Day 5: The day i wore skirt

so today i damn yaya. I wore skirt with my new DP sleeveless AWESOME top. lols. Well, i feel yaya when i wore it. 

I just didn’t bring my yaya boston bag. Then, even more yaya! lols! wtf wtf wtf.

Anyways, today there was a technical problem at LRT station and omg, i was in train for like ONE HOUR! It stopped at every station for like 10-15 minutes -_______________________-

I reached work at 930, but a colleague of mine reached at 1030! Even worst!

I hope it will not be the same tomorrow!  Work was aight. 

Met Lea for dinner 😀

So, there’s a reunion all set this friday after all… 8pm. Come ya all you people who were our classmates lols:)

TK (dumdum haven’t confirm with me, how coulddd youuuuu)
Phan Shean 
Wen Cheng
Eugene Kim
Yvonne Soh
Leong Hui (Bus from Singapore :D)
Not confirmed yet:
Farhana aka jue
Poh Leen

gah. I need to start on another long ass article for emmagem. Wish me luck. 

Day 4: Praises i got :D

Finallyy got some praises for my work as an official “coder” lols. They said, very nice, neat, pretty colors. Just need a more impactful header. Seriously, my eyes damn pain reading codes the whole day. How can people work from 9 to 6 sitting down? 

Somemore WITHOUT any entertainment whatsoever. sheesh.

I certainly can’t see myself doing this for long term.. Can you imagineee, NO msn, NO facebook, NO gmail.


I sound like an internet brat. But yeah, i seriously lor, I cannot tahan. How lah like that? 

I tried to join the company’s network on Facebook. But they need like verification from my company email.. and yes, you guessed it right, we can’t access FB 🙁

(I still can’t get over the fact that I have no freedom going online -__________-)

My first monday at work. lols. I was damdam sleepy by 3pm. -_-

Maklumlah, i slept at 3am the day before. hahaha. 

My colleagues bought me souvenirs from Bangkok!:) A little teddy and a cookie with a cookie container. So sweet of them:) I shall parade it at my office desk! 😀 

I just finished my advertorial article at 1am. lols. its due tomorrow -_- I so champion. 

Okays, I wanna die adey. so sleepy. everyday like this right, i sure burn out one day wan. 

Third Day – I peed a lot

Having my own teet teet card, i get to walk out of office by myself, yeay!! lols. so i get to pee a lot. HAHAHA.

wtf right?

Anyways, third day was awesome. The whole office was away to Bangkok, it was quiet and there were only like the 4 interns plus another person who didn’t go for the trip. lols. I sorta kinda bonded with the interns there. We had lunch at this Buddhist temple – vegetarian food. It was nice, but whoa, damn big and so many people!! Never knew got such place in KL city. lols. I even OT-ed on friday.LOL. Nolah, i stayed back to help on the other intern’s project. To make this poster/wall mural-ish/picture collage thing on the wall to win our department a RM1000 cheque! lols! It was fun. They’re all 3 months interns on their last month, so they’re like quite long time there adey lah. Owh, they’re from MMU.

Cleaning Ladies at the company are very friendly too:D

My favourite mangoes are available at office cafeteria, yeay!! Its those mangoes that is not so ripe, but can be eaten, not sweet, not sour, just right. Crunchy and tasty, and omg, my mum and I can finish 4 of those mangoes (cut ones) by ourselves! hahaha. At office it is RM1 per packet. Can’t wait to buy more next week to eat! gemuk.

You know, i have to like wait for almost 5-10 trains to pass by before actually getting on a train! wtf right? So packed in the mornings. haihs. But, its an experience. lols. I’m doing this out of fun anyways. I don’t really need to go to work, but I want to 😀 Makes more sense than spending time and money in shopping malls. wtf wtf.

owh wells…i’ve been damn busy even when i come home everyday. Thanks to the melambak emmagem things i have to do because I’m not online 24/7. Approve comments, approve feedbacks, approve top 100 ranking, write an article. Doesn’t help when people bug my life to do them faster. like sheeze, come on, i only got one brain.

Shit, I have 2 articles to write by this weekend and one involves money. HAHAHA.

I was supposed to go out with TK today with the rest of the gang, but i so lazy to organize anything. I told him i would organize something on friday, but on friday i went to watch Dark Knight and came home so sleeeppyyy. If you’re reading this phan shean, what’s ur number? when are we meeting, lols…

Lav is coming back for a week, according to TK. But don’t know can trust her or not. She said in May that she’s coming in June, and its July. HAHAHA

Today I spent my day bumming. Well not really.. I went to see the International Graduate, then came home to go out again to 1U to buy Chelsea Ticks. No, I’m not going, my brother is.

