SC things. i really did not know Psychology majors are not supposed to be diversed. haha. i really wanna go along the line with being a tutor and stuff. be all studious. be with the “smart” gang. you know, but somehow i don’t think i’ll fit in there! haha. maybe i shall become a tutor next sem. heehee. thats what i always say, but fail to do wan!:)


gtg do lit review..bye bye

short update


my mum cooked today!:)

so i’m all full and satisfied.

enjoy some pictures. taken by lavena’s camera

blek 034
double chin alert…haha. but owh well, this picture is nice.

blek 042
princess lav and me.

blek 052
tk and me

blek 058
lav was camwhoring, i sibuked.

blek 061
us in the car at some park at manjalara. hehe.

blek 062
lookie, my messy hair!:)

thats all. listening to Riki’s new song. nice.

did i mention? im learning guitar now..bwahahahahhahaha… we’ll see how long that lasts!:)


i wanna learn spanish!!:)

i heard Sheryl speak to this spanish guy from my college, and it was so amusing! she went on and on speaking spanish…i was in awe. haha.
seriously, i wanna take up another language…just for the fun of it.

they’re offering french next semester! i hope Sheryl takes it with me, then i will have someone to talk to!:) hehe.

alrights gtg back to researching. im doomed, you know!:)

i’m not done yet. can die lor…


people nowadays…

_deleted post again_

hope the turnout’s alright for the SVC. its RM 4. damn cheap! anyone wanna come or donate?

call me!

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