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12.10.03 (10:19 pm)

listening to…mercy me’s thank you
:no: see if this works here..!

yea,so yesterday was alright…went out to makan…then afetr that we put up the christmas tree! it was fun…[b]christmas is here[/b]!! 😉 :-p
my aunt and uncle and Jasmine came to visit…its kinda fun putting up christmas tree with my cousin…she’s all excited and stuff… 😆

i was sms-ing Sidney the whole night…well not whole night lerr..only for a few hours till i fell asleep….i took [i]clarintyne[/i].its my flu medicine and it made me sleepy… 😀 we were talking crap mostly,midnight craps!
hahaha…:lol: 😆 😆

%-) :roll: so today Nadia called me at 1030 in the morning! i was as usual still asleep…the call woke me up! Nadia is a friend i found at PMCCC…she’s 12 i think! its nice to have a friend,after a camp/convention…at least one friend is found…well got la many others,but they’re like so small! hahaha…Nadia seems nice! she has msn! 😉 we can keep in touch!
i missed Love and Life…still can’t believe it!its the camp of a lifetime!

i feel so lost! now that i’m not in National Service..(THANK GOD FOR THAT!) i have to think about what am i gonna do… 😕 i hate this…PHAN SHEAN is all ready and set to study Bio-tech….and i’m still confused…*sigh* :roll:

jes is taking me out today! YAY! wonder where am i going…*crosses fingers* hope its not clubbing*crosses fingers* i don’t think i’m ready to go clubbing yet! i mean…i’m just a kid! 😆 do you think i’m ready?? all the drinking and dancing….i’ve only drank(liquor i mean,diluted with coke ones) like what,so little times… 😛 but i wanna see the atmosphere there!all the smoke and loud music…loud music,i can take!smoke smell…yuck…! 😛 i wanna go see her famous EDWARD! she’s been talking about him since dunno when! and i still haven’t met him yet! 😆

the church’s youth carollers ae comign today…i won’t be here to see em…i think i am in my BEC’s carollers too..i don’t know! 😕

jonathan so and eugene kim got selected for national service! they add up to the list of my friends who got selected—-Lavina, Tang Pui Yee, Yap Lih Shin, Kah Mun….poor thingy…. 😥

so,i’ll update ya on whats going on in my oh-so-wonderful-life! 😛

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