new shoes!

went to watch “my mother is a belly dancer” today!
it is a really cool movie, but not for 14 year olds! Its about housewives who are being emotionally abused by their husbands, cheating on them, ignoring them, etc. Then they discovered belly dancing, and it helped them get through everything…at least that part of their lives. andy Lau made an appearance!:) his name was “Adila” or something like that! hahaha. so funny.

i bought a new shoe today!:) By sketchers..Its called “SKECHERS Sport Fusion shoes – Women’s Casual Shoes : Bikers – Sightsee” 40% Discount 🙂 love discounts. if only it was in black!

Looks like this:


i finally saw the candies at Mid Valley!:) hahaha

pretty candies!

anyways, Russell Peters is coming to MALAYSIA!!!!

its TRUE! omg, i can’t wait! *beams*

picture update

Elaine and I were at the curve that day, and we both got ourselves our name stickers for RM5! haha. its fun, and cheap. 100 stickers for 5 bucks!

okay, a bit waste of money la..ahhahaha, but its all good!

customary camwhore-pic. haha.


Elaine has been MIA on msn. Whereeeeee arrreeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu elaineeeeeeeee? i misssssssss youuuuuuuuuu!!

My friend, Sara got a job at Peake&Forrester…How cool, baru saja finish college, got job adey!and that company name is super cool! hahhaa.


Christmas Dinner at my Grandmother’s Sister’s place (my grandmother is mourning remember?) HAHA.
My cousin-Darryl, My Aunt-Sister Shanti (yes, she’s a nun!), Me, Cousin Joshua on my lap, Bother and Cousin James!:)

again…with my adorable cousins… 🙂
All the cookies i baked last week 🙂 come, come to my house to makan it all..cos im actually very sick of it already.

This one, i love!:) hahhaa. chocolate chip cupcakes!:) its so yummy i tell you! probably the best cupcakes i made so far! i didn’t ice it tho..i thought it was too mah fan…and its already so good by itself, i donwanna spoil it. haha.

merry christmas!

you know, how you always get annoying flash images in your friendster and myspace testimonials/comments part?

In friendster, i got “merry christmas” testis from like people i dont even see often! haha. they still have to go to my page to put a testi right? they don’t have mass testi feature, do they? haha.

anyways, i found this merry christmas one, so cute!

Since christmas is 12 days. here’s for day number 5!:) Merry Christmas Everyone!:)

Want one? Go to

it will only play once. don’t worry! haha.

my internship with the magazine is going to be almost over. I’ll continue working..i think. but i think she must re-think the pay system! i’m not gonna get paid measly amount for doing so much work. ok, the only “much” work i did was doing the website html.

This guy,Nash found my blog and added me on msn. hahaha. i do have random blog readers! muahhahaha.

anyways, im going for a movie tomorrow with Shermaine…

movies ain’t the same anymore 🙁 there’s a hole in me heart and i feel like i’m missing something in me…and the feeling sucks! imisshim.

untitled. haha

so today was spent by doing nothing basically.

i will bake cupcakes tomorrow. . feel like icing. i hope i have enough butter…but i dont think so. haha. and i probably will not have a car tomorrow…TK!!! wanna go grocery shopping again??


shall not bug his life.

today i did not work. DARN! one day of -RM30. sucks. i wanna work. work gives me money.

anyways, good thing gmail works! of not i will not be able to send my files. hehe.

Since i did not work today, i shall read a book..Little Altars Everywhere By Rebecca Wells. The same author of the Divine Secrets of the yaya sisterhood!:)

i edited some pictures. but flickr is not opening…sucks. oh, btw, i think you should all try the google documents thing. it comes really handy..ccos it loads up pretty fast! haha.


Big news of the day:

TGV is going to open at Jusco Metro Prima, KEPONG!
yes,yes…KEPONG. HAHA. i read it in CinemaOnline Forum. So, i’m not sure how true it is…

Second Big news of the day:

Internet is slow, caused by earthquake at Taiwan. ugh.

