Nyonya Colors in OneU

We always walk past this place in OneU, Nyonya Colors, and its always crowded! Plus, the smell drifting from the stall smells so yummy too! In the picture above.. its actually 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and we STILL had difficulty finding place to seat.

Gluttons food rating : 6.5/10
Gluttons ambiance rating : 6/10
Gluttons service rating : 6/10

The place is not bad, considering that it is right smack in the middle of nowhere. (It’s located in the old wing btw). Its not a proper shop, and the tables are placed outside the retail shop selling clothes, so the passer-bys can always see what you’re eating. haha!

Service wise, it’s just not bad. I mean, its standard service without greeting, just taking orders etc. Its a self service place, you have to line up, place your orders and pay. And then the food will be delivered to you.

They serve typical Asian food, like Nasi Lemak (Karen was very tempted to take that), Dry Curry Mee, Thai Curry Laksa, you get the picture? All those were priced at RM7.90. There are other options as well like half boiled eggs, roti bakar, century egg porridge, and assortment of kuehs. We felt like the kuehs were not very worth it, because of the price for a small piece, like red bean kueh, a small piece for RM0.80, which is the cheapest thing there. Drinks wise, typical teh, milo, coffee and more.

The iced coffee that tasted like.. there wasn’t much coffee in it. (thumbs down for this).

Karen’s dry curry mee. It’s usually served with yellow noodles, but Karen made a request to change it to beehoon. It was good nevertheless. Enough coconut milk and served with tender chicken meat and tofu with mint leaves.

My Thai Curry Laksa (which was also labeled Yellow Curry Mee? – a bit of confusion there). It was quite spicy and tangy. Also not bad. Typing this is making me salivate :p heh, coz we loooove laksa, curry and tomyam.

It’s not a bad place, tho its quite pricey for normal hawker food. But its still quite a nice place if you’re craving for it while halfway shopping. 🙂


If you love me, you will do me a favor right?

ok, so Advertlets started the poll thingy and all you have to do, is do the poll.

Click on the arrow looking thing on the bottom right corner of the ADVERTLETS box.

*fyi, the arrow points to the advertlet box. *

Then, just answer few simple questions!
it looks like this:

Here’s a pictorial tutorial on how and where to click the button.

Please do it okay?


i love you loads!

cows can’t dance

Coloured Cow Fun

I coloured this cow using photoshop!:) super cute!!hahaha. downloaded this children’s colouring thingy and painted it with photoshop.


I wanna colour more drawings!:) heehee

anyways, i’ve been seeing cow prints very much lately…thanks to my presentation on Sacred Cow Hunts. (google it)

My presentation is on Friday.

Wish me luck!:

anyways, on tuesday, Elaine and I went to gym, happily waiting for Alvin‘s Body Attack Class….suddenly, the board changed to Ken!

jeng jeng jeng!

we were reluctant to go…..just when we’re getting used to Alvin’s class, they HAD to change instructor la! (also we were feeling damn lazy la, usual!) hahaha. We went in the end. It was OK!Different, but similar. After class, Ken came to us and asked us if we were ok in the class. HAHAHA. He obviously noticed our uncoordinated-ness and flaws during the class. hahaha.


you’ll laugh when you see me in body jam class.

Don’t even wanna think about the people looking at me when i’m dancing last time when i was out in parties. omg.

can’t believe i used to dance in front of THE WHOLE SCHOOL last time.


i just finished my presentation slides. need to practice presenting tomorrow…

morning class tmr. ugh.

have to type invoice now. byebye.

No.1 BEST tomyam in Town* Rak Thai Restoran

*according to the flyer.

Rak Thai has the BEST No. 1 Tom Yam in town(i’m guessing Petaling Jaya (PJ) or Klang Valley?)….


lets start…

Venue: Rak Thai Restoran, Amcorp Mall, PJ (Lower Ground)
Type of Food: Thai…With Burmese Waitresses. HAHA
Price: Ala Carte from RM10-RM25, Noodles and Rice Sets RM5-6, Drinks and Deserts below RM5.

Gluttons overall rating : 5/10
Gluttons food rating : 5/10 (NOT the best tomyam!)
Gluttons ambiance rating : 6/10 (ok, they tried with the deco and music)
Gluttons service rating :6/10 (ok, but not that good!)

Ever since i had that Mango Rice, which was DIVINE (btw), I had t have some Thai Food…haha.

So i dragged my parents to eat at this place at Amcorp Mall (OK, i didn’t know the existence of this shop, just walked by and thought it was interesting…)

We went in, greeted by “Sawadeekarp” by this (looks like) Thai waitress…She gave us our seats and our menu. We looked and looked, the food was quite expensive. HAHA. but the set meals were okay. like fried noodles and stuff.

So we ordered.

And, food came in like 10 minutes or so. Quite fast.

Mango Juice for RM3
Thailand mar, so must drink mango juice

Fried Kailan for RM10.
WAH so mahal!
but it was really nice. they cut the leaves into tiny bits and deep fried it…it was crunchy and salty(just the way i like it).

The No. 1 best tomyam in town!

I ordered Rice to go with it. RM1 for the Rice. RM4 for the Tomyam soup.
It was OK. the portion was a bit small. Nothing much in the soup. Two prawns, a few sotongs and mushrooms.

Totally not worth it. hahahha.
AND NOT THE BEST IN TOWN, omg. I’ve tasted MUCH BETTER tom yums..

It wasn’t even spicy.


Rak Thai Exotic Cendol RM4.
I’ve never liked cendol before, but people around me love cendol. and, even I don’t see what is so exotic about it. Don’t even have the nuts thingy that usually comes in Cendol.

Totally not worth it Mango Sticky Rice Rm4.

