Last day at work

So, it was my last day at work today. Got mixed bittersweet feelings. I’m glad that I don’t have to wake up at 7 to go to work using the impossible to get into trains, but I will also miss the feeling of doing something important each day 🙂

I will also miss my colleagues who are really a fun bunch to be around with. I would work at Program Office anytime! Just gimme a job right for me. lols. Actually I don’t mind doing what I’m doing 🙂 Of course, with more responsibility given to me, I would feel like I’m more important lah. . . I made communication emails/posters for employees at O&T. A first I thought it was so mou liu, like make posters only -_- but then, a colleague made me realize how important it is to communicate to the employees to make sure that they’re happy working and also make them realize how important they are to the organization 😀

Owh, and I also did newsletter for the department. 🙂

Overall, I really had loads of fun working at the company. . .My colleagues are awesome. My intern-mates are awesome-er.I don’t mind working there again once i graduate. But, the thing is, I really don’t wanna do banking. . so not me all that financial stuff. But then again, a bank is an organization after all, and they do need people like me around! lolsss. I wonder if they have a corporate communications department. Duh. I think they do.or maybe Marketing Department. lols. Make newsletters for them again. . . be a powerpoint graphic designer..HAHAHA, hey, i’ve mastered the art of making posters on powerpoint and compressing images into emails! hahaha

Decisions decisions. Sucks.

At my workplace, I really see how people are so semangat to enjoy what they do. I see how workaholic they are, but then again, they always come for the “co-curricular” (i call them that) activities organized. . .

I need to go back into exercising and freaking loose weight already. It is my last semester at college and i’d better make use of this free  time I have and start loosing my fats. haihs.

Here are some images of my time there at work. One month, but, a whole load of fun and new experiences. . . Damn emo when leaving today -____- saying good byes are always hard, but owh well!

Here are some images (so now you’ll know where i work, if you don’t already know)

Evidence that I donated blood, wtf

Being a clicker for Town Hall. lols.

We arranged chairs after the event 🙂

Pompom girls and boy! HAHAHA

We were also tukang ambil gambar for the day.

Emo girl and boy . . .I forgot why we were emo. . .

Men’s team from my department

Womens team, won second place:)

My Farewell Cake 🙂 Scho sweeeeett, got cake for me 🙂

(Got reason wan, why cut until so small, muahahahahah. You know, I know lah)

My internmatesssss Daryl, Tong Jian and Pink 🙂

I’m going to miss them the most. Great company  and lunch buddies 🙂

I will miss working here 😀 Thanks for everything Pink, Tong Jian and Daryl!! Also, to Karen Senior, Hazlinda, Wai Shuen, Andrew. . .and everyone else at Program Office!!!

Friend Requests. . .

I have pending 52 friend requests on facebook.

From people i don’t even know -____________________-

don’t know if i should add them or not… BUT guess who added me on FB? Remember I wrote about Melissa Maureen? lols!!! SHE ADDED ME!!! hahahahhahaa

Straightaway “confirm”


I don’t know since when FB became like friendster. Simply add also can. . .

Watched Ismail the Musical. Saw Kevin in action playing bass and Stephanie’s awesome stage! HAHA Didn’t get to meet them afterwards, because i came with my brother (who was whining that he was sleepy) and my mother (who was hungry). So sorry Stephanie Chuah Shin Ju!!! But great show. Altho some parts I didn’t really understand cos i could not hear properly.

I should sleep soon. its 1am and tmr is a long day! I don’t even know what to wear!!

Scary moment

So, it went away my rashes scare.

Super scared okayyy!! wtf. I hope it doesn’t come back.

Maybe I’m allergic to a massive amount of Soft Shell Crabs +Prawns + Eno afterwards! -_-


Just finished doing classifieds and now got invoice to type. Tmr i’m going to work then to college.

i’m so rajin hor? lols. Maybe i’ll call in sick wtf and don’t go to work. But cannnootttt, need to finish what i’ve started. lols. If tomorrow I don’t have any night plans, I will bake cupcakes for my colleagues. 😀

Been itching to bake cupcakes since forever! lols. Its been a while since i’ve baked!:) The last time i baked was Choc Chip Cookie:) yums yums. I followed David Tutera’s recipe on one of his party planner shows.

i should finish up work and sleep soon . . .

