i’m 22 omg!

My darling friends surprised me yesterday with balloons and some humiliation at TGIF. lols.


Sayang banyak banyak. My first evahh like u know real outing with loads of sayang friends on my bday 😀

Thanks to everyone who made it happen!Me loves you. Free cupcakes for everyone! lols!

yes, i’m 22.

omg can you believe it?

I’m 22

Double two

i’m 22

Old already.

Soup Kitchen Experience

So today I went to AOHD at St John’s Cathedral’s soup kitchen to volunteer.I cut vegetables, fruits and served the homeless/poor.

So sad man, reminds me of Phillipines. But only older people and not children. Old old aunties and uncles who does not have jobs, or in between jobs. They look like they do have homes(maybe not), maybe just not enough to feed themselves. Talked only to one uncle who told us how he does not have a job (others looked at us weirdly). He said he only comes there when there’s no money for food. He’s old and no one wants to hire him. He also asked me if I could give him a job. lols.


Food of the day: Rice with fried vegetables, chicken soup and watermelon for dessert. They were also given Milo and plain water to drink before the meal.

They can also bathe there, shave, wash their clothes before eating as soaps and showers are all given. They just had to bring their own towels and clothes. Some guy asked if there are any clothes for him to change into as the one on his back was too old. The volunteer shook her head. She also told him that he can only get free shaver on Fridays.

Dang man, I feel so sad for them.

They just stared at us 3 girls there sitting down as they arrived at 10am. We were done cutting veges and waiting for the cook to come. There were 3 aunties volunteering in the morning to cut veges and 3 other Phillipino volunteers including a cook.

A man came with a big bag of plastic bottles and tin cans. He placed them nicely beside the table and opened his bag. He took out all of his worn clothes nicely from his bag and placed it in a plastic bag. I only assume he’s going to wash them.

Everyone was just so quiet and some were talking happily like there’s no worries at all for that 2 hours that they’re there. It is like a sanctuary for them to catch up with everyone, read the newspapers and talk about what has been going on.

We had a little prayer today for the donor of the food. He passed away not too long ago and we said Our Father, 3 hail Mary’s and sang a song(the ones we sing during funerals). Good man.

Food were served at 12 noon and they hungrily ate them and within 15 minutes or so, they finished! Must be damn hungry. It could be their only meals for the day. I would not know. But by 12 something, almost everyone washed their plates and left.

The social worker, Mr. Carl gives nicknames to everyone. He calls this guy Jerry and his partner Tom. His partner was captured and sent to jail, so Jerry was quite sad today. Jerry went to every volunteer and thank us. He mumbled, “You guys are my Jesus….Thank you…”. He went around 2 times saying the same thing to everyone.

I want to help them, but how? buy them clothes? Buy them food, owh, bake them cupcakes to make them happy! 😀 lols.

You must follow me one day to help them prepare food. It is an eye opening experience. Come come!

i’m still alive

I managed to do my Algebra and Trigo Quiz. And I think I did pretty well. (if you don’t count the few questions I banged).


ok I damn sleepy and I need TV time.

OWH, I’m also going to watch Russell Peters in Singapore! (Belum beli tickets lah, hope I can get it and not sold out!!)

A mengada picture of me before I leave:

I bought a beach hat for 99 baht and that dress is 250 baht

Karen Rocks!

In point form:

  • To Joyce and Xue….i’m updating!!!! lols
  • Its 430am, and shit, i’m having insomnia. I am freaking tired but I just can’t sleep!!!!
  • OTH and GG and PB has startedddd!!!!
  • I ate chicken sandwich at 5pm and Green Tea Frap at 530pm and Siew Yuk at 8pm and i’m hungry now at 430am!
  • I am starting to hate Algebra and Trigonometry. I have a quiz next week. I is dead.
  • My bangkok photos are on FB. Will blog soon.
  • Too much work to do. Too many events to attend.
  • I need a life. and like, bumming time, but life just won’t allow me to.
  • I need some good ol laineyy boo wtf time.
  • I also need to hang with Steph and I miss Xue Zhen too
  • Sidney’s in Singapore having so much fun. I want holiday. Altho I just had one
  • TK has a girlfriend and dowan to tell me who is it. So sad…
  • I love to attend events and cover it, cos i love goodie bags. wtf.
  • ok enough!

. . . . .

I damn mengada. . . .

I’m giving out Karen Rocks Badges, anyone would like one?


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