The plate was SO SMALL.
The portions of pulut were SO LITTLE.
The mango was only HALF!

after i tried this one, I will always compare all othe Mango Sticky Rice with that one..

after being a glutton, we walked at the Flea Market

lovely junks that we just don’t need, but want!:)

The end.

Shrek 3 Promotion at McD’s

Shrek the Third is coming out! Wheeeeee! and everyone loves shrek for its sarcastic hilarity! hehe, we love shrek too! so how could we not fall prey to the money making opportunistic McD‘s?

They are all out to have an all green promotion thingamajiggy, hence, they have lime mcflurry (green!), double lime sundae (green!), Green McFizz (also green!) and Seaweed shake shake fries (green too =.=).

They are offering this chicken/beef foldover set with Green McFizz and Shake shake fries for RM10.90 (add 5% tax pls).

We went to the McD’s drive through in SS15, Subang Jaya on a weeknight around 10pm, and it was full house! We were lucky we got a seat. Full not coz of the set la… you’ll find out why.

Gluttons food rating for the entire set : 5/10

seen in the picture,
Chicken Foldover : tasted normal. nothing special here.
Green McFizz : we say, go back to orange McFizz! The green one is added with some green lime to color it, and crushed pineapples…. and it was tasteless =.= Just like drinking soda water.
Double Lime Sundae : you can already see the almost grossness in the picture. the green goo taste like time. overall, it tasted like the RM1 ice cream you can get, green lime with vanilla from anywhere called tropicana. haha, we prefer that.

for the Shake Shake Fries..

We were supposed to pour the fries into the shake shake bag, and add in the seaweed flavorings. nothing special, not like the yummy shake shake fries they used to have long ago. its just bits of seaweed, and not so flavorful msg (you can taste a lot of msg in this!)

Seriously,… if you wanna have a foldover? just order the normal set next time and chocolate sundae for dessert 🙂


by McDees management.


Yes, Elaine and I did go for the FREE burger thing. It seems that you have to go there and wait for the men in pyjama to give out coupons. We went there and they were taking a break.


taking a break? we were already Late for class!So we sat there and wait till they start to work again. We finally got our burgers and ate it happily! hahahah.

but seriously, they said in the ad, that they WERE giving out free coupons. but when we went there, we have to find the pyjama men.

I also read other bad review about the Mcdonalds free giveaway thingy!

Dah la they naik harga in all their products, somemore say give free burger, then bluff the customers!


McDees has been getting bad reviews about their free promotion…

Boo Hoo to McDees.

Seems like you gotta buy breakfast at McDees FIRST, before getting your free Sausage Mc Muffin…

total ripoff!


*but we still love our McDees…*


Exercise mania

Elaine and I are determined to loose weight.

On Tuesday, we went for and then straightaway

It was okay la.Badan didn’t sakit that much. but knee a bit pain.

Tomorrow we’re going for and then straight to class.

Lets just hope we can make it.


anyways, i always take the longer road to go back to Kepong from Kuchai Lama.I always always forget to turn into jalan duta and will go to Jalan Kinabalu and reach like Parlimen there -_-“

owh wells, i’ve been singing my lungs out in the car nowadays. LIKE really very loud!super loud music. If you listen from outside, my car would sound like an Ah-Beng Car. Hhahahaha.

gtg take a quick shower and sleep. must wakey for my FREE burger!

Want a free mcdees voucher? Click here!

Want a free mcdees voucher? Click here!

i wanna graduate please?


update #3 by Elaine..

I woke up superdyduper early today, but still was late for class! 🙁
stupid HUGE ASS HOLE in the middle of the road to segambut.
James Kuake’s gonna start hating me…NOooooooOOoooo..can’t let that happen. I need to be on his good side until i graduate…
which is in 1.5 years time. can you believe it? i can’t.
i have 15 more subjects to go =D
la la la la la la la la la la
i’m gonna graduate in 1.5 years more. HAHAHA.
damn happy, but no use also. graduate alone…:( everyone else would be graduated already.

owh wells. after effective listening, i went to the library to do “pre-reading”.
i went to the library, sat my butt down for 2 hours and started reading chapter 3.
I also wanted to borrow 3 books for my Effective Listening Class.. but i haven’t renewed my library card. like WTF right? stupid old man said, “no, no no….cannot! cannot!”
stupid system i tell you. Dah la using the zaman dahulu kala primary school borrowing system. (even my high school has bar coded library books!) must renew every semester pulak! so i just gave him an annoyed stare and left to class.

I/O psych was so-so. I actually like pre-reading ! hahahah. cos my lecturer really doesn’t teach much…he babbles on a lot on other things.

while walking out, i met Amelia, Rowena and Melody!:) Nice seeing them and catching up with them again! I missed them…This is Rowena’s last sem and Amelia’s 2nd last sem..I also saw Dhiraj at the bus stop. this is his last sem too..
boo hoo.
college is so different without seeing Maria and her gang…Carla…Laily…Fira…

next year will be even weird-er when i have to take CS101 and SO101 and CHEM101 with freshies…..hahaha. yes, i haven’t taken my year one papers yet! Gonna be he OLD one in class.

Went to gym at the curve. i was so hungry i ate a bun. so i went walking around before exercising… went to Nichii to try on clothes. haha. shopping alone is fun at times. but when there are no comments from friends, not fun.

treadmill 30 minutes.
floating thingy 10 minutes.
Drink Iced lemon tea and eaves dropping 10 minutes.

altogether 50 minutes! hahahahhaha.

I hate my sibuk ears. always listen listen listen. not fun at times. distraction to the max.

anyways. Munkao is looking for a vege girl to share his Marmalade Salad. any girl who lives, breathe and eats vegan food only. please comment here, thank you.


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