bored to death

Take my test and tell me what you got! muahahhahahahahahahhahaa..

at work now. In case any of you missed out. I am working at CareerSense@HELP University College.

Psychometrics division. I don’t know if i should use this as my official internship or not. Owh well.

friday already. I’ve been here for three weeks. I’ve finally come out with an Emotional Intelligence Scale. Everyone says that his method of doing things are not ethical, yada yada yada. I just could not be bothered. I just do what i am asked to by him. Who cares! bleh. (altho, the lives of other people might be affected, but hey, im just an undergraduate who hasn’t even taken advanced RM.). I suggest that Career Sense don’t use my scale. lol. I am just learning how to create a test. Item analysis and all that jazz.

Life’s been pretty slow and boring. I mean, i go to work, gym, come back work on emmagem till like 3am

wake up at 7am. go work again.

this is supposed to be my summer holidays! What am i geting out of this???? *smallville themesong* somebody saveeeee meeeeeee.*/end smallville themesong*

I think im working myself too much. Although i basically lepak and do nothing at work here.
*applying I/O Psych terms* I am super NOT satisfied with my so called “job”. My job description is so not clear too. Maybe i shall create a job description for Psychometrics interns. Ally my knowledge a bit. Psychometrics is so not my thing man. After my internship, i shall just leave it to other people to do it. I want to be in the training team. Maybe I shall ask Mr. Franklin if i can help them in one of their projects. At least i have something to do here at work. I am already part of their project. I am designing a poster for their event. I wanna be in!!! feel so useless doing questionnaires.

haihs. boring boring job.

My usual lepak place is too crowded and i think that they really don’t want people to go in their room as they put up a sign saying do not disturb. So i shall not go in to disturb….so boring omg. The love birds JeanEe and John went for lunch. My other lepak buddies are in a training session somewhere. I miss stephanie and jet and nicholas! the only people who can teman me talk crap (really a lot of crap) and do other stupid things at work.

no one’s on msn as elaine’s not working….why oh why. no one nice to talk to. maybe i shall randomly message someone to chat. but no mood to be all chatty. Where’s Elaine and Kevin when i’m boreddddd???

this weekend’s going to be a workfilled weekend too. as Emmagem is due and i still can’t figure out the wordpresss blog!! i need wordpress help. I would ask Justin Wong, but he wants money for setting it up. bleh.

Can life be any boring-er?

i feel like dying really.

i need a holiday, or at least sidney to be here. at least he’ll entertain me with something stupid. Even he’s somewhere in Seremban meeting someone and can’t reply my messages.

haih. depressed giler when there’s no human contact.

I think i shall bake cupcakes today. I wanted to go Starlight Cinema with TK but he’s busy. Then i wanted to call PS to meet up, but then i got lazy and decided to stay home and rot. like really rot. I have no mood to do emmagem and get confused over aspx,html,css.

i think i shall bake! I shall use whatever money left i have to go buy strawberries and canola oil after work and bake strawberries muffins. I only have 20RM. that is so sad. I NEED MY PAY! Don’t care, i must meet the boss on saturday to get my pay. I should also stop spending so much man.

I hate money. MONEY IS EVIL!

im ranting so much, i am super bored. If you’ve read till here. i salute you…I’m starting to not like the idea of “friends only” in livejournal. Few weeks ago(or was it months?), I was cut off a girl’s friends list. So sad ok, her message was “i’m sorry, i cut you off because you don’t update anymore or i wasn’t interested in your journal anymore”. I’m guessing i was the latter one. Its damn depressing when someone just cuts you off like that when i have known her(journal) for like 3 years already. Like after three years, you’re bound to get to know the person right? owh well. maybe im just not cool enuf for her. NOT! i will never be regarded as that low. She’s just missing out on me! muahahahha
Anyways, my point is, i don’t mind if you cut me off your list like if i’ve known you for like a few months…but more than a year, i will just get sad. maybe im overreacting.


I feel lost again. like i feel like i am defined by the things i do and not for who i am. Most of the time people praise me for owh, such pretty cupcakes. or wahh, you’re so good at html….like so bodoh. not like, karen is the one with the great personality! wow. karen rocks. i need to see a counselor. but i am too shy to see any of the counselor here. i want someone i don’t know.


ok no more depressing thoughts.

Sidney’s getting me a domain name.

What do you think? (again)
OR (lol. like serenaC and adamC)

hahahaha. help me decide! which one is nice??


i miss lavena!Wanted to talk to her yesterday but she got DC and never camme back and i got sleepy…

omg, this place is so cold.

I shall take a nap.

I was so bored that i did a self made test! take it and tell me what you got! hahaha



im tired. and can die soon. I NEED A HOLIDAY! now, if only i can follow my brother to Singapore this weekend!


work has been alright.

being emmagem’s webmistress is annoying, cos i need to fix so many things(no thanks to the old webmaster who screwed it up). but in the end, when it is fixed, its all good. hahahhaa.




my laptop broke again. omg

feel so immobile when at work. cos must use windows 98 at work. eiuww

but i’ve been surviving at work.

things are starting to move along.

