If i was rich..

(ok, and maybe skinnier) i would buy:

this, this, this, this in all colours, this, this, that but dunno if can pull that off, this, that and i think i have a phase of long sleeved shirts now!

This i love. Almost like Brooke’s Phillip Lim dress.

OK i said ALMOST!!!!

ignore the lalaness in that girl. haha.

owh well.

i should stop shopping online and start sleeping. hahahaha.

If you’re feeling generous….you can buy it for me and send it to my house as a random act of kindness =D If you shy, you can be anonymous too.




And now I’m ready to be extraordinary

I am inspired!:)


shall not go there.

anyways. today was super fun cos Elaine came!! Elaine came to college 🙂

i wrote a long whiny post about my sociology class….

and it is…deleted. stupid fingers dunno how to type..

laalaalaa. owh well.

A while ago. I tried to make a 2 tiered cake….hahaha. i used the cake mix from a box. so the taste of the cake, is not mine la k? hahaha. its from betty crocker and pillsbury.

awesome cake

Its pretty no?

say yes la!! lol. my first attempt okay!! hahaha. it is pretty easy to assemble the cake. the hard part is of course the butter cream icing to smooth it.

guess how i learnt how to assemble the cake? you tube! lol.

I was pressing for time when i made this cake. Thats why it looks very like unfinished. but owh well i loved it:)

I wanna make a whimsical cake with brighter colours!:) i cannot wait for my free time and someone’s birthday! I also need a kickass chocolate cake recipe.


I fell in love with Brooke’s dress in One Tree hill. omg. So pretty!It is a Phillip lim and it can be found here. Only 500+ Pounds! lol. Wish i had full access to Daddy’s credit card and of course a rich daddy. lol.


Brooke, being a fashion designer in season 5, has awesome clothes!!! I wanna buy more shorts and shirts like that!!!(and be a size 2)

like that’s gonna happen.

anyways. I lost 1kg!!!! omg omg omg! celebrate by eating more!!!!


need to loose more weight. Stephanie said, she is interested to join gym!:) yeayyyyy! more gym buddies:)

ok. shall stop now. buhhbyeee!

Long breaks

I have one LONG break tmr. dieness.

I should settle all my books stuff. my registry stuff. and go home. but..so wasting time. Maybe i will sit at Starbucks and read. Omg. lonely person….plus NO mp3 player. diediedie. i can’t even find my headphones for my phone. haihs.

and no, i can’t bring laptops. lols. too heavy to walk around.

louanne suggested go shopping. I couldddd…but alone? quite okla, its not like i’ve never walked in shopping malls alone.

ok. se situation and i think i’ll most prolly go home. lol.

need to find my hp’s headphones now. byebye

of fudge and mp3s

louanne and i made chocolate fudge and kek batik..

which turned out like crap lor hor.


owh well. there’s always the failing first time.

i went looking for mp3 players today. From my survey…i think iPod and Samsung is the more famous brands in low yat.

i guess its okay…the Samsung 4GB one. T10. it retails for RM550.

img credit:samsung website

love the theme! too bad they don’t have it in pink. lol. I would so get it straightaway. Only in purple. well, almost like pink. hahahaha. but i think i’d rather the black one.

and then, there’s always the ipod nano. 4Gb also.RM600+ i think…

img credit:ipod website

i asked one of the SA. They said creative is not that “in” now because they do not have a service centre in malaysia anymore. So, ppl stopped selling Creative. I wonder how true is that statement.

My brother is looking for iriver mp3’s….

why so mahal one!!!!

owh well… should sleep now..

Katie Holms haircut

i’ve been contemplating getting a haircut since September. remember my photoshopped(well not technically, it was just taken that way) photo?

looks, ahurm, okay. not bad.

Then a few days back i was browsing Seriously? Omg! wtf!! blog (yes, its really called that! so cute) i stumbled upon Katie Holmes….who looked like this….

