i am blogging. nonsensical stuff ofcourse!:)

anyways, GuanLim asked me to make an excel spreadsheet to control my spending. Not that he really asked me to cos he sibuk la! but i asked him how to save money, cos once he blogged about saving money!:) heehee. and now, i’m on a plan to only spend RM8 per day!:) if lebih, next day must even it by spending less. hehe. i’m ALMOST on track today! paid RM4 for charity, so tak kira la! hehe. and 4.50 for lunch. i should bring my own water, then can minus some costs on food!:) i managed to plus and minus with excel!:) hahaha. i need to take CS101 to teach me more. the only Office thing that i dunno how to handle!:) heehee.

omg, its 944, i need to start on my design! i guess tonight will be a loooonnnnggg night! i still dunno what to do for my front cover!!!!:(

how now brown cow?

any ideas?

owh, btw, my blog is back! with an old layout. 2005.haha. i loved this layout. WingSun and KarenLee loved it too, so i made a “tutorial” on how to do the swirly thingy. hehehhee. i was so lame.

fyi, my ipod shuffle died. haih. need to do the troubleshoot stuff later this week to revive it. i want my ipod!! even if its only a shuffle. its FREE ok!!! speaking of “dying” things, my RM10 watch died too. 🙁 sucks. now i don’t have a watch. and i can’t live without a watch! shall try. cos i donwanna spend on a watch and my parents won’t buy me one. sheesh. now i need new mp3 player somemore.

thats why i have a financial guru. and a plan to save money! if all goes well, by next year, i can save money adey! that is if my dad gives money in december la. if not i won’t be able to keep up. hmmm…

i need money.

anyways, i wanna go do my pages! byebye


my is back on track! i was super sad okay!:( i thot it won’t work anymore. i revert my layout to normal already. so now, you see a green blogspot layout. hehe. will make a new one soon 🙂 for now, let’s enjoy blogspot’s layout. hehe.

hmmm….maybe i’ll change it soon. hehe. looks so not me!:p and the comments and stuff…i might consider changing to with my own domain. see how la. Mr. Tan hosts his blogspot on his own domain, maybe i shall do that too 🙂 Inbam offered me something, but somehow his offer at Selltrade seems more feasible and more worth it. dum dee dum…

what do you think? (i have this collegemate, her name is serena in. this domain would so fit her…hahaha. (i still own this one. cos they said its unavailable. either renew or dunno what)

so sorryy for not updating, its not me, blame streamyx and i could write posts, just could not publish it..HAHA. The only pages that i could surf and it actually loads is so i downloaded SO MANY pictures of flowers, pretty colors and stuff for my design. i still have 2 more black and white pages and a cover page.
i went to class today. reached college at 745. class was at 830. and finished at 9! like WHOA. wasting time and petrol only!!! half hour class. how nice! so i’m back now. its 1033am. so early. i should be sleeping now. but i shall refrain and start studying my Interviewing Chapters.

there’s this chinese temple near my house’s padang and they’re having some celebration/makan/concert thing. The whole padang is covered with a stage and tables and chairs and huge jossticks. Now i hear lion dance song being played. hehe.

i should go do something useful. like my technical paper. owh wait, i wanted to study! hehe. byebye

streamyx SUCKS!

Oct. 28th, 2006 at 2:04 PM

while my internet is up, i’d better write first!:/

sucks la the connection! so, sorry if you’ve messaged me and did not recieve my replies, because, i did reply, just that msn does not send it through!:(

anyways, my holidays was boring(since there was no connection and my mum did not buy an oven, and i also did not study!), i stayed at home and did nothing! haha. yesterday i went out wit my mum for a movie and makan. nice. i dun hav to spend money! muahahhahaha.

watched World Trade Center. nice.

my mum bought the aromatheraphy thingy…and the scent is Lavender. OMG, the moment i smelled it, it reminded me of my first few months with Sidney, cos he always lit aromatheraphy candles in his room and it always smelt super nice! and he even puts lavender thingy in his cupboard, and it always smells super nice. *smiles* (he is not into lavender now….hahaha) now i wanna get one for my room…:)

i’m going to Maria’s house for open house!:) bye


came back from Maria’s Open house! her house is nice!:) had a great time eating and temaning sidney before and afterwards.:)

OMG, OC season 4 start already?? i thot nov 2nd? NEED. TO. FIND. OUT!

Phuket 2006

finally, i’ve edited and uploaded pictures!:) muahahhaha…enjoy… it will definitely steal your bandwidth…

i think got abt 50+ photos. so here goes…:)

Phuket Day 1


Phuket’s Simon Cabaret Show…fyi, ALL the show girls were once guys and had penis..:p


Phuket Day 2Phi Phi Island Tour..