Went gym today. i suck at combat and jam and attack. but i like classes.but i hate hate jam. cos i really suck at dancing.

anyways, i’ve been going quite a lot lately, but not much also. i shall take a break tmr and go gym again on thursday.

i wanna be a gym junkie, but i havent got the rush yet. lol.

i’ve got work lining up like mad. emmagem’s website development, Emotional intelligence scale, mindvalley design(which is due soon, omg!), and Inbam asked me if i wanna design, and i said yes!of course i want to! whether or not i can make time, is another matter. but designing is fun, i can stay up late also nevermind. EQ test only a bit spas, cos must think so much about items and all. omg. and tmr’s my day to ask him questions and all. omg mg


can die ok. but i’ve been procrastinating. usual.

i met so many people last week and last last week…so many pictures, but im just too lazy to edit. lol.

sidney, tk, laily, mr.G, victoria, peishan, elaine’s workmates, Amelia’s farewell peeps…..



i’m sleepy.



  • I met sidney and we had a great time. Altho it was short.
  • I’m creating an emotional Intelligence Test. Wish me luck, it sounds so HARD. omgness.
  • I love my intern-work-mates/colleagues. Stephanie, JeanEe, Nicholas, Jet, Jasmine, Beatrice, WaiKi, CheeLian, 2 more of Ms Yeo’s Interns and 3 of Mr. Kumar’s interns(i forgot their names la ok, so many new names to remember!)
  • Not forgetting Sheila Marie (one of the admin staff who is chindian and Dr. Mustafa, my supervisor thinks we’re related)
  • My Supervisor is super sweet…….and quite old but very nice. lol
  • I have super cool work clothes now. Thanks to mum and dad and Jusco Member Day Sale.
  • Owh, and i bought Make-up (AMELIA! i bought, i bought make up! lol)
  • She asked me to wear make up last time we went out together. lol.
  • Loreal Truematch Powder, Mascara (the one that makes it 70% longer), Lipstick (by mistake, cos my mum bought them and made me wear them),Eyeliner (free!)
  • I feel like a girl.
  • lol
  • Life’s been good…very busy with many many work here and there. but good
  • OWH, Khailee of MindValley (See one of the ads on my blog) emailed me!:) heehee. about a job as a designer at Mind Valley.
  • Sher introduced me to him, Thanks Sher Smurfy.
  • I hate the workload, but for the love of money and shopping i will do what it takes. even if it means sleeping lesser hours. lol
  • how many times can you say you’ve worked 4 jobs in college huh?
  • 4-emmagem, careersense, my dad’s secretary and mindvalley(if i get la….lol.)
  • ok, byebye!

Roti Bakar Telur Cheese

Spicy Kitchen
(Manjalara and Desa Sri Hartamas)

Roti bakar Telur Cheese is the bomb! if you havent tried it. please now go to Hartamas or Manjalara to have some roti bakar telur cheese!

It is actually french toast with cheese in between. super yummy can die, i tell you!

I tried making it at home, but it wasn’t that nice.

I guess its the old oil the mamak uses and the amount of oil they use (TOTALLY FAT).

But yummy…

must try!

Tong Kee tarts

omg, yummylicious! Just look at it. now im craving for it.

Chocolate Tart, only RM1 🙂


Egg Tart and Siew Pau.

The Egg tart is very nice. Its not like those Portuguese Egg Tart but normal egg tart. My brother’s gf once bought like 1/2 dozen, but i had chicken pox then, so like, cannot eat. I finally got to eat it that day, and yumss.. been eating it ever since. heehee.

the Siew Pau is not halal. Pork in it. It was okay la. cannot fight Seremban Siew Pau.
lol. thats what i think la!:) heehee.

Which Siew Pau do you think is the best?

Tong Kee is located in many many places.

The one in Kepong is at Jalan Mergastua. I think they have one in Sri Petaling and also in Pudu.

Curry Mee!

Iced Milo.

The bestest curry me ever! muahhahaha.
already half eaten. cos i was too hungry after church.

this place is located in Kepong Baru.
Jalan Kuang Bulan,Taman Kepong.

We call it the catholic shop. Because a lot of my church members go there after mass for breakfast. lol.

opens daily in the mornings.

Hot Cakes at Mcdees

ok, so we ate this quite long ago.


McDees Bandar Utama, the one beside Centre Point, has HOT CAKES!:)

They look like this:

Hotcakes are basically, pancakes…and you get to choose if you want syrup on it or ice cream…

It was really delish!

Note that if you want to add more chocolate souce: TAMBAH RM0.50!

hahaha giler.

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