Picture Credit Seriously? Omg! wtf!! and Wireimage cos it came from there!:)

nice hor? My hair will obviously be as messy as hers as my hair is NOT naturally straight! lols. looks quite awesome on her. i wonder how it would be like on me.

will it be like, omg super messy all the time, or will it be stylishly messy like katie’s! lols.

i predict super messy lorr and i will end up having to blow dry every time to make it look managed!

owh well.

i am done for the day in college(counseling wasn’t that bad after all!) and planning to go get supplied to make chocolate fudge. omg, super sinful, but i must try to make them. they are awesomely good!


So school started. I’m officially taking 5 freaking subjects. yeay for me!

abnormal with rach!yeay!
chemistry with stephanie!yeay!
computers…with freshies. lol.

i hope there’s no experiments for counselling class. if not can die trying to find good group mates. haihs. cos all fwens are gone.

anyways. no more depressing on how alone i’ll be in college.lol.

i need a mp3 player for the alone times. you know. listen to music and be anti social kind. HAHAHAHA. actually, i really need one. mine’s been taken away. boohoo.

so…i shall search high and low for a nice cheap one. no no, i’m not getting ipod. Besides, i have the synchronizing with itunes shit. so annoying.

here’s what i’ve found..

Brand New Creative Zen Vision:M Portable Media Player 30GB Retail Box with 1 year Creative warranty

RM679 on lelong.

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player MP3/MP4 Player

RM539 on lelong

so mahal..or i could just buy the “ipod nano-like mp4 player” for RM50 that would probably spoil in 3 hours time.


owh well. Tmr’s the registering day…means must stay by laptop to go online…and click register..

*selama lama nyaaa….kau tahu ku mencintaimu…….* yes i am still listening to Sheila Majid.

today i was supposed to go to Sunway Lagoon. but….as ffk-ed. I knew it would happen.

owh well.

I shall go with Wei Foong and Tk and louanne soon. lol.

I miss sunway lagoon. water. rides. fun.

owwwwhh, btw, i am going for switchfoot’s concert. yeay!Altho….i only know “dare you to move” lols.

must listen to them now.

ok i must make myself sleep. Tmr got scary counseling class…damn freaked out. Pray that someone i know…is in that class. so that i don’t be a loner. omg,omg!

ok bye bye now.


They took away my Discovery Home and Health!!!

Since we first started Astro, we always had ALL packages!but noww……its goneee!!!!


now i can’t watch my Little people Big world…all my scary pregnancy shows and plastic surgery shows. Wedding planning shows..

ok….time to ask dad to take away dynasty and subscribe to metro. lol.

i’m having diarrhea….dies. today must go gym.

Lovely Song

Cinta Kita by Sheila Majid. Such a lovely song. I’ve always loved Sheila Majid’s songs. So nice to listen to.

I wana update like how i used to!:) so here goes..

today i bummed. like literally. hahaha. I was also working on emmagem.com’s traffic. and omg, today(i mean yesterday) it hit a whopping…..

wait for it….

wait for it…


Four freaking hundred. omgness! First time ever. lalalala. Thanks to ME!!! and also thanks to all the shop blogs that linked to us!:) Thank you so much!!! Let’s bring online shopping to the next level, yo!

Now i need to maintain this hit rate. So that we can start selling ad space and premium listings. Need more traffic!:)

Louanne’s making me read P.S. I love you. by Cecelia Ahern. I’m on chapter 8 now. and i must say, it is a good read:)

Been going out with Louanne and tk and Wei Foong a lot lately…feels gooodddd..just to bum around. College starts soon. la la la dee dahh.

This time around im pushing myself to take 5 subjects. candie.com. but rather die now with Rachael taking Abnormal with me now than on my last semester! hahaha.

Christmas was alright. New year’s was alright. listening to this song while blogging makes me write “life’s beeen gooooooooodddddddd………”


really. such a feel good music. omg. i wanna buy sheila majid’s greatest hits album. or her latest album. I’m a converted Sheila Majid fan now. hahaha.

btw, if you haven’t seen it yet. Look at my baby: http://www.emmagem.com/shopping-directory


okays dah 122am. aahahahahha

need to sleeeeeppp.


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