Phuket Day 2 – Night at Patong Beach/ Bangla Road


Phuket Day 3 – Out and about around Phuket town


Phuket Final Day!




Playlist shuffled….

and i’m writing it down..:) this is going to be super random! as you can see, im super bored, ASTRO’s hanging thanx to the rain, my dog’s super scared of dunno what! and i’m alone at home. ugh. bored.bored.bored!maybe i should study!:)

  1. Micheal Jackson – The Girl is mine
    Micheal just rocks, what can i say? hehe. i miss him. you know, i had a chance of seeing his show back in 1998, but my stupid school HAD TO have exams, so my parents said no! omg, i was so devastated okay!!!
  2. Destiny’s Child – Spread a little love on Christmas
    Destiny’s child were awesome! too bad they broke up.They were really good okay! i mean Beyonce is all good and all, but her stuff are getting a bit stale! i can’t wait for christmas…its deepavali today! HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!!:) ESP to Miss Paru!:) everyone, well not everyone, Pia smsed me today wishing me Happy Deepavalli. i told Sidney yesterday, that i wished i celebrated Deepavalli, cos then, i would get a whole set of new wardrobe, some money from dad, as i always get during CNY and Christmas! hahaha.
  3. Micheal Jackson – Rockin Robin
    rockin robin…..micheal as a kid. i guess i have too much of micheal’s song on my playlist that the third shuffle song was him again! haha. this is one super feel good song.
  4. Planet Shakers ’02 – Reflector
    This was one of the SUPER MANY SONGS i downloaded for YAC’s super concert!:) which failed terribly, no thanx to some people.
    OWH, btw, to all YAC-ians, Aunty Marge and Uncle Ben emailed me. they e=invited us to a concert at TTDI. Wanna go? HAHA. three YACians that actually read my blog, well, Hazel’s in S’pore, Oliver’s in US, and Roberta is here! wanna go roberta? hehe. A lot of christians love planet shakers. hehe. well, i also first heard of this band when i was hanging out with my CIMPians friends who were christians!:) hehe. i still love Kirk Franklin better! haha. owh, and mercy me is good too. i wish i had such strong drive in me to serve God as my friends…
  5. The Reindeer Section – Cartwheels
    Music from the OC rocks. i miss the OC…i may eb watching loads of serials now, but OC is still my fave! maybe because i secretly wanna live like they do! haha. have the capacity to buy pretty clothes and drive convertibles!:) hehe..ofcoz, i miss Seth Cohen!:) and i can’t belive Marissa left the OC!! i really wonder what will happen next!
  6. Anastasia soundtrack – At the begining
    I loved this song so much from watching Anastasia at Disney Channel! hehe. if i’m not mistaken, at my Leo Installation, we sang this song? Amelia was on stage singing with her friends to encourage everyone else to sing…am i right? or was it another song? hehe…i miss Leo Club…i remember during meetings, the President, and two other BOD members had to sit infront. and once or twice i sat in front with Woei Chii who was the one who chose me to be IT Director. i must say, i did a pretty good job, i made a website from scratch okay!!! when i was in form 4…hehehe.
  7. 911 – Party people…friday night
    OMG, who can forget 911!!! okay, many can, but i definately can’t!! they were the first boyband i ever liked! hehe…i remember watching Don’t Make Me wait on tv, seeing Lee brennan and falling in love with him with Jes, my cousin. hahahha. omg, we had to eat so much Nestle ice cream (i forgot what’s it called) cos we went to get the Free tickets from Galaxie Magazine. and we finally had tickets and we went to Sunway Pyramid to watch them! it was my first ever time being crushed with all other 911 fans in a carpark just to get to level 10 to watch them!! hhaha. i had so much fun at the concert!!!!:) after that, it was boyband after boybbands with Lea! haha. i miss those times….
  8. Nat King Cole – Smile
    I was introduced to Nat King Cole by Sidney! he bought me his CD and i was hooked! i listen to him everyday in the car! hehehe. i wonder where’s that CD now. should be somewhere in my car. but i really like NKC…its very soothing and nice, makes you just wanna relax and sleep…
  9. Jem – They
    i downloaded this song because of “Wish I” by jem. i loved that song, so i decided to get all the songs by Jem!:) Don’t you think that there’s one part where it goes something like “Jong,Jong, inai….” like the old song we used to sing at Pengakap/Scout Camps. “Jong Jong Inai, mak ipung rajawali” HAHAHAHAH something like that laa….hahah. i miss being a scout. owh wait, lemme rephrase that, i miss being a scout in my primary school! it ws super fun as err, my friend and i were like our scout teacher’s pet! muahahahahha. She’s married now, Jessica Chua. We had so much fun then…
  10. wet wet wet – love is all around
    this was waaaayyy back man..i think when i was in standard 2/3 this song came out..1993…My school had a school trip to Pulau Pangkor and we listened to NOW, thats what i call music-1 in the bus and this song was on it…it was my first ever school trip and my parents came with us! they did not come on the bus with us, but they followed behind the bus. i ws standard 3 okayy!! they were like a chaperon la. hahah. i sneaked in their hotel room the next day anyways!:p haha. i had so much fun! we had so much pictures too!

