PMS of the semester

im doing my autobiography.

i was googling my textbook, and i found out a Masters Level Ethics class doing the same assignment that i am doing now.

How cool.


i’m stressed and wanna die already.

Today is going to be a looooong day. i slept early last night. So that i can work the whole night through.

I have to do at least HALF of my autobiography

I have to wait for my writers to send me article so that i can send to my editor

I have to watch Control Room and write my assignment.

i have to finish up and make some sense for my anthropology slides.

I have to wake up at 630, go to college by 8am to renew my license.

I have to do so many things. but i have so little time.


Presentation on friday.

10 minutes -_-“

dunno if my points are enough to cover 10 minutes.

i shall talk really slow. but then again, every time when i present, confirm talk damn fast wan.

how now brown cow?

ok, enjoy some gambar-gambar i took. not much.

thats meeeeeeeeeeeee…with my new hair. well, soddof new, one week+ old new.


and thats Hotscotch, which i featured a few entries back. they performed today at the ADPSC Soapbox.



its been a year since my grandfather died and 3 years since my uncle died. march is a depressing month.

owh wells. we had a mass and gathering

my cousins and sibukshermaine. she always comes to my house to use the internet and borrows my camera. hahaha. owh well, at least i have a small girl sister to bully every time she comes around. muahhahahaha.


Nephew, cousin and cousin

triple j

Sidney and Me during the weekend outings.

graphic i made for my Slides. HAHAHHAHA.

it is supposed to illustrate, “Oh, no, i’m in a multiple relationship, what to do??”
oh no

damn cute! hahahah

Owh, i watched my movie. Not bad for amateurs like us!:) hehe. all props go to Maria for editing the whole thing. we just helped a bit. hehe. wanna watch??

its back!

im back, online everyday!:)

what happened?

my laptop broke into 2!!!!!


the connecting thing broke. the thing that connects the LCD screen to the keyboard.

that explains the lack of updates and not seeing me online. HAHA

owh wells

My movie is DONE! Thanks to Maria babeness.

she the bomb!:) and the movie is very nicely done. *dun care what you say anyways!* hahaha.

i can’t wait to see it tmr. hehe.

ok, gtg bathe and like, do assignment. hehe. buhhbye now.

wonderful end to the dreadful week

wonderful end to the dreadful week

dreadful week 2 coming next week.


but i had tons of fun today!:)

watched Mukhsin with Sidney, Elaine and Christin… The movie was alright, got many guest appearances of older Orked, Jason, Alan, Temah, the prostitute etc…

Harith and Ida Nerina wasn’t acting tho. Instead Shrifah Alleya acted as Orked’s mother. I think the portrayal of Orked was not correct. I mean in Gubra and Sepet, she was so happy and jovial, but in Mukshin, she’s so gloomy and sad…

owh well.

it was OK. Gubra and Sepet were nicer.

Hung out at 1U a bit before going to Souled out for makan. It was yum.


update…just for the heck of it. and because someone has been saying i should update. HAHA

internet was down.


Dad forgot to pay January’s Bill.

so i called, tmnet, paid bills and got it fixed. quite efficient, despite what people said about it.

i need a maybank2u account like ASAP!:) hahahaha.

just for fun!

i got loads of errands to run, loads of things to study. and here i am….online-ing.

damn the internet. why must it be so addictive.

“Hi i’m karen, i’m an internet addict…”

guess i’ll be sleeping late tonight, AGAIN! man.

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