Kuaci + Self Discovery + Psychology + Happy CNY!!!

I had Kuaci today. Its been so long since i had one. lols. Funny how I first spelt kuaci as Kuachee just now thanks to Kuachee from Frequency Cannon.

I finally bought Eat, Pray, Love today at MPH. Its about a self discovery book and a memoir about Liz who went travelling to find out who she was. Also because Oprah said it rocks sometime ago and every girl should read it. So I must read it πŸ˜€ hehehe. shall bring it along to my vacay. Self discovery through a book. i think I’m buying it at the right time of my life because I really need it, right now. The turning point of my life. Life decisions is to be made.

I’m burping and farting a lot. The last time I felt so bloated, I had diarrhea the next day. OMGNESS. I cannot shit in highway rest stops!! hahahaha.


Buy me this and I will love you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’m sleepy already. LOLS. Ok shall sleep.No blog. Sleep.

I miss everyone!! Just chatted with StephJuju πŸ˜€

(In Steph’s style: sleep? what sleep? I don’t sleep!!! Sleep are for the lazy bumsΒ  :D)

[just cos i found something to blog about]

Then stages of relationship came out as we were talking. I remember last time in Sunday School, my teachers used to teach me all these stages of a relationship. Like first stage is the getting to know each other stage, honeymoon stage, etcetc (I never paid attention in Sunday School, we were too busy writing notes to each other and bitching about something, right lea? hahahahah).

But i did remember bits and pieces of the stages. Like mostly physical stages of a normal relationship and what they told us was to ahem, stop at Hugging I think? lols. Was it petting? I just remember anything after heavy petting is a NONO. I don’t remember all. I just threw away all my sunday school books that day when cleaning up. So I did what I do best, I turned to my best dictionary/encyclopedia in the whole world!

Stages of development are something imprinted on our heads after studying 4 years of psychology (Hint hint: Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development). We know that there’s a stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation-which is where most of us are, after age 18/19/20 till the next stage of generativity.

Quote Allpsych.com:

Intimacy vs. Isolation.
Occurring in Young adulthood, we begin to
share ourselves more intimately with others. We explore relationships
leading toward longer term commitments with someone other than a family
member. Successful completion can lead to comfortable relationships and a
sense of commitment, safety, and care within a relationship. Avoiding
intimacy, fearing commitment and relationships can lead to isolation,
loneliness, and sometimes depression.

We learn who we are in the earlier stage and in this stage, we want to share more and find that other person to be committed with. its like human nature to find more people to share their lives with. It is a time to explore and find that someone to share your life with….etcetc.

But, we hardly mention stages of a relationship. Maybe we did, I just wasn’t paying attention. Maybe in personality class or developmental psych class. But who is keeping track anyways. Owh owh, we did learn about sexual response cycle in Abnormal Psych and all the psychological dysfunctions that comes along with it. Really funny to hear Dr. Ng talk about it in class. hahaha.

Oh how I love this subject, psychology πŸ˜€

My trusted source (ahem, google) revealed that most “relationship expert” websites stated there are only 4-5 recognized predictable stages.

A psychologist, Nancy Wesson, PhD in counseling and psychotherapy for couples said that there are 5 stages:

Stage I: Infatuation
Stage II: Initial but Limited Commitment (6 weeks to 2 years)
Stage III: Permanent Commitment
Stage IV: Early Marriage/Commitment
Stage V: Recommitment

Which I think is kinda ok, considering she has done her research πŸ˜€ I always wanted to be a couple therapist. Maybe one day I realize my dreams and make Randy Pausch (RIP) proud.

Then, I also read this one which says:

Initial Stage (Romance)
Eye-opener Stage (Reality)
Stability Stage (Maturity)
Commitment Stage (Totally Practical)
Marriage Stage (Romance once again)
Which is kinda the same as the first one. Just different a bit. Romance stage is where I call the honeymoon stage. seriously, everyone will go through that, most do not make it to the next. Because the next stage means getting to know each other. lols.