Third Big news of the day:

I’m currently doing a homepage layout on HTML for emmagem. how nice. and i don’t even have dreamweaver or what nots. i wanna get paid more for this man (i mean, do HTML also, not only Designing it?)…how do i ask boss? :/ sucks.

bye now…

Google Docs & Spreadsheet

geek moment!

i’m updating my blog from Google Docs & Spreadsheets! haha. i don’t even know if it will work, but there was a link on blogger, and i went to try it. It is like a rich text format thingy, where you can even edit HTML here. how cool. its like i can work on a normal document like in MS word, then just transfer to MSWORD. whoaaa.

Christmas mass was last night, and it was fun! seeing and wishing people i only see during christmas (or any other favourite celebration:Easter, Good Friday, etc)! haha. wishing and hugging and air kissing everyone. i met my old sunday school/YAC mates: Michelle, Victor, Louanne, Christopher, Patrick, Eugene, Hazel…….i miss them loads. we still have money from our YAC days. we were SUPPOSED to meet up and do smething together. but no one is planning anything. how sad… ):

HAHA.. ok, i’m gonna try a table..

Christmas Presents Recieved:

Person Present
Elaine Shopaholic T shirt + Lip Balm (haha, i knew what she was getting me like few weeks ago!:P)
Christina MNG Handbag! yay!(i love handbags!)
Aunty Linda Bracelett

Well, thats it!:p haha. my mother and father is not giving me any presents, unless i ask for it. like you know, when we’re shopping, “diiii, please buy for me this (*shows stuff with a pity face*), Christmas present!!!!” haha. it works most of the time, only this time, we did not go to any shopping mall together yet. haha.

funny all 3 who gave me any presents are non-christians:) hahaha. i find that so many of my non-christian friends are celebrating christmas full blast and i’m not. haha. i guess its because we have been always somewhere holidaying for christmas that we don’t know what to do when we’re at home. HAHA. We’ve been going for holiday almost every year since we got the Berjaya Vacation Club Thing.

Anyways, Thanx for all your comments on my dress. I wore it yesterday…White tube with Gold Belt. 😀 i felt so dressed up in church last night. but then again, everyone is so dressed up!! its christmas!! haha. at least mine was least dressed up. cos its just a black dress, cotton one somemore. some people wear such sparkly and shiny dress.

i was rearranging my digital photos a few days back, and hoo-boy, i looked really slim last time! muhahaha. wish i was in form 3 again!:p i’ll upload some of my old photos here, just for memories sake..:)

flickr is being an ass…i shall update later. since i’ll be’s working, brother is non existent (well at least i’m non existent to him), mum’s sleeping. what a day!:) bye people

its christmas!

just got back from mass 😀

Merry christmas everyone!:)

i need to finish up my Sabah Article today! hahaha…so much for a holiday! 😛 i’ve been procrastinating alot lately. i guess work = study = procrastination!

i guess i’d better finish it today, if i want to go out tomorrow. must visit people here and there. hahaha.

Riki just got back from the OC! super cool!! my brother’s going to California next year, i wanna go too!!!!! i’m bugging my mom to sponsor me to go. but i doubt i will get to go 🙁 maybe if i get multiple jobs, like continue working for Emmagem, then work for theworldofus also! muahhahaha. get loads of money (as if!) then i can go!:) hehe.

bye now!


So, i went on a shopping spree today! well, not exactly, i didn’t manage to buy shoes and accessories and a new handbag…but oh wells, i had fun shopping with Elaine!:)


lookie what i bought:

A julie cooper type of dress! hahaha. im so perasan okay. but what the heck, high self esteem is good.nice or not? its super red okay!!

Next, is the dress elaine and i bought. hahaha. its really pretty. (**ignore my heavy bottom area…its super ugly, once again, who cares!!! i love how i look! hahaha**) altho, i still need someone t kick me and ask me to exercise!! hahaa.


Now, the question is…(for all my fashionista lj+blospot friends…)

1) white tube or black tube?
2) with or without the gold belt?

**can ignore all the other words in the picture, thats just for boosting self esteem and trying to prove a point that camera angles makes someone pretty in picture! haha.**


i personally like the white tube one…


looks like this from the back…i need to tie the ribbons properly tho…


i’ve officiallymoved to blogger beta. i mean, blogger now not beta anymore. i hope things go well.

i need to sleep.


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