i super love this picture!:)

Weekend was okay although it was filled with body painess, thanks to Body Pump on Saturday.


now, whenever i stand/sit, i will moan like an old lady with arthiritis -_-“

Yes, its true. see evidence below!:)

Last thursday, after class, we ate at Dave’s Deli. Owh, how i miss the good ole Sheperd’s Pie. =D
miss the company i used to have sheperd’s pie with too last time πŸ™ good ol subang parade days…

Elaine had this really BAD chicky Chop. Never eat chicken chop from dave’s deli. yucks.

So in the evening, we went to my grandparent’s place. Met the cuties.

They’re boys. So boys don’t like girls. So the only way i can amuse them is by my camera. HAHA. asked them to pose like “ultraman”…

Joshua a bit off…hahaha. the poor boy was sick…They were all into Ultraman and Spiderman.

Saturday was spent doing body pump in the morning then going for a fashion show. Which will be featured at emmagem. Please read at emmagem kays? heehee.
There will be a MELL fashion show at Mid Valley on Labour Day…Come watch!!:) πŸ™‚

Lunch at the long awaited IKEA!:)


Elaine’s super healthy EXTRA sauce Salmon. hahaha.

Later we went shopping of course!:) Followed Elaine’s fashion lead and bought headbands and statement jewellery.

lovelovelove my blingbling necklaces. All from Diva except the hairbands-Curve Street Market.

Had Shih Lin Taiwan Street Food for dinner. I had yummy Oyster Mee Sua. Too stuffy to take pictures, but yummy nevertheless. Met Tk for supper. He finally belanja-ed me cheesecake!!! hahahhaha. for all the things i’ve done for you, tsk, tsk, tsk…..

My Oreo cheesecake. They ran out of New York Cheesecake, AGAIN! I just don’t have fate to eat NY cheesecake!

Tk’s Chicken cordon bleu? i think thats how what they call it.

Called Sze May to lepak….but she was with her bf and gang so finally we went mamak and hung out with Jonathan, Chang Weng and Kok Kit for a while. I was telling tk in the car, funny how all my high school mates still speak in cantonese to me. heeeheee. my cantonese karat until cannot save already. but i still understand la. haha

Sze May and Me…

On Sunday, I went to church. later, I went to the SPCA Jumble sale. It was smelly and gross, really! but i managed to find a gem. Its a book on Children’s welfare in Malaysia called Silver Lining: Hope for a childhood and a future. It is a Malaysian book by Shelter Home for children where they take care of abused and neglected children. I plan to intern in this place to educate people about children abuse. So, this book would be useful. Its really new and i got for RM3! πŸ™‚ mum bought manymany books as usual!

I saw the SoulDoc-the queen of bargain hunting, there too. Did not go to the Shopaholic Unite sale. no time and body too pain πŸ™ there goes my baju. I’m broke anyways so its a good thing. haha…

We went to the Curve. Tesco and Nichii. bought some clothes. heehee. usuall tees and one really nice spag top from Nichii for RM11!:) 70% off!:)

Ate at Marche. It was my first time there, and it was fun!:) the “marketplace” is really cosy and nice. so colourful, i like!:) heehee.

Came home and bummed.

That was my weekend. How was yours?

holidays, ahhh…

PANGAKO SA YO my favourite(i only watched one! ahhaa) Phillipino soap opeara is showing in Suria Singapore!

i wanna watch!

i spent today bumming =D like how holidays are meant to be!


tomorrow is back to gym-ming -_-“

my body hurts like hell. super no strength at all. first few times sure sakit giler right?

I watched Idol Gives Back today. It was fun. I mean seeing all the stars performing. and Jack Black was there too. i love jack black, super funny. the final song they sang is quite nice. its called “this is my american prayer” ? i think. hehe. but nice.

I found this new blog Shopaholics Unite. They have this top that i really like!:) but dunno if it will fit well. hehe.

They have a shopahlic party on sunday. I wanna go and try on the shirt. heehee. but dunno if i should. hmmm…

wahh, i sneezed, and my stomach sakit. wahhh. *cries*

ok, gonna watch Gol & Gincu Reruns. hehe. I thought they’re showing season 2 already! its actually season 1.



body combat

went for body combat today!:) at an ungodly hour. 930am!

heehee. it was tough. well. ok la. im just unfit. and uncoordinated! hahahhaa.

went to Sunway College after that!:) Supermissmyoldcollege!!!

Went to hall for a Career fair. it was okay. not bad.

haihs. i miss that place. Met Ezra and some other acquaintances. =)

Went to Mr. Tan’s office, but he’s not there. was too malas to go visit Mr. Avila and all….

ate roti goreng and left.

Owh, i also bought a laptop cooler fan thingy. Now my laptop is cooler than yours!:)

I think my laptop is too big. hahahha. shall put the fan closer to the hot part. owh wells. But they said WIDE SCREEN, OK! hahahha.

it was RM37.


i think i shall sleep today


First FF experience

Went for Body Jam today:)

was super fun. OF course, me, being super not coordinated at all, fail giler! hahahhahaa

then went on this floating step machine for like 5 minutes. heehee.

going again tomorrow:)

can’t wait.

anyways, guess who “viewed” me on friendster? My primary school friend, Teoh Chuan Hui!! hahaha. he was one of the 3 people who unexpectedly got 5A’s for UPSR. hahahha. of course, i was one of the 3. I was so crap in school that the teachers never expected me to get 5A’s! hahaha.