Did you knowww?
Daughtry was at 1U just now -_- It was some Sony Ericson event where you have to buy a SE phone to get the tickets! wtf right? We parked at preferred parking and wanted to peep and look see, suddenly got like guard blowing whistles! -_- chasing us away. . .

Daughtry come to Malaysia no publicity at all, wtf. I didn’t even know he was here until today. If i didn’t go to 1U, i wouldn’t even know!!

If i was Daughtry’s publicist, I would never allow that! No media promotion whatsoever. lols. I guess SE can pay them really a lot to actually bring him here only for people who buy their phones. lols.

I love blogging, I feel like i’ve documented part of my life that when i’m 55, old and wrinkley, i can still read what i wrote on the 26th july 2008.

Miss me yet?

lols.. Edited photos of skybar. So blur i tell you! haha









Second Day-the day i got my tag!

I spent the whole day reading codes, my eyes was blurred with codes. 


But I learnt how to use tables today! Which is er, a good thing in a way. But like, with no photoshop, my creative ability is so limited. There’s only so much you can do with basic HTML without CSS! gah. I edit in Notepad, so old school.

My whole department is going for a holiday over the weekend. So tomorrow, supervisor-less! yeay! hahaha. Got work to do leh! hehe

I must beautify the “boring” and “plain” and “not appealing” layout i did today. GAH. owh, my supervisor’s boss said that to my painstakingly long hours of coding work. I do agree with her. Cos the corporate colour is so limited. . .so i also don’t know what to do. 

Boring colours + no photoshop = boring lah!

owh wells!

Must make do, must make do! I remember what Mr. James Kuake told us about being in big corporate companies with no Photoshop available and must make do with Powerpoint and Word. Now i understand him. I should send him an email about this and inform him that i’m actually doing what he taught us -_________-

Owh, I should email Mr. Kumar of CareerSENSE also. Thanking him for this job. Which i don’t even know if he knows i went for interview! lols!

I’m deprived of internet. I CAN access the internet, but like, cannot go to many sites and such. READ: Twitter, blogger, etc.

For the past 2 days, i felt so erm, constricted! hahahaha cos i didn’t get my tag yet to teet-teet to enter the building and doors. I had to hold my pee and wait for someone’s who’s free to borrow me their teet-teet card! lols. 

I finally got my own card with the company’s logo on the landyard, muahahahahaha. Now i can use it in the train and like show off! wtf!

Owh, Owh, tmr’s dress down casual friday!!! yeayyy! Hello skinny jeans, bye bye slacks! hahahaha

Nola, dun mengada, don’t wear my skinnies. Shall be modest and wear normal jeans with baby tee or something. lols

Okays, 1130pm. Time for my spooky show at ASTRO Kirana. Love horror shows!:) Especially dodgy Thai/Japanese/Korean ones:) hahaha

See ya!



First Day

@ the company

I took the train to work from Bangsar station. and when i reached there, I walked to the building, looking up, in pride *beams* lols (Okay, that’s Joyce’s idea of what her job is)


First day was okay. I met my department and did my first task! 😀 

I still don’t have my tag yet, which makes it so hard to go around the building. Have to ask here and there to open door for me. sheesh. I do have a dinosaur computer with a mouse that does not have scroll! gahh!

ok, but overall first day was fun 😀 tmr’s another day. I’m tired. nights!


the day i succumbed to fashion

The weekend was fabulous!

Lemme take out make up, shower then start editing and typing. lols. I so lazy.

yes, i’m now a make up wearer. Altho i’m lazy 99% of the time. the 1% of the time that i do wear make up is when i have to be yaya (quote lainey boo wtf) and meet people. -_-

So the weekend was awesome. as said earlier

I went for the MAA Mosh Pit Auditions and i got it:) woohoo! I’m officially a MAA Mosh pitter:) AWESOME and i can’t wait for August 2nd. 


Joyce, Lea Me

Joyce, Me, Louanne

Joyce & Me

HOTNESS Utt and ahem, a hot butt 😀 lols

Joyce and My sunnies

We love shoesssssss and i need to paint my nails. 


SHOPPING TIME with Lainey Boo WTF (Officially your name in my blog adey)

(read title again: the day i succumbed to fashion)

Yes, yes, i now own a pair. I figured its like tights, only in jeans material. LOLS

My skinny jeans. 

