Tales of losing my earrings

Ever since i was a kid, I always seem to loose my earrings. My mum used to buy me gold earrings as I was allergic to fake ones. I always seem to loose one side of my earrings. Until one fine day when she bought me a Key and a Lock on both sides.

Ever since that day, it was in tact on my ears, never lost it!! But my primary school teacher said I can’t wear it to school cos they’re both different on both sides!

Like wtf right, earrings also cannot be different wan meh? wtf wtf! School sucks. Like how people can’t wear “branded shoes” (even if its all white and has a Nike logo on it.) Like omg, people rich can afford Nike white shoes mar, cannot meh? I think they jealous!!

Then I remember last time, Lea always wore this platform-ish shoes which some girls in school wears. But they can’t wear them, as it is platform!!! Like OMG. Like that also wanna kira!!

School’s overrated!


Anyways, I’ve been on the losing earrings season this fw weeks. Each earring I wear, sure one will be lost no matter what I do! 🙁

haihssss. Just lost one today.

Went to The Loft with Lea and Nisha. lols. I hate those techno music man. Dah lah I so suck at dancing, without RnB Music lagilah worst. I just stand there kaku only. hahahaa

I seriously need dancing lessons. Anyone wanna teach me?


For the past 2 days, I’ve been feeling damn sickly man. I don’t know why. Maybe I just need some rest from all the studying. But I know I can’t rest cos I have loads to do. Resting is a privilege.

But, today I woke up, with the huge-est headache , diarhhea, omg body pain. 🙁

I decided to skip being a student for a day and just be me. I need my privilege card to rest

So here i am, replying some emails, talking to lea, wearing my new sandals which Sidney bought for me from Tangs in my oversized shirt. Feel so tired of life in general! haihsssss

TANGS ON SALE, OMG!SO CHEAP!! bags, shoes, clothes!!!

I’m on PACMEE!! (see widget on sidebar)

Pacmee.com is like twitter, only its more Malaysianized and can send updates to mobile phones lah:) hehehe. How cool is that? hhehe.

by the way, please please type “ON KARENMARIE” and send to 22700 (Maxis) or 36400 (Digi) to follow me on Pacmee!:)

Recieving messages are free*, but if you send messages/reply to my messages, then you will have t pay 5 cents 😀 hahaha

*free for the first 500 messages:) then after that RM1 for the next 500 messages:) hehe

So yeah, now we can be connected through Pacmee, plus I get to send messages to all my friends for 5 cents. I think this would be so awesome when planning yam cha sessions! don’t need to reply so many messages and send so many messages. Save money for me! hahahaha

So yeah, if you have Pacmee also, I will follow you k? hehehehe

I will follow youuuuu, follow you wherever you will go!!!! There isn’t an ocean too deep, a mountain so high it can’t keep, keep me awaaaayyyyyy…. I will follow youuu

Cupcakesrock.com is mine!

I finally bought the domain cupcakesrock.com plus its hosting from Inbam 😀 hehe

So now I own it, wtf!hahaha. Maybe I will change my main blog to cupcakesrock.com… hahaha. And send my cupcakes blog to like, er….elsewhere.

anyways, today I have another quiz, then after that, Im going to bake cupcakes for some halloween event thingy for Ivy of Bpsych student council. Which I am so lazy to do, but I think I could use some baking just for fun 😀 hehe. I miss baking..

Plus its halloween theme! So I get to play with orange and black colours!:) hehehe

But im damn tired man.By the end of today I think I will be dead. This past 2 weeks has been hell!!!!! I WANNA DIE LAH!! so stress and I don’t think I am going to do well in all my exams this 2 weeks! haihs.

I should study lah, one more chapter, I can do it!:) See ya!

owh, a friend of mine wants me to do a review on some product. hahahaha.. Like lah my blog damn famous! hahaha…but nevermind, I can do a review:)

owh owh, guess who messaged me asking me to send cupcakes all the way to London, and he doesn’t mind paying for shipping cost? Adrian Paul! An old sunday school friend 😀

HAHAHAHAHAH. Where can send cupcakes overseas wan? Won’t it be like crushed by the time it reaches there? Plus can you even ship food over the air? haha. So funny laahhh. UNLESS, he wants to pay for my flight there to carry it over personally, then cannnnnnn, anytime! hahahah 😀


Thanks Steph, for that email…. We must go to Singapore k? Just you and meeeeeeeeee! hahaha…Cos more people can’t fit into Xue’s room! hahahah

Teen Pregnancy

Please don’t quote me in this one. I got this information from Unicef. 😀 I’m actually studying for my Human Services mid terms by re-writing it here.

Do you know, that kids or rather teenagers aged 13-19 get pregnant like all the time? Teen Pregnancy can be described as any girls who gets preganant who have not reached the legal age of adulthood yet (this adulthood thing varies across the differnt cultures lah).

HALF of the world’s population are under 25, gasps. 1.8 BILLION of them are aed 10-25 and this is the largest ever generation of adolsescence and to top it all of 85% of them live in the developing world.

Interesting point: Most kids become sexually active before they’re 20. Is this true?? huh huh huh? Did you first have sex before you’re 20?

10-40% of girls have unwanted pregnancy and 14 million babies are born every year to kida aged 15-19.

Why is this happening?

well, of course, like I mentioned before, different people have different reasons why they are pregnant or in a situation. Some of the factors are:

  • In some cultures, it is okay to get married at younger age. You know how they’re 14 and boom, must get married to have kids.
  • Some kids, watch too much gossip girl, drink alco and have sex cos they think they’re cool like Serena. and BANG, a month later, they have baby.
  • Some people too shy to read about contraceptives, or its taboo for them to speak of it in their families and you know, how if you say, don’t have sex, people go and do it anyways right? So then, they don’t have any knowlegde about safe sex and contraceptives, and dang, here comes the baby!
  • Some, know that they can use condoms and other contraceptives, but then they wear terbalik, haiyo, how lah like that!! hahaha
  • Peer pressure. the most Frequently answered answer you can get from any psych students. Because you’re doing it, I must too, if not I sure so fail man. People will look at me weirdly and like, omg, kill me if i don’t have sex.
  • Sexual Abuse. OK this one serious matter. People get raped all the time in the world, its not funny.Rapists should be castrated
  • Poverty.
  • Low SE.
  • Low education and ambitions. All they’d rather do is bang around and have kids.

What happens to a teen mother when she has to keep her child, or became pregnant?

Well, she may just drop out of school. Cos you know how in Malaysia and some countries, they shun pregnant kids. People just can’t go back to school once they’re pregnant. So eventually, they will not finish high school and have no qualification, or only get SPM cert. Which will eventually lead them to unemployment. As how to take care of children and work at the same time? Since they have no money, they will then live in a poor housing condition or live on welfare. Some may even suffer from depression as they are so sad about what that has happened…

So sad right?

This gets worst for the child of the teen mother.

The child will likely to live in poverty,grow up without a father, be abused, don’t do well in school, involved in crime, abuse drugs and alcohol and soon they will follow their mother’s footsteps and like get pregnant themselves!! 🙁

You know, this is so true, from a true account of observing my cousin who got pregnant when she was 17. Her sister, too got pregnant when she turned 17. This shows that siblings who gets pregnant do influence their siblings a lot. So if you think you get pregnant and the same thing’s not going to happen to your sister, be careful…

Well, what’s the consequences, some of them have abortion. teenage girls perform almost 14% of the estimated 20 million unsafe abortions and from that 68,000 of them dies!! 🙁

If they do have a child, they would probably only seek medical care when their stomach are shown. Cos you know, how they like to keep it a secret until someone finds out.  Because of lack of prenatal care, they are very likely to be born prematurely and the baby might be at risk for many things. The mother may also face risk for medical complications when they’re delivering the babies. they are very likely to die because of childbirth due to not enough care given.

What’s worst, is STD, HIV and AIDS!!!!

people have misconceptions about how STD’s are transmitted. Remember to wear condoms at every sex attempts. unless of course you’re married to the most faithful spouse of all times, who will not EVAH cheat on you with a prostitute or another lady.

What challenges do teens have?

In Malaysia, especially, the talk of contraceptives is such a taboo. So they really don’t know how does the contraceptives work. We need more education on contraceptives and also how people get pregnant. The one chapter in form 4 science/bio will not help either as teachers are so shy in teaching them anyways!

Judging. People judge you and look at you weirdly when they go to a pharmacy to get a condom, or other contraceptive methods. They stare at you weirdly aiyerr, that person is having sex. lols.

Clinics and hospitals only teach family planning to like married people. Which is true lah. But come on, are they like blind?? Kids ARE having sex every day. They are the ones that need education on family planning. Not married couples. They are already sure they can have babies and most of them get married to have babies anyways!

So, then the question is, HOW to prevent this from happening?

  • Instill confidence!
    Prevention programs should always instill confidence in kids to let them be aware of all the things they can do to prevent pregancy. Teach them to think for themselves and always be prepared. motivate them to abstain or learn all the contraceptives available.
  • Star Early
    Should always teach teenagers once they start puberty about abstinence. Cos that’s the only way they can prevent 100%!
  • Talk about Values
    these include responsibility, self control, self respect, etc so that they love their bodies.
  • Mentoring
    Have them get a buddy system so that they can each monitot themselves together
  • Talk about sexual abuse
    Help them identify if they are being sexually abused. Some kids will not know what’s abuse and may keep on going
  • Ensure confidentiality in clinics
    Make sure that when they do go to see a doctor, that they will keep it confidential. Some people are too shy to go seek help.
    You can’t just keep blaming the girls who get pregnant, who donates he sperm huh? lols. Make sure that the boys too know how to sue contraceptives and teach them to always be using them
  • Clear messages.
    Make sure that messages sent across are clear and consistent at all times so that teens won’t get confused and suspicious.
  • Sexual Reproductive Health Education
    A place where they can go to learn about sexual behaviors and methods to wear contraceptives, ways to avoid intercourse, activities that lead to sex,
  • One to one counseling
    For anyone who needs help so that they don’t turn to sex to solve problems
  • Youth Development programs
    improve their SE, confidence, self awareness and make them ave ambitions so that they know how important it is to stay not pregnant.
  • Contraceptive Services
  • Involvement of Parents
    Kids who are close to their parents will somehow be abstinence, avoid sex till later and always use contraceptives. Parents must always encourage their kids to talk about sex and life, love, marriage so that they are aware know its importance.
  • Family Support and Parenting programs
    To break the vicious cycle of the teen pregnancy, they must get sufficient support from agencies and families.

So there you go. A lecture for you on teen pregnancy. Have fun.

Wear contraceptives, thank you!

Soup Kitchen Day #4

So today, we didn’t do much except cut onions. Everything else was done. My head wasn’t clear this morning, if you know why. I was damn sleepy too. Slept at 4am. lols. So everything was blur blur. Wasn’t really “open” to listening in on others so no emo homeless stories today ya? But got other stories…

So anyways. We cut onions and sat down till feeding time. While sitting down, I was trying to study my Conflict Resolution. TRYING. lols. Of course I got distracted. Mr Carl gave me a book to read. It was about refugees in Malaysia. The book is called “The Revolving Door. Modern Day Slavery” by Tenaganita.

You know how you watched slavery/human trafickking shows on HBO? Like how they give you a shithole place to stay, rice with salted fish to eat. Cold water to bathe at night, probably after 3 days bathe one time. That same similar stories are happening right here in Malaysia. In refugee detention camps. How freaking sad, but reality bites. I really thought that it only happened like in Thailand (you know how your mum always say people will kidnap you, cut your fingers, and send you to Thailand to beg for food?). Migrants here in Malaysia are treated like that. Like shit man. The authorities are ill treating migrants who actually have a UNHCR cards(Identification card as a migrant by UN).  they’re sorta illegal here in Malaysia, but they should not be treated like shit right?

I want to buy that book and finish reading the stories. The book contains stories about how they were treated by the authorities. Some of them were even brought to Malaysia-Thai border and were asked to call someone to prepare money to bring them back by paying them lah. If not they will be sold to the fisherman to be worked as a slave. like wtf man. Slavery still exists in this world. Malaysia somemore, wtf!!!!

The world is so unfair!!

So today, Mr Carl played a little game with them. So cute I tell you! They were given a paper with some football teams on it. They were supposed to predict the scores. The closest one will be give prizes

  • 1st Prize 20 packets of Maggi Mee
  • 2nd Prize 8 packets of Maggi Mee
  • 3rd Prize 5 packets of Maggi Mee

LOLS. So cute. Everyone took part for a chance to win some food.

Food today: Fried ikan bilis, eggs, beans. No soup/curry today. So very dry.

There weren’t enough food today. So many people. Almost 120 people came today. So we were assigned to give out biscuits to them, since they were still hungry. 5/6 each. Some of them tapau-ed them home..

Really, today no stories. hahaha. feel so useless without a story to tell today. hahaha.. was too engrossed with my book today to eavesdrop to any conversation.

Owh wells. Exam tmr at 9am. need to read one more topic and then i’m done for the day. damn tired man.

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