  11. Christmas Songs – Christmas Time is Here
    ok, this is an instrumental. 🙂 NEXT
  12. Michael Jackson – Heal The World
    one of my all time favs!:) i remember singing this song in choir..since form 1 with Ms Tengku Aliza. hehe. she was one hip english teacher! i miss her. eventually, she became like any other teachers….not nice adey! hehe…i miss those time singing in a group…it doesn’t matter if you can sing well or not, as long as you sing well in a group. now, if i wanna join choir, must go audition all..i bet i won’t pass any audition…i miss choir!!!!! i miss going to practice every recess and eating with the “bitch club” afterwards. i mis skipping class because we had to practise for the next competition. i miss listening to constant nagging of miss Low S.N. asking us to buck up and practise and remember our words. i miss mr yong, our very gay voice coach. i miss going to Hazel’s house and crowding her house just to use her piano. i miss singing in front of the whole assembly of students. i miss wearing those hideous long skirts and ugly purple tops that was just super ugly. i wish i had taken pictures of me then! hehehe. we were super makcik looking okay! hehe.
  13. Adam sandler – the wedding singer volume 2 – I wanna grow old with you
    super funny song by Adam Sandler. i would so marry adam sandler! hehehhe. don’t you just love Adam Sandler? his movies are awesome and he makes super funny random songs. remember 50 first dates? he rocked in that too. owh and Big Daddy….

  14. High School Musical – troy and gabriella – Breaking free
    heehee, i like the songs from this movie! altho its a super “tween” movie and so not cool for a 20 year old to like these songs (cos people will look at you weirdly, you have to like cool-er bands to be a cool 20 year old!) but who the heck cares, i love it..
  15. John Legend – Live it Up (featuring Miri Ben-Ari)
    Phan Shean asked me to listen to John Legend, and i was hooked. he sent me a huge file all the way from Northumbria! hahaha. i like john legend. esp his hit song, Ordinary People. i miss ps! hmm…i miss lavena too. She’s in Goa now partying with her indian friends. hehe. i so wish i can stay out of my home all the time. but then again, i would be so lonely when i stay out alone. i wouldn’t eb living out of country where there are other people living alone too, nor i would be living with friends, cos every friend of mine are overseas, i would be alone, sidney would be busy working already, no one to hang out with, or eat dinner with, there would not be ASTRO. omg, dowan to move out!
  16. Fine China – My Worst Nightmare
    Music from the OC again. this was one of the few songs that i never really liked and listen to, i usually skip it. hahaha.

  17. Pharell williams ft Gwen Stefani – Can i have it like that
    Pharell is super hot!:) hehe. i was watching this show on MTV,something to do with Pharell wan. Then i saw Lupe Fiasco on the show, the song was about Skate Boards and then i pieced it together! Pharell is skateboard P! hahaha. i first saw Lupe Fiasco on One Tree Hill when Lupe sang at Tric. i like the song.maybe it was produced by Pharell. Sounds Pharell-ey. hehe.
  18. Rogue Wave – Publish my love
    Music from the OC! i loved this song…during the music from the oc craze, i listened to this song over and over again! hehe. its a really lovely song.
  19. N’sync – This i promise you
    Miss Hazel asked me to download this song for her, if not i would not have a N’Sync song on my playlist! hahaha. i never liked n’sync! cos they were rivals to BSB. i love BSB! hehe.okay, last song, then im going to watch tv. omg, gilmore girls, i missed it again! hahah.
  20. High School Musical – troy and gabriella -Start of something new
    i love.

OK, bye bye now folks!:)

My current obsession

you know what i do when i feel bored, go to and look at pretty decorated cupcakes and cakes…

i’m offically a freak!:/


actually more of decorating cakes, than making them., but then again, you need a cake to decorate right? AHAHHAHAHa.

this is from Pastrycakes: she makes uber cool cakes!

this one is from helenaocake

super pretty!!!

ok photos are taking so long to load!:/

i think i wanna bathe and sleep!:) i’m bored!

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