Lainey Boo wtf convinced me that i looked skinny in skinny jeans. which was true. i do look skinny!:)

My advertorial experience which will be blogged at Emmagem 😀

LOLS im branding my blog pictures now. HAHAHAHA. So ugly the pink shoes! need a new image. 

dots dots dots

I’m too lazy to write long long. lols…

Here’s a picture blog:)

One Utama on a thursday. 

The reason i went to 1U, to get my RM10 sunnies, COD from selltrade

I can actually fit TopShop’s clothes -_- they finally have sizes 12 and up!:)

From TS also. This one was nice, but i didn’t really fancy the colour. 


(Disclaimer: I don’t edit ALL my pics lah k? only when i look super fat. . .lols!)

At Nichii

Vincci’s on sale too

I bought a work-ey kimono-ey top from FOS. Which i didn’t take any picture of because it was closing time and they were practically chasing us out of the place lols.

ok goodnight. 

I start work on wednesday. 

I’m going to an Advertorial Nuffnang thing for emmagem on monday, exciting!

I’m going to Zouk to audition for Mosh Pits -_- I so fail at dancing lah k? I can scream and be a fan, but not dancing, maybe they will pick me cos i can head bang? lols

ok goodnight!



Famous people!

I was clearing out emmagem’s Facebook admins and officers. Take out old writers as admin and officers.

When i saw this name: Melissa Maureen

LOLS She’s the actress from Gol dan Gincu. The Ponds advertisement girl. She is on emmagem’s facebook group. 

I know lah, its not much like super celebrities, but still, I really like Melissa Maureen and her being on E’s FB group just made my day lah. 


She’s NOT the only famous one i know, Pamela Chong also is on E’s FB! lols. She’s the one half of Amazing Race Asia’s Pam & Van team. Also is Amelia’s cousin:) hehe. 

Emmagem has got so much things to offer now.. So much has been happening and, OHMIGOSH so much work for me. meh.

  • Feedback Page
  • Online Sellers Forum
  • Top 100 ranking site
  • Emmagem itself, oh em gee

I need a raise.

On other life related stuff:

The company’s HR has not called me yet, what to do? Should i call them? That Karen girl said that HR would call me this week. This week is already thursday and still no call. how how how?

If i call would i seem damn desperate? lols. The interviewer did say that he approved of me. lols. and Karen girl also said I’m confirmed! hahaha..

owh wells. 

its 4am. I slept at 4am last night, my clock is going haywire. in a few hours time i will be awake. My new alarm sound is awesome. Cos i actually do wake up sharp at 930am everyday! haha, now i need to change my clock to 6am to prepare for work. 

I baked cookies on tuesday. I know, so rajin right? It was because my internet was down and i could not do anything at all! *sigh*

I was watching Oprah on tuesday and they were talking about how people waste so much money and rely so much on the “modern” electronic stuff to keep them company everyday. Like this lady has to watch TV to put her to sleep. A family always has 3 TV’s on at the same time while they’re at home. Drinking from plastic bottled water everyday. They were wasting a lot of energy.

Oprah gave them a challenge to not waste energy. Means NO TV, NO COMP etc etc

I would DIE without computer/internet. Ok, so maybe I can survive for  a day, after that i will be so itching to get online. I rely so much on the internet that when i was baking, i wanted to know what was “Medium Protein Flour” – whether it was self raising flour or all purpose flour. I went straight to my lappie to google only to remember that the only reason i baked was because i could not go online. 

I am so doomed man. I need a life. 

i also need to pee and sleep. 

Went out with TK for dinner and random walks around malls to check out some stuff. I need to make the most out of my mini holiday!:) I actually can’t wait for work to start. I need some exciting thing to happen to me. everything seems so mundane. 

I am having 22 year old crisis. 

of cheap work clothes

I went to bijou bazaar today hoping to get some pre loved clothes for cheap! But, totally disappointed. Everything (Most of it) was brand new and around the RM30+ price range. Meh.

Only managed to buy one work top and one casual purple top from Curvy Chics and one 2nd hand RM10 top from Jadehwang.

Totally loving “work look”! lols!

I love the prints! eehehehehe. Cannot wear with this skirt man, lols. Look so auntie like this.I’m guessing a lighter coloured pants?

My RM10 2nd hand padini shirt. lols. Now this can go with the skirt. lols. Totally Auntie Bag. seriously.

Stripeyyyy, sorta kinda off shoulder top.

Came back home from Bijou Bazaar, and slept! Now at 320am i still feel awake. 0_0

I should force self to sleep. Bye!

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