Last Week…in point form

  • I dressed up as Princess Leia, super ugly costume made me look uber fat.
  • Went for dinner with Nuffnang and fellow bloggers. Awesome free food!
  • Celebrated Kevin’s 27th Birthday.
  • Got a free banana pie for being mcdonalds drive thru VIP. little joys in life.
  • Bought a book at Borders for RM8.50, bargains, how I love it!
  • Got my Lipton Milk Tea aka Teh Tarik
  • Owh, appeared on NST for the second time in a month, in the TECH&U section πŸ˜€

Trend fast catching on (link)
Rozana Sani

BUSINESS blogging is catching on in Malaysia, as observed by online fashion e-zine

And the opportunities are endless, says the e-zine founder and editor Tan Yet Mee. This is because Malaysians, especially Gen Yers (the Net generation), are now used to purchasing online.

β€œI think a blog to help a business is very important these days. Blogging allows for direct and current information about the products, plus consumers can communicate directly with comments and get an immediate reply.

β€œThe setback is that a blog needs constant updating to be successful and responsive, or it will share the same fate as helplines, which do not give adequate information. And the backlash can be immense if a mistake is made,” she explains.

The other premise of a business blog, Tan says, is that it is a platform for the sharing of personal opinions and experience.

β€œIt is an excellent communication and public relations tool, especially for small business owners. The younger, tech-savvy consumers like to relate with those like themselves, who are on the Internet a lot. I mean, how often does one get to speak to the owners or company representatives themselves and get their assurance?”

The blog system, Tan points out, is more systematic. And when optimised on search engines, it allows information on the products to be more easily accessible online.

A blog is also easy to set up, use and has a much lower maintenance cost compared to a regular Web site. Plus, blogs do not need much advertising.

β€œTreated correctly, a business blog with useful and credible information will have a strong following similar to recommendations through word of mouth or viral marketing,” Tan says.

Her words are backed by evidence found on’s Malaysia Online Fashion Shopping Directory (MOFSD) and Classifieds page.’s assistant editor-cum-writer Karen Marie Christie says MOFSD has about 1,100 online shops listed to date. Most of them are individual independent entrepreneurs who set up shop on blog platforms such as Blogspot and WordPress to sell their items.

β€œThey get their clothing or accessories from suppliers and post them up on the blogs for all to see. Potential buyers who browse their shop can e-mail them to purchase the items. Once both parties have agreed on the price and shipping cost, the buyer will deposit money into the bank account by e-banking or by visiting the bank. And once the seller has checked that the cash is in, he will ship the items,” she explains.

As compared to an e-commerce-based shop, a blogshop involves more steps between the buyer and the seller, but it has a more personal touch, she adds.

Meanwhile, Tan says since MOFSD started in 2007, has witnessed a significant growth in fashion blogshops.

β€œWe get daily e-mails from newbies who want to start a business and ask to be

listed. A lot of conventional-selling e-commerce platform online shops get themselves listed on MOFSD to promote their sites, too,” she says. – By Rozana Sani

Dos and don’ts
– Be honest in the item description. This is, after all, an online business. People can’t see the items in real life.
– Take good photos of the items and probably in every angle.
– Communicate well. Always make sure that there is a written e-mail agreement on the transaction to prevent any miscommunication.
– State shop policies on the site for people to see as well as contact e-mail or telephone number.
– Ship on time. People want their
items promptly.
– Attend to complaints immediately.
– Market yourselves well. Introduce your shops to online magazines or fashion-related blogs.
– Get a feedback page (for example, to monitor customer feedback on your customer service.
– Always take a feedback and improve
on it.
– Think long term for the business and make appropriate decisions.
– Advertise.

– Sell items that are torn or spoilt (and can’t be seen through photo).
– Keep customers waiting. Always reply their e-mails as soon as possible.
– Trick customers with misleading information.
– Shirk when there is a complaint;
handle it.

  • Went for a product launch at KL Hilton 10K a night penthouse. Was awesome, the closet is AWESOME.
  • Met Kevin Zahary at the same event, he gave us tips
  • Saw pole dancing upclose and wouldn’t mind doing that to make me fitter, lols
  • Went super late to another event at Zouk. Left after 5 minutes of hi’s and bye’s
  • Work has been soso, events make it awesome
  • Met Lav, Jess and Tk for margaritas, bottomless tostada chipsΒ  and a movie just now. was fun.

Blasphemy, I didn’t blog last night!

lols. I watched Slumdog Millionaire again. Great show, really πŸ™‚ You must watch!

Jamal as a kid is so cute, I wanna pinch his face. His name is Ayush Mahesh Khedekar and he’s so cute. He’s already won a few awards.

Actually his brother Salim as a kid was cute too. Latika as a kid wasn’t that cute, but she grew up to be hot. She looks like Jay from lols.

Tmr, I’m going to this costume party. -_- As Princess Leia. I also don’t know any shit about this character, but the costume fits me, so dang it la. Just go as Princess Leia. hahaha

After that got some Nuffnang Gathering Dinner at Apartment KLCC. After that got Kevin’s birthday party.

I is die tmr. Random photo of the day:

Teapot taken from LomoFisheye2

Hi, I own a headband and I look like Blair Waldrof, wtf

So I fell in love love with this headband as i mentioned a few days earlier. Immediately emailed the crafter, mel and after much thinking got it in the end.

