i’ve been myspacing

check out Kate Voegele..

I saw her in OTH, but never thought she was a real artist until she (or rather her team) messaged me to add her on myspace.

Her album is awesome, her voice is just wowness. and she’s hot too. lols.

The reason i’ve been myspacing is because……….lol..dowan say. shy. hahahahaha..some of you know. but….i shall not tell. haha ask me!:)

backstreet’s back!


in 2005, i first met my darlings first loves boy bands…It was AMAZING! I got to see them and breathe the same air as them. (more pics of them here)

Then few hours ago, they sang again…this time…..a full length concert…AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

this time Kevin wasn’t here, but omg, Nick, AJ(who was still so hot, omg! yes, he was my fave BSB), Howie and Brian WERE amazing. Even though we standing were quite behind. Tell you story later (HATE HATE HATE, I TELL YOU). But yes, when they sang all the songs that i wanted to hear, it brought back ALL the freaking memories of my childhood/school years…. all the singing and the hafal-ing of songs, all the fun we had with my friends. omg. it really paid off the waiting in rain and since 230pm.

But, yes, one of my life goals is finally fulfilled!

I managed to catch BSB in concert. finally. yeay to karen.

They were dancing and singing and even acting a bit. lols. It was entertaining and i sang my lungs out. I don’t think i will have anymore voice to talk. hahahaha. but WORTH IT!

it was just so nostalgic…..and the fact that i was with Lea, was even more nostalgic. lols. all our boyband chasing concert going years, was ages ago, but we still managed to be 14 again! 😀 😀

I was so sad when it was about to end, when they sang backstreet’s back.…cos according to my songlist of the unbreakable tour….it was the last song.

I will now go buy all the albums i missed..lols. (because of……err…you know why lah!)

I still want to meet them, you know….so that they know i exist!lols. A few of my friends met a few of them here and there. ELaine met brian and Lea, Sam met Howie and Nick….

but owh wells, i always cannot get what i want, if not how to have life goals? Maybe When i’m rich and rich, and BSB is still performing, i will definitely go see them again. But then again, maybe a miracle might happen….and they managed to you know, read my blog and give me their private phone number and say, KAREN I WANNA MEET YOU! Never know….be careful of what you wish for. lols. AJ, come read my blog please???

my email address is: mariedotkarenatgmaildotcom

(ok, so this would be every girl’s fantasy la huh…..DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, GIRL!!!)


AJ, Nick, Howie and Brian
– THANKS for coming! you guys rocked my socks off. You guys will ALWAYS be in my first love sayangs boy bands! 🙂 (Second love boyband:911) lols.

I will always loooovveeee you, backstreet boys!!! I freaking grew up with your songs and life will never be the same without your songs….when i emo, i listen to BSB, and it really helps. Imaginary guys(BSB LA!) telling you they will always be there for you as long as we love him and will give you all they have to give. lols.

PS// AJ will you marry meeeeeeeeee??

Tonight can sleep with sweet dreams 🙂


Hate blog below…i mandi first…


OK, besides the fact that this concert was….awwww and all that shits.

This concert was the WORST POORLY MANAGED CONCERT EVER!!!!!!

Galaxy Event Management, Artiste World- you guys can kiss my ass and everyone’s asses who went for that concert..

Heres why:

  1. They had VIP ticket suddenly TODAY RM253. RM 253!!!! WTF i could have bought that and be closer to my darlings. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We cannot upgrade to RM253, if we want to do that, we must go to MID valley. At 230pm, they tell me what, like WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK!!! I WOULD SO UPGRADE!!!! I WANTED TO….I mean, closer to the boys. who wouldn’t want that!!!

    ARIANA TEOH, I’m SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, Thanks and all that for birnging backstreet boys, but the VIP tickets thing, omg, what the hell were you thinking????

    SEE: POSTER(HERE) SAYS RM88 FREE STANDING ONLY. (uploaded one)What the fuck la!

    (profanities is essential to explain this situation, i’m super angry)

  2. It was raining, and they freaking made us WAIT for 2 HOURS IN THE RAIN!!! ok, so they bought us raincoats, but what the hell for when there’s shelter, but we can’t be under it? annoying giler…
  3. VIP “box” WTF I was more annoyed when i saw the actual box. like WTFWTWTFWTF I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE. its just not the same when we’re so far away. SHIT ARTISTE WORLD!
  4. Then ok show start…THE SOUND SYSTEM SUCKED! omg omg got so much feedback and it wasn’t loud enough if you asked me.
    I was slowly walking, la la la …..then reach an escalator to go up cos you know there’s a lot of escalator to go to Surf beach. Shermaine was with me. omg. The escalator SUDDENLY STOPPED and MOVED BACKWARDS!!!!!not like the normal speed, but it was FAST, SUPER FAST!!!!
    stooooooooooopid guards decided to stop it when there are like about 50 people on it.
    so many people fell down and omg, people crashing down to the side, bruised and slippers flying everywhere. Luckily i regained my composure and i realized it was going backwards. I thought i was going to die okay. It was going THAT FAST down. Shermaine got bruised. poor girl.
  6. ALL IN ALL, they did NOT do well in organizing the crowd and the whole event itself. I hope they treated backstreet boys properly.

it was the worst and the best experience ever. Artiste world, buck up!

we live in MALAYSIA, it rains you know! haven’t you heard of SHELTERS? wtf. im so angry and annoyed and wanna kill everyone who is working for arianna teoh and her also.



yes yes, you read it right:)

Backstreet boys are coming to town!!! omg!!!!My dream come true. Lea’s too. Our dream come true.

pics from axcess

I super can’t wait. I already have xue zhen and Lea waiting to buy tickets tmr if it is already selling! Now we can only purchase online. and i hate online booking, cos must collect on that day. which is bummer.

i can’t waittttt!!!

and only RM88. super cheap.

but its at Sunway Lagoon surf Beach. I don’t like that place. blehh.

Altho, i have stuuupiiddd Sociology Quiz on that day! darn…should i just skip it? and like. don’t go for quiz? but 4% means 4% lesser chance of passing.


dilemma dilemma.








ok bye

Happy CNY!

been sick! omg

hate being sick. Sorry i haven’t been on msn. Actually i am. Just “appearing offline” lols. I was down the whole Sunday and Monday anyways. Just beginning to feel better. -_-

After Switchfoot(photos here)(camera phone, no i didn’t bring camera. haha), I was sick. hahaha. must be all that tiredness. plus stress of everything else haihs.

btw, i got a black cheongsam top from Central Market! 😀 i can’t fit into cheongsam dresses. boohoo. too fat!!!need to loose weight. haihs

Switchfoot were awesome!They pretty much played all their hit singles and other songs(the ones i don’t know of). We were quite in front. ALOTOF freaking ppl who pushed their way to the front. Giler man! So persistent. Felt like slapping them upsidedown and sideways three times. so annoying!

Met Basil there. Our plan to stick together failed. lols. Was about to meet and greet with them till stoooooooooooopid Fly fm ppl moved the meet and greet table away. We were like the first 20 ppl in front of the meet and greet line! WTF. Fly fm can go kill themselves can? simply change the meet and greet table!

Basilfoo, did you stay back for the meet and greet??

anywayssss…going to Taiping tmr…


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