This is funny. I found this by Ask Ken. Superficial stages of a relationship. More of a sexual relationship:

Stage 1: Polite dating. Dinner in classy restaurants. Secretive lusting.
Stage 2: Comfortable familiarity. The sharing of poorly written poetry. Dinner, movies and concerts. Thinly veiled secretive lusting.
Stage 3: Nothing else exists in the universe except the object of desire. Food and water not necessary to sustain life. Fear that heart will burst from excessive joy. The first awkward sexual groping.
Stage 4: Coupledom. Both quit asking each other out on β€œdates”; both assume time will be spent together. Dinner and rented movies. More awkward sexual fumbling. Friends begin feeling forgotten.
Stage 5: No dinners, no movies, just a tangled mass of nekkid, sweating, thrusting bodies. Neighbors pounding on ceiling/walls/floor.
Stage 6: Walking around in underwear in front of each other. The beginning stages of the use of the words β€œhoney” and β€œdear”. Much more hot monkey love.
Stage 7: Raiding the refrigerator or turning on the television after sex. Frequency and timing of sex becomes predictable. Friends begin hearing from you again. The first signs of problems deciding which videos to rent.
Stage 8: Fast food. More arguments about which videos to rent. Fantasizing about others while getting it on.
Stage 9: Mild discontent. Sex not because you want it but because you can have it. Macaroni and cheese from a box. Network television.
Stage 10: Masturbation because sex is too much effort. Arby’s. Constant sniping at each other.
Stage 11: What were cute habits are now driving you insane. Frequent desire to strangle partner in their sleep. Questions as to what attracted the two of you to each other in the first place.
Stage 12: The division of goods, the parting of ways, the promise that this will never happen again

Well, in my opinion, stages of a relationship are really like what they said. Will write more soon in an open way. 4 days in Taiping with my lappie is going to be fun:)

I think my passion for the topic of finding the right partner, meeting the opposite sex, relationships and being a marriage therapist has not faded with time. All my psych project research has been along the same lines.

Now i’m just talking crap lah, please do not quote me. Maybe one day, I will be an expert in relationship psychology. who knows. lols.

(censored – read protected entry)

Sleep? 4-5 hour journey to Taiping should be enough sleep. I need to pack, like soon.

Randy Pausch said I should dream and always work my way to achieve my dream. I just need to rediscover what I want in life and what I wish to spend my life on. And I will, you just wait Randy!

Happy CNY! πŸ™‚

I love myself!+Langkawi Planning+Clearasil

fb2So today I went to KLPAC Open Day. It was scorching HOT. OMGNESS. I think we were 4 shades darker just today at KLPAC. lols. Damn a lot of people.

We went to Lapsap Junkyard Sales after that. Boohoo. Nothing much there. Or at least I miss really shopping for second hand items. Where everything is RM5. I love RM5 pre-loved items. I have many many myself during Bijou Bazaar circa Jerumpa Jeramo times. I miss the first few bazaars. Where everyone really was selling for cheap in line with the bazaar. Instead of everything is now overpriced and all new items or vintage. Vintage is overrated man. sheesh.

owh wells. I love my new picture taken by Louanne! πŸ˜€

Nice eh? I love my pictures in this dress. I love this dress. I want to get one more at Sg Wang. hahaha. I bought this dress at BKK for 250Baht. Got cheated i tell you. hahaha. Cos Sg Wang is selling for RM19.90!!

Owh wells. Should not complain. I also love Sg Wang for cheap dresses and clothes! hahaha.

My mum, bro and I went to the Isetan Card Member sale on Saturday. Managed to get a red tartan spag top from Padini, RM30 and a clutch bag from Eclipse for RM49. My mum thinks it looks like a table cloth. But I needed a red tee for CNY mar. lols. Plus I could not find any nice red dress from Isetan. Either too mahal, doesn’t fit, ugly prints or I’m too lazy to try.. hahaha.