Regret much? NO!!!! Its purrdyyy….take a look on how it looks on my head and i love love it:)

So today after a lovely dinner at subway, I went to MNG for some retail therapy πŸ™‚ Feeling a bit emo over everything lately, so I went clothe shopping. HAHA. I’ve been wanting a work skirt for the longest time. Finally got one from Mango aka MNG. I never usually buy from MNG because their tops are overpriced and usually I can’t fit their pants. But this one was exceptional. It fit me so well, its like its meant to be. The skirt I mean. πŸ™‚ So I got it. As an investment for my future work clothes outfits. hahaha

The sweater is SO PRETTY I WANNA PUKE PRETTINESS πŸ™‚ I distorted the image a lot, so you can’t really see the pockets. It has pockets. POCKETS! very cute wanna die. It fits me so well too. But RM150 for a sweater is really out of my budget. meh.. Wish my parents owns a bank, then I can shop in every store with unlimited credit.

I have a huge zit below my nose. its really annoying. I hate pimples!!

I need to stop spending!!

Being Crafty

So today after my awesome dinner at Pastis, The Gardens, I went to Art Friend.


Louanne, I must bring you here. Its like a freaking hypermarket of arts and crafts items! I think leave louanne and I there, we can spend hours there. lols. I was like in wonderland. all the colours, all the stuff, they have polystyrene in all sizes and shapes, even a shape of a man’s head and body -_-

They have all kinds of papers and stuff you need to do anything artsy. Now when David Tutera tells me ” You can get this item at your local arts and crafts store” I can actually find it in this awesomely awesome shop.

I love it there. Makes me wanna start doing crafts.But one of the Auntie working there was so unfriendly. mehhhh


I would love to work for David Tutera. Party Planning. So awesome! I miss watching tv. meh. working normal hours sucks.

You’re a minga and you have small bazoomers!!

So, I’m a bit slow. I just watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It is such a cute show. Love the illustration πŸ™‚ It just makes your day after a long day of looking at HTML. -_-

I love the British Accent. It is just so so cute. Can I stay in UK for 5 years and come back with an accent? Then I’ll sound cute! wtf.

And their slang. omg, cuteness membara!!

Georgia: You have to tell Robbie that pete’s not my boyfriend…

Jas: You had your skirt right up your bazoomers with your knickers out on display!

Mum: Whatevs, your mum’s well wicked, minga!!

(Minga means like an annoying thing, slut: Urban Dictionary)

Jas: Thong Alert!

Georgia: I always knew she was from Vulgaria

Rosie: Now that’s what boys like

Georgia: But they just go up your bum

Elle: Do you think you should try one?

Georgia: No way! I’m not going to injure myself just because boys like it! And Slacky Lindsey should know that all that middle aged women did not burn their bras and get women to vote so she could wear a thong. Ugh.

Jas: What a swizzzz(i think)

Georgia: That is just diabolical

Rosie: that’s shockin

Jas: I bet you Robbie doesn’t know about that! so she has false boobs, a massive bum and a blank personality. You would score more in all of those areas!

Rosie: definitely

Georgia: But she’s got Robbie…and i’ve haven’t even kissed a boy

So they’re talking about Robbie, the hottie! He looks like one of those all american rejects kinda band playing kinda guy. Haihs, if i were 15 years old I would have a hugest crush on him. hahaha. Too bad i’m old and crushing on Aaron Johnson would just be weird. He was like born on 1990. That’s like omg, in the 90’s! hahahah.

Anyways bazoomers, watch the trailer:

Ps: Do you speaketh of those slangs?? Teach me its proper usage, wtf!!!!

Once upon a time, I was a LEO….

From ps’ blog

As I was sibuking browsing people’s blogs at 230am.. I stumbled upon Shermaine‘s blog, which linked to her Leoclub IR night, which linked to her Leo Club of SMK Kepong Baru Website. I use to make one for us in 2002. using Geocities. I doubt its still there anymore. lols.

WTF. I found it!!!

But its a different year’s one. Chiew.. I also forgot the link already. Can’t google.

We used to hafal this pledge:

I pledge of my hands
Extended and open
to help those in need

I pledge of my heart
Reach for it
And it will be touched

I pledge of my ears
To hear another’s outcry
My eyes to see the plight of others
My knowledge to bring a man closer to his dreams

I pledge of myself
For the betterment
Of my community and my country

This pledge is actually a good one, because, I really do want to achieve all that πŸ™‚

Then, I saw Board Of Directors of 2002/2003:

President : Ong Woei Chii
1st Vice President : Cheong Siong Yih
2nd Vice President : Yap Lih Shin
Secretary : Melissa Ong
Vice Secretary : Yap Lu Yi
Treasurer : Lee Xiao You
Vice Treasurer : Chin Xiao Yao
Funding Directory : Tiew Yee Mun
Membership Director : Chong Seow Li
I.U. Director : Goh Jhen Nee
Webmaster IT Director : Karen Marie
Editor : Goh Tze Hsing
Tail Twsiter : Tang Chai Wei
Tamer : Nai Khai Thien

Ahem, Ahem. I was once a webmaster when I was 16. Bah, shouldn’t it be Webmistress? But I remember my title was IT Director on my gold nametag. You see, when you’re a BOD, you get gold name tags.How cool is that? (lame,lame,lame)

Miss Shermaine took my name tag cos she wanna action she knew a BOD from 2002/2003. wtf right? After she finishes her school I’m demanding for it back!!!

You know how I like to keep memorabilia right? Ok, really need to try to sleep now πŸ˜€

Of eyeliner and bbqs

So today was fairly a lazy day. I wanted to bake cupcakes for Laineyboo, but I didn’t have eggs at home. It was all busuk and I didn’t have car, so baking plans failed. Boohoo..

I shall bake for her on Thursday. Just for old times sake and plus elaine loves cakes:) I’m going to miss that girl very dearