Goodbye 2008

2008 marks the end of my college years.

lets have a moment of silence for 2008.

WTF lol

Anyways, I was writing about Blythe Dolls at emmagem. Decided I should get one, cos its so cute. Then googled the estimated price, and said bye bye to the doll! hahaha its so mahal!

(from An Old Flame)

but cute!


I will not post any new years resolution whatsoever, because it never works. So I shall silently pray that I will have the will to just do it!:) hahaha

I detoured by reading blogs and omg i should sleep

See you next year!

I’m renovating my room

Ok, not renovating, just redecorating ๐Ÿ™‚

Wait for the final product of my new and improved room ๐Ÿ™‚ lols

I want to paint my room pink… Like Hot Pink. I need to consult my dad. heehee. Just one wall cukup kua. Another wall, I wanna put decals ๐Ÿ˜€ If one could be in zebra stripes, it would be great!! hahaha

OK,I’m dreaming…

But operasi redecorate room is ON! I made this notice to tell my family about my redecorating plans. Pasted it on my door! hahahaha

So mengada.


Click for a view.

Anyways, I’m going shopping nowww!!


So yesterday I went crazy designing these Christmas (cards?) thingys. I really don’t know what are these? E cards? printable cards? lols. It can be anything lah, use your imagination:)

anyways, I’ve decided to give it out for free for anyone who wants to download them! You know,ย  place them on your blogs to wish everyone happy Christmas:)

I had fun making them ๐Ÿ˜€ lols. So have fun using them:) To download them, just Right Click and Save Image.

Christmas Tree with Lights Card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Christmas Presents with light bulbs Card – I love these presents. ๐Ÿ˜€ (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Christmas Presents with light snowflakes card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Christmas presents with pattern card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Pattern Just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚ (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Green Ornaments Fall-ish colours Card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Snowflake Christmas Cardย  (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Snowflake Christmas Cardย  (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Totally not Christmas colour card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)


Of sleeping late and working like an owl.

I’ve been doing just that for the past 3 days since I finished exams. Its unhealthy I tell you… so unproductive. But productive in a way cos i usually work better at night. I really wonder why! hehe.

So today, after posting up articles, I shall go and watch TV and fall asleep on the couch. Cos I sleep faster in front of the tv. Just put on some boring movie and sleeeep.

owh wait, need to type invoices. bleh.

So the whole blog world is not looking at my pictures in some famous girl bloggers websites, namely, Audrey, Cynthia, Ringo, Cindy, Jolene – the works. Then they keep on telling me, omg, I saw your picture on this girl’s blog! hahaha! It was a great experience getting to know these power bloggers. They’re making tons ofย  money (judging from the number of advertorials they get) by just blogging. Now that is something I can never achieve with my own blog. heehee. But hey, I managed to get emmagem up to that level ๐Ÿ˜€ lols. But, they are all very nice people i must say ๐Ÿ™‚

Lemme post up a picture, this blog needs a picture or pictures….

(check out how omg fat i look beside these bloggers, they are ALL so skinny AND pretty!)

-_- I so fail

Click for a bigger viewย  ๐Ÿ™‚ this picture is so nice! lols

With the mini laptops.

One tip, never stand beside Cynthia, because I will look fat -_-ย  totally fat. BAD ANGLE BAD ANGLE.

Well, unless you can’t see the arms. HAHAHA

I hope Nuffnang invites me for more of these kinda events, I sure love meeting new people and of course, the freebies!! For more photos and the whole story you can check out emmagem!


Can my firefox+blog be any christmassey?


click on it to see the details ๐Ÿ˜€

Download the “Tinseltown” theme for firefox here. Happy Holidays WP theme is from So Chic Design. I love this layout, how its positioned and also the fonts/style, the whole works. Maybe after this I will tweak around this layout to make my own. I hope SoChicDesign allow these kinda tweaks.

Funny thing is, I don’t feel the “christmas” feeling yet. Maybe because I have so much to worry about. haihs haihs. Today was pretty much spent studying. Last day of officially being a kid for me:) After today, a period of bumming is required as a rite of passage for all uni leavers. HAHA.

After reading Human Services textbook, I’ve decided that I want to do human services.ย  like, really just help people, whether in counseling or just being a social worker. I believe I will be good at it. Or maybe I just have a lot of interest in the helping profession. Iย  don’t really know. But knowing that I can do something to make people’s lives better gives me the feeling of contentment ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I started helping people earlier.

After my other website got “famous”, i’ve been exposed to the “corporate” world of competition, race to the top experience. As you may know, trying to be the best in the “industry” of niche blogging is just so hard with people in a hurry to make money. It is hard. I just don’t know if I have what it takes to excel in this world of constantly competing with everyone else to win hearts of readers. I just am not the type of person.

Its 0400 am and I have my final paper at 1500. That’s like 11 hours more. I’m still not asleep. haihs. That’s for waking up at 1300 yesterday afternoon! I can’t afford to wake up late tmr, still need to do final reading. I’ve finished studying one round. Just need to revise tmr. I so must score this final paper. Just for the fun of it. lols.

To everyone who reads, please go get twitter, twitter is the new blog and omg, I think keeping in touch with twitter is so awesome. Cos i can read your thoughts like everytime you tweet!:) Then after getting yours, add me k?

ok i should force self to sleep now. and wake up at 9 to study:) hehe


After living for 22 + years, I’ve realized something.

Friendships are based on memories built together. If you don’t have any significant memories to rely on, your friendship will never stay long. Owh and of course, your commitment to each other.

Must. Always. Spend. Time. With. Your. Friends.

Like for example, I go random shopping and make jewelry with Louanne. We criticize blogshops and go on random shopping and makan trips all the time. We used to be shopping buddies way back then in 2003. Sorry I wasn’t there for you during your huge break up, we were quite driven apart after you got together with him in the first place -_-.ย  Sidney will always be my bff, no matter where life leads us. I will always remember Elaine for being my friend in college when the whole world (ok, im exagerating) turn their backs on me. Sayang my lainey boo wtf. Please spend more time with me? I’m loosing you, slowly… With Lea, Nisha, Sam, my teenage friends, we will always have our Poetic ammo and boyband huntings memories. And now with Lea and Joyce, we’re growing up together in the big bad world of “adulthood” by meeting up and having dinners and laughing our asses off over things ๐Ÿ˜€ (owh, and walking at 1130pm in DPC, so mengada we all) With Phan Shean, he will always be my first few sms buddy (man, we used to sms damn a lot in high school) and close friend in high school, we still meet up, even if its once a year (now, that’s what it means to be a committed friend). Owh, now we message each other on MSN -_-ย  Stephanie will always be remembered with my Malacca Trip and CareerSense ( I will always remember my CareerSENSE buddies too, Jet, Patweek, Wednesday, Nick, SiewLi-Fireflies!!!), of course, all the random moments we have together and her feminism, i love. I love you stephanie chuah shin ju. TK, will always be my grocery shopping buddy, although lately you FFK me so much -_- dun like u (:p) Lavena, I miss her loads. She was also one of the reasons i believed in friendships again after the 2005 incident. Tk and her hung out with me, which made me feel a whole load better. I will also always remember my one semester with Sok Ling and how we used to go for chemistry class together. She’s a sweetheart. the times we spent together and just her fetching me to class when we had chemistry was really fun. When I said bye to her before she left for US, I was so sad ๐Ÿ™ (I guess her company really impacted me) Come back soon, we need to build more memories together ๐Ÿ™‚

I never had permanant friends in college. You know the ones you have in same classes, same groups all the time in the whole undergraduate life. I just realized after spending time with stephanie’s friends and listening to all their memories they had. I never had that much memories with the same bunch of people throughout my college years. I had Rowena, Amelia and Melody for the first few sems. Then Elaine was my kawan sebuntut, with Rachael too soon after that. After they graduated, Sok Ling and steph was there. After that I was a lone ranger with no kawan sebuntut to hang out -_-

I once even believed that Peyton Sawyer quote “everyone always leaves”. You should read my diary at that down time of my life in 2004/2005.ย  so emo can die. thought I will never have friendships that last.

But, in the end, I’m glad I have all my friends in different circles everywhere. I’m so lucky to have still be friends with Lea now, who really I lost contact with when we were in college. Thank God, we’re hanging out now. Heck, I’m still friends with Sue Yuen Theng and Foo Wei Foong, omg. They knew me since I was 6 years old!!

The point of this post is, Thank YOU!

Thanks for being there for me and just being who you are and thinking about me when you’re praying (lol). Thanks for layaning my shits and I really hope we will not loose contact anytime in this lifetime. Please call me to go shopping or makan or minum or concerts or travelling or anything else you can think of. Sayang you girls and guys loads. Let’s grow old together?

(shit, I’d better not leave anybody out…lols. If I do, please accept my apology, lols)

You and Me

Azwar is from my college last time. lols. Really cute song, omg! listen listen:)

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