The night on Saturday, we went for my cousin, Nat’s 21st birthday.Β  It was held at Berjaya Golf Club at Bukit Jalil. I used to hang with her so much when we were little. I guess time made us grow apart and now we hardly even have anything in common. lols. Maybe we just haven’t been talking. but owh wells. Happy 21st. We used to play masak masak together all the time. hahaha. I remember times when I went to her house in Old Klang Road and we used to play by her house. took leaves and such and cooked. Played house house and all. hahaha.Owh, when she came to my house, I remember we used to play shopping shopping. We’d buy imaginary stuff and I’d be the cashier to check out the items. lols! fun times….

Wonder why we always say masak masak and doctor doctor and house house or shopping shopping.

On Saturday, we took one of those rare to come by cousins photo. Lookie:

Everyone was looking everywhere because there were like a million cameras. .Jasmine, Eddie Boy and Raymond were not there. If not it will be complete.

Anyways, here are a few more shots. most photos were like, blurgh. Not nice once. Cos it was too dark and I hate flash! hahaha. I need a DSLR, thank you very much!

On Langkawi

So, we’re finally going to Langkawi, confirm-firm. Got our tickets for so MAHAL!!!! gosh. but what to do. We’re going on a weekend. So will be mahal. Plus I think its a holiday weekend. even worst. Nevermind, nevermind… For the sake of cheap booze and beach, we will pay. wtf.

We were stumped on hotels/hostels/motels. As Berjaya Langkawi was fully booked. Bummer, no free hotel. We searched high and low for the perfect budget motel. We were broke by the time we finished paying for flight. hahaha. The famous one Zakry’s Hostel was fully booked. Second bummer.Β  So, we settled for AB Motel. Budget motel right in front of the beach-pantai cenang. NICE! Right smack in front of the beach… Just what we wanted. We got a family sized room with 2 queen sized beds. lols.


The view of the family room. From Trav Buddy.


From this girl’s blog.

AB Motel,
Pantai Cenang, 07000
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia –
Tel: ++604 955 1300 – Fax: ++604 955 1466 –
Email: abmotel@hotmail.com
about RM 100 for double queen beds (4-5 people)

Miss Lea, I think you should email this email just to confirm the booking in print with them. Since you called them. I dowan to be left stranded with no rooms in Langkawi!

I am anal like that. hahahaha.

I’m googling things to do in langkawi. Reading Forums and such. Here’s someone’s planning:

Day 1:
Arrived at 12:45am
– rented a Nissan Sentra @ RM200 for 4D3N
– checked-in AB Motel (satisfied with it smile.gif )
– head to Kuah for shopping and getting some necessities.
– visit the Eagle Square and its surroundings
– back to Cenang beach for sunset – but too bad there were too many clouds – overall ok
– Dinner at Fatmum (price is ok as long as you do not order crab – taste-wise it’s good drool.gif )
– walking around Cenang Beach at night.

Day 2:
– Pulau Payar Marine Park
– That’s all because others were too tired doh.gif (especially the girls)
– Dinner at Mimi’s Seafood (recommended by wikitravel which claimed as the greatest Ikan Bakar – one work – OVERRATED)

