Purply flower : )

a few days ago, i cooked a meal for my brother and me. guess what was on the menu?


i was so teror k!!:)

here’s how it looks like.


Nice leh??

HAHAHAHHAHAHA. it was from a box. frozen food. just fry it. hahahaha. the Fish tasted OK, the chicken was bad.

OK, so on the 30th, my family went out and eat at this new chinese food place. when i say chinese, it means really from china wan. cos the menu says so! and the manager said the cook is from CHina. haha.

drool-worthy. tasted OK, not bad only.


When we came back, dad took the dog for walk. and he came back with a hole on his nose!!!! he fought with the neighbour’s dog through the gate. the neighbours dog bit him. poor tamboy!!:(


see his bengkak nose?

So, this morning, we took him to the Vet. he loves car rides!


doc gave him a jab on his thigh, some medications. i hope he’s doing fine. :/

after the visit to the vet, i went to eat Pizza with sidney. it was fun. 🙂 went to carrefour after that. tasted all the free food. hahahaha.

i’m super broke btw, i hope my dad gives me money soon. haihs. if he never gimme money for the weekend, i can die of hunger lorr since my parents are going to Penang.



what a cute picture!:) i love.

so anyways, i came back and finished my lab report. its about 44 pages+ appendix!!! can die trying to staple it. maybe i’ll just bind it. easier to read then. hmmm.

gtgsleep now

tmr got that Catholic Students Network thingy. should i go? or not?

Selamat hari merdeka!

Wednesday 23: MC101 presentation
Thursday 24: PY301 Mock presentation

Saturday 26: Research coloqium
Wednesday 30: Research colloqium review due

Friday 01: PY301 Lab report due

Monday 11: MC110 & RE101
Wednesday 13: MC101
Thursday 14: PY301

I’m still doing my lab report. im such a lazy ass person.

promise a full blog post (with pictures) when i’m done!:)

the blog looks so empty now.


purple purple

inspired by elaine loke.

i made a purple layout.

nice or not?

i still find there’s something wrong with it. OWH WELL. shall change later.

for now, i need to start on my lab report.

i’ve been so procrastinating, can die lor!:(


Sidney FINALLY has boradband at his place!:)



i’ve been presenting so much this semester, that i’m beginning to be immune to it already. not nervous anymore.

but the major of all major one is on saturday!:(

Psychology Colloqium.

just hope all things goes well.

my MC101 lecturer loved my presentation!! hahahah. ok, no he din say he loved my presentation, he said he was impressed with the content of our work.

im so proud of Jasmine and Me. AHAHHA.

this isprobably the first time any lecturer said they were impressed. haha.

i hope i get a really good grade for this paper.

dum dee dum.

i want a new layout for my blog. its too boring adey seeing the same white background. i want sth more colourful.

shit, i’ve been using powerpoint so much that i keep on pressing ctrl-s to save it. i just did it just now. hahahhaa.

i’ve been abandoning my camera lately. need to start taking pictures. . . . .

alrights. gtg bathe and probably start doing some stats work. stats quiz tmr. byebyebye

Tv series

Prison Break (Fox, second season premieres August 21)

The O.C. (Fox, fourth season premieres November 2)

Lost (ABC, third season premieres October 4)

Grey’s Anatomy
(ABC, third season premieres September 21)

One Tree Hill (CW, fourth season premieres September 27)

whoaaaa, can’t wait!!!:)


Psychology Colloqium

Session 5: Track B (Lecture Hall 1.2)
Slots left:
I want to sign up for this session.

Men’s Impressions Of Women Who Are Attractive, Intelligent, And Who Initiate Dates

Presenters: Rowena Theodore, Amelia Rashid, Melody Peters, Karen Marie, Suresh Arasaratnam
Presenters’ Class: Research Methods (PY301)


look, 0 slots left. why must winnee put us as after lunch. normally people would come after lunch, when they wake up late…now the whole room gonna be so full and makes me even more nervous. dayymmmm..

anyways, i’m more worried about my mock presentation with Winnee than the real colloqium presentation!:(

winnee is scary!! really…

hmmm…..shall see how tomorrow goes. need to wake up early and do some editing and preparation for both mass comm and RM.


i wrote a blog entry this afternoon.



i’m so stressed.

i’m sad and stressed. i so wanna do well for RM. and i keep on screwing up. how nice. 🙁

i’m damn annoyed too. at myself. for screwing up.

i’m hungry too. no wireless. sucks even worst. can’t get some comfort from the internet. i know, damn lame, rely on the internet.
so not cool. but i do find comfort on the net.

thanx for everyone’s concern abt my depression-state over the weekend. i am OK now, i think.

i’m damn worried about my presentation and its only like what, 3%?

but noooooooooo, its so much more than that. its winnee’s impression of me..there goes my A and my chance of becoming a tutor.

i’ll still apply this time. i promise!:)

need to get the form. and this time, must send in. but can i cope? tutor and ADPSC President? maybe i will quit being a president?
next sem. and become tutor.


become tutor later. in january when i quit ADPSC.

im confused. i dunno if i can cope this week. its too hard. haihs. i need rest but i can’t!
its hard being the “one people rely on to get things done and assigns things if not nothing will happen” for two groups.

i wish Jasmine would take over being the one who assigns things for MC101. i can’t do it anymore!!:( all my smses and emails only will annoy people further.



im hungry. but im too lazy to decide where to eat. but if i don’t eat now, i will just die cos my hands are already shaking.

i need to go get some food. but dunno where.

maybe i shall indulge in Sanfranciscocoffee today. cos i really need some indulgence. and some pampering. haih…

damn noisy here, can die kinda noisy. why can’t everyone just keep quiet…

i think i’m going to faint if i dont eat soon. gtg la.

eat. will be back later. cos there’s no wifi.




so i just ate sanfrancisco sandwich. not exactly indulging, cos i still hear voices from around me as i ate with my Ribena mobile.

15 minutes more till i meet irina for MANOVA tutorial. Irina is so helpful. i love her. haha. without her, my MANOVA would be really crappy.
She is also making sure my mock presentation goes well with Winnee.

my life sucks this week. stress giler.

i just saw all my due dates for everything.

Wednesday 23: MC101 presentation
Thursday 24: PY301 Mock presentation
Saturday 26: Research coloqium
Wednesday 30: Research colloqium review due
Friday 01: PY301 Lab report due

Monday 11: MC110
: RE101
Wednesday 13: MC101
Thursday 14: PY301

anything else? owh yea, the freaking stress that comes along with it!:)


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