Emmagem.com’s Shopping Directory

I plan to get ALL the boutique’s addresses/location for the directory that i am creating..

here’s a few that i found online…posted here

Hey tech savvy fashionistas! Here is an online shopping directory list for all the boutiques we can find in Malaysia.

Let’s start of with some of the boutiques in Bangsar (Jalan Telawi Streets):

Next I will venture out to get contacts from Damansara Utama/Uptown’s boutiques! They have TONS there!:)

If you know of any boutiques, please do email us at karenmarie@emmagem.com so that we can include them here:)

free size?

After looking at Selltrade KL and Lowyat.net and every other clothes sizes, I wonder right, why people put “free size” then followed by, fits S-M, or put Bust=90cm.

LIKE wtf!!!

free size means sizes XXS-XXL also can wear mar.

if you say “free size” then say bust=90cm, whats the point.

I guess most of them put “free size” when there is no tagged size. But when there’s no tagged size. Just say la NO TAGGED SIZE, but i think its more towards a size S-M.

Damn bengang okay, these people. then some of them say, “Don’t ask anymore questions!”

How to not ask questions when they give such vague details about “free size”!!!

okay. end anger.

I went shopping these 2 weeks and omg. i spent so much, can die.


bandwidth stealer. lol


okay. so here’s the updates on how many per boxes i’m selling it for.

(must order at least 3 boxes)
(in a plastic box)

(must order at least 2 boxes)
(in a plastic box)

(one box also can la. lol)
(in a plastic box)

(in a cardbox box, pink coloured hearts print. lol)


lol. still undecided. Probably a little cheaper than market price for cupcakes in KL.

of course, the more u order, the cheaper it will be. lol.

I need RM239. My mum asked me to invest first on the tips, then make money to cover cost. lol. maybe i will. Wilton Malaysia has the tips for RM239.

Tell me EARLY when you want to buy them for me. So that i can plan my time.

cupcakes for sale. cupcakes for sale. Come come buy buy.


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

a lot of pictures coming up!:)

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