Day 3:
– Tanjung Rhu for Mangrove Tour (quite enjoyable – at least better than Pulau Payar experience)
– Saw a few monkeys waiting for our food tongue.gif
– Eagle Feeding was fun and it was our lucky day to be able to see (and take picture of) an white eagle (there are only around 2 white eagles in the area)
– Stopped at Hole in the Wall – Fish feeding (a waste of RM5) & had a fish (for the sake of trying) which was pricey and nothing special.
– Bat cave – nothing much special
– Bad parts of the tour were 1) We could not see dolphins 2) It was pricey – I asked around after the tour and someone could gave me RM180 for a boat (4 persons) doh.gif I will update it here later.
– Went to Tanjung Rhu, disappointing – The sand was bad and there was a guard prohibiting us getting to the better beach on the resort doh.gif The water was not shallow enough for us to get us to the island in front (timing problem)
– Black Sand Beach – Nothing special – just took a few photos.
– Cable car – it was a great trip – it was about the same as Genting’s but much scarier sweat.gif – the bad part was the hanging bridge was under maintenance until December sad.gif
– Oriental Village (same place with Cable car) – nothing special to me
– Been to Perdana Quay for Loaf – very quiet because of the bad timing – For upper class – that means not for us sad.gif
– Heading back (cos we needed to check-in at Awana Porto Malai – 2D@AB Motel 1D@Porto Malai) – along the way, stopped by somewhere beside the airport gate for “Laksa Power” – highly recommended by dEviLs (FYI, it’s a different kind of laksa compared to Penang’s – this is called “laksa sanggul” IINM. Taste good but it’s spicy because they put in raw cili padi inside)
– Checked in Porto Malai – it’s kinda late. My comment – Romantic and quiet – definitely not for groups of youngsters tongue.gif
– Enjoyed the late evening there and took couple of photos (and night photos tongue.gif )
– Went back to Cenang Beach for late dinner doh.gif
– Late dinner at Orkid Ria (like Mimi’s – recommended by wikitravel – pricey although the service was good. I personally preferred Fatmum but others thought this is better in taste)
– Back to Porto Malai and laid back to enjoy the sea wind (with little wave) and nice breeze.

Day 4:
– Checked-out
– To Kuah for last-minute shopping
– On the way to airport (2:15pm flight), we went upside of Langkawi.
– Thought of going to Wild Life Park but it was about to rain – went to Galeria Perdana – one work – sucks! (I read somewhere that we needed to pay but we sneaked in somehow)
– Went to Perangin Waterfall – managed to take a few photos before the rain chased us away.
– Reached airport and wasted most of the time waiting and checking-in

Lols. I read it at Lowyat.net forum. I guess we can get good pointers from people’s esperiences. Joyce, here, go read and get yourself acquainted with the holiday. We need all the information we can get in our head so that we don’t get cheated or make mistakes doing the wrong things. hahaha. So, please go read ya? hahaha

On my face

So the other day, I tried on this sample product which i found while cleaning my room. I guess it was expired or something because ever since then my face started breaking out. SO MANY PIMPLES!!!! sheesssshhh.


Then it was time then for me to try Clearasil‘s product which I got from Clearasil. They sent me a gift hamper of stuff for me to try. Awesome possum. Just in time for my crappy face with pimples. so sad okay!!

It came in this really cool box with ribbon all. So awesome no? hehehe. Love the smell of the box. Or rather the product range. It smells goooooooddddd.

Anyone who knows me would know that give me anything that looks and smells good, sure ok for me wan. hahaha. So anyways, the range of products came in 5:

  • Skin Perfecting Wash and Oil Free Gel Wash that deep cleans, removes bacteria that causes pimples and prevents breakouts on skin without over-drying. The Skin Perfecting Wash that gently exfoliates while the Oil Free Gel Wash purifies and is refreshing on the skin.
    • My review: The Skin perfecting wash has like little pebbles (I don’t know what’s it called) that works like a face scrub, but not so harsh on the face. Can be used like everyday as instructed. The gel wash on the other hand is foamy and can does not smell as nice as the first one πŸ˜€ hehe
  • The Deep Cleansing Toner that cleanses deep down to remove oil and bacteria while tightening pores
    • My review: The Toner is very cooooool. Does not burn my skin like other toners I’ve tried. After washing face, must always put toner. Dab dab a little bit on the face to close pores. hehe. I’ve always liked toners. Makes my skin feel owh so nice. Especially when its all evaporated! hhahhaha.
  • Mattifying Moisturising Lotion moisturises dry areas and mattifies shiny areas to fight the causes of pimples
    • My review: The moisturiser is not bad also. It keeps my skin moisturised. It also smells awesome. I think when you want to put something on your face, it better be smelling nice or else you would have to like live with it on your face for a long time! hahaha. Owh wells.
  • Pimple Treatment Cream that penetrates deep into blocked pores to kill bacteria and dries up oil for up to 12 hours
    • My review: I’ve always only used one pimple cream because that’s the only one that worked on me so far. So when I tried this cream, I was skeptical lah. But i tried anyways. The colour of the pimple cream is like yellowish. When put on face, it does not disappear but remains there. I guess you can only put this pimple cream like before sleeping and not for going out. When i put it on, it looked like i had put some mud cream on my face. Totally scared me shits, maybe something wrong. haha. But then, i kept it anyways and the next day washed it off. It worked fine, a bit slow i guess but after a few days, my pimples were still there. I guess not all pimple cream works for all faces.