Ismail on tuesday. anyone wanna go watch with me?

allergic reaction

i had a sudden allergic reaction to dunno what. . .my body now is like itching so badly and omg, so so itchy now at 3am.

I didn’t sleep at all, so itchy. scratch scratch. Then suddenly my mouth feels swollen. I was so scared to see myself in the mirror. . . i finally did and omg, im swelling in my mouth area. 

I woke my parents up to tell them about it. They just scolded me for dunno what my room being so dirty and going out all the time and went back to sleep.

They didn’t even care to take a look and then go back to sleep. even if i told them my mouth is swelling. I guess as you grow older they stop caring about whether or not you’re okay. I may die with this reaction, but who cares right? :/

super sad. damn emo then also feeling so scared about what is happening. lols. feel so bodoh. i guess i should know how to fend for myself. 22 years old already. old enough to have babies means must take care of self in times of allergic reactions. . .

No one else to turn t at this ungodly hour, so i turned to google.

Google said it might be hives. This website is really awesome to find out what skin reactions you have!lols.

but im just guessing. I’m no doctor. 

So here i am at 343am. .  trying to soothe the itch with wet cloth. . .my mouth swelling has gone down a bit, but still swelling. . .I never had such angelina jolie lips weiii! hahaha. shit lah, I hope it goes away soon. I can’t sleep. . .at all! 

Now i read that i should not scratch! lols. nice. just when i scratched damn kaokao. i should wear a pair of socks to prevent me from scratching . .

itchy like mad weiii. . .google also said can take antihistamines to relief the itch. I don’t know. .  should i? I’m no doctor, haihs.

Hives can occur when. . .

“Hives are produced by histamine and other compounds released from cells called mast cells, which are a normal part of skin. Histamine causes fluid to leak from the local blood vessels, leading to swelling in the skin.”

Histamines. . . . why owh why must you be released on my blood vessels. . . Maybe cos i have lesser blood count since i donated that day. lols. 

I could have Physical urticaria (physical hives)

The term physical urticaria refers to hives produced by direct physical stimulation of the skin. By far the most common form is “dermographia,” which literally means “skin writing.” This is an exaggerated form of what happens to anyone when their skin is scratched or rubbed: a red welt appears at the line of the scratch. In dermographia, raised, itchy red welts with adjacent flares appear wherever the skin is scratched or where belts and other articles of clothing rub against the skin, causing mast cells to leak histamine.

Another common form of physically induced hives is called cholinergic urticaria. This produces hundreds of small itchy bumps. These occur within 15 minutes of physical exertion, or a hot bath or shower, and are usually gone before a doctor can examine them. This form of hives happens more often in young people.

Other forms of physical hives are much less common. Triggers for these include cold, water, and sunlight.

The itch went really bad after i took a shower! And yes i scratched a lot while i was sleeping. . 

Haihs. I so stress. . .

Since no one’s here to ask me. . .my imaginary friend A visited me. . . Read more

Because I’m bored

Today I bummed! Like really bummed . . . woke up at noon (What a luxury!)

Did some emmagem clean up work. 

Watched You don’t Mess with The Zohan – UBER FUNNY MOVIE.

such a bum.

Some images. . .

At Beauty & The Beast Musical at KL Convention.

I forgot what date, but it was a tuesday. . .lol

Joyce, Karen, Lea

We yaya and wore dresses 😀

At Bubba Gump Shrimp, The Curve



(some people went for laser eye treatment and now has 20-20 vision!)

We were shrimped out. . .look at the amount of shrimps we had. . .

PS’s shrimps

Lea and Joyce’s

Mine. . .

The place was really rustic and old school good ol’ American so called “house” kinda interior. I watched Forrest Gump like so long ago. Don’t even remember the story -_-

They had uber funny posters all over! Here’s one:

See fat fanny kick box! lols. If you’re fat, you’re called “huskyyy”

Me!!!! I’ve got so many moles, dang!

After work de-stress

Meet my intern friends!:)

Tong Jiann, Daryl and Woo PINK (Her name is Pink! lols, so cute right?) They’re the MMU intern friends I was telling you about:) hehe. 


When we’re 35. . .

My Lainey Boo wtf and I will be rich. Nuff said! 😀






We had this long conversations of “If we’re rich and 35. . .what would we do. . .” on gtalk.

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