Also met Bee Tee on friendster. hehe. she was in my group of girlfriends too. there were 10 of us, like “chee muis” hahahhaha. Phui Kuan, now is oh so thin Mei Ee, Super Glam May Nee, Mun Lye who is sick now.., Yuen Theng that i always talk about, Sook Teng, Jessica who has a kid now, Mun Yee-i can’t find her friendster and of course, ME!:) *since i linked everyone’s friendster, i shall do mine too.lol*

friendster makes the world smaller.

i wanna find my 2 other friends whom i bullied a lot.HAHAHA Shahrul Nizam and Hidayat.If you ever pass by here, please holler at me!:) Mei Ee and I sat in front of them and we always alwasy bully them!:)

gtg do work. sucks when you have to work during the holidays!:(

Long Picture-ey update

Long overdue Picture-esque update!:)


Friday, 20/4/07
Shopping with Elaine, and night out with my friends (read more about it in LJ)

We went to BTS and shopped at Nichii. HEHE.

Estherrrrrr and Elaine posing at Esther’s house

i look hot here!*cough cough*
hahhahahaha! love my pink tube and the gold chain is Elaine’s..lovely ain’t it? i want one!!!

Jack joined us too. Anthro group rocks:) haha.

Miss elaine, who made it all happen. *hugz* heehee.

Saturday, 21/4/07
Good Charlotte’s Concert.
truckload of pictures here. haha.

We had Digi VIP passes…so we didn’t have to wait in line and we went straight to the front. muahahhaha. felt good to be VIP for once. hehe.

My darling, Utt. he’s so hot.

Opening Act was One Buck Short. I could sing to OBS more than what i could sing to for Good Charlotte! hahaha.

This is for someone *ahem ahem*. hahaha.

I was singing my lungs out to “Itu Kamu”. HAHAHA

my all time fave, Lo. I sang to his song more than Good Charlotte too. hahahaha.

MTV VJ Colby, Denise, Utt and Fazura.

GOOD CHARLOTTE, finally. the main event.

We were quite far behind about 7 rows behind.but, okay la can see very clearly.

Then, when the lead singer. *shy, i forgot his name, Joel Madden?* came damn close, and of course, the crowd just went crazy, we pushed our way to the front, and got to take really close shots of him.

upclose and personal. hahaha.

Sunday 22/4/07
Today, i officially went to Fitness First at The Curve to get my first ever gym access. yay! i got passport one for RM175. With my cool new spiderman merchandise. hahaha.

These tops i bought with Elaine at Nichii

Since i had a study lamp, i took pictures of my recently purchased earrings.

love the last one. its so me!:)

back, back, back.

so anyways, i’m back.

all tired from studying. Its not like i had much time to study this semester anyways. haha.

wish i had put in more effort.

since i was gone, well, technically, i was still online, just on a hiatus, Hazel and Lavena password protected their blogs. i wonder why. haha.

and lav didn’t invite me. πŸ™ maybe she’s bitching about me…hahahhaha…for not msning her for so long.


i also miss tk. haha. and wei foong.

owh, speaking of WF, one of my classmates from primary school, Mun Lye is like in coma. pray for her kays? I think she has brain hemorrhage. poor girl. i used to be eating meehoon during rehat time okay!

but we never kept in touch, haha. besides friendster. but still!!!

I was supposed to go to Good Charlotte with elaine, but we couldn’t get the tickets. so my brother went to get it and of course if he gets it, must go with him right….:( Elaine can’t see her little boiboi. haha.
but i’m still going to the concert, with my brother as always. We collected the Digi tickets. So we have like this Digi VIP thingy, but i think its just like most pit vip and not meeting them vip. and i have to wear gross t shirt to get in. Gross. cos my brother won’t wear. They gave a size M. like male size M. its too big to be a baby T for me! and too small for my brother. Listening to Good Charlotte now. to hafal HAHAHA.

YouTube was my friend during the exam. I found a few of my all time favs!:) like that song from the Nolan Sisters. Ronan Keating and Kate Rusby’s All over again.

i wrote that at 8pm.

TK messaged me on msn. what a coincidence. hahahaha. i guess he could read my mind. hahahaha.

shall plan an outing with him…

i think i need to bathe. hahaha. my idea of bumming is to eat, watch tv and wait till the last minute to bathe. hahahaha. im just to beat to bathe. can you believe that. hahahaha.

my mouse is a goner. RIP zebra mouse. shall get a pink one next. muahahhaha. bimbo for life.

i also need to wake up at 12pm tmr. Just for fun!

i need money.

youtube love!

I’d go anywhere for you,

anywhere you ask me to,

I’d do anything for you,

anything you want me to,

your love is far as i can see

Thats all I’m ever gonna need,

There’s one thing fr sure i know its true,

baby, I’d go anywhere for you….

who loves the backstreet boys?i do, i do, i do!

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