I used all 5 already and I use the first 4 everyday for my daily cleanse, tone, moisturise. Keeps my face feeling fresh and smelling really nice. By using the products, it ensures that my skin is free of pimples. Well, I’ve been using it for like a week now and my pimples are going away slowly. teehee.

Yeay Clearasil:)

Where to get Clearasil products?

Any pharmacies or departmental stores or hypermarkets. Price: RM5.90 for the products in 50ml and RM10.90 for the products in 100ml and the Pimple Treatment Cream. Cheap eh? I am cheap, thank you! Quoting Russell Peters: Indians are the number one cheap people followed by Chinese. I am part of BOTH, which makes me super cheap! hahahaha. wtf.

Anyways, need to update emmagem and sleep. See ya:)


i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything. i promise myself not to tell you anything.

So she’s back

lols. Lavena is back. heehee. Missed her India drama stories. We were enlightened with one drama just now. Waiting for the bigger drama story. hahaha.

I told her, “we’re katak di bawah tempurung,tak pernah pergi India” so she must share her stories with us. drama ones. lols.

Owh, TK eats very SLOWLY. I wanna kill him. so beh tahan leh. If you put Lea and TK together, by the time TK takes his 3rd bite, Lea would finish her food! Lea eats fast!!

But omg, if I was his mother I will smack his head ask him to eat faster already. hahaha.

Because i’m lazy, here’s a photo:

We did what every malaysian does…. Take photo with the decorations -______________-

So tired!

So the diarrhea thing still went on till saturday. Went to see the doc and got some meds. Finally the bacteria buggars decided to leave my intestines alone!

I’ve been getting headaches quite frequently lately. Could be because of those buggars bacterias or maybe i’m having brain tumour. One of the above.


Anyways, my room’s almost complete! I cleared my mess. From over 8 boxes of stuff I managed to stream it down to maybe 2 boxes? I threw away all my notes πŸ™ So emo cos I am a pack rat. Printed ones. Kept my assignments, projects, printed journals. hahaha. I decided to live by this motto “when I’m hesitating whether or not to throw, I just throw!!!” lols. Still got some stuff in one box which I’m too lazy to put away. I took pictures of all the things in my room. I will update someday πŸ˜€

My room’s so empty, I like! Its like as if I just moved in. less stuff. more space!

Once I am done with the room, I need to clear my wardrobe to 50%! hahaha. Like seriously, I need to throw away clothes. Donate to charity, give away to needy kids somewhere in Africa or Palestine. It needs to be sent to someone who might need it more than I do.

My mess now is no longer a mess. There are about 20+ bags of rubbish. one HUGE box of magazines, one HUGE box of notes and about 5 other bags of rubbish from the earlier initial clean up. That’s how much of rubbish i’ve accumulated over the 5 years that i’ve been staying here.

My parents are asking me to do my masters soon. I’m still contemplating. I need to do more social work and get to know the industry first before making my way to do masters. I feel that I need more experience to actually decide what I want to do as a career. My degree was just meh. Not much exposure for me as I did it in HELP.


So yeah, what would Jesus do man?

I always wonder what if Jesus was a girl, 22 years old, just graduated from college, got a part time job which she has a love-hate relationship with, just got her pink room do?

Some photos, just because!

* eh correction, elaine’s 22nd! HAHAHA. Sorrylah, old already, keep on thinking elaine’s still 21! haha

On another note.. Continue reading the next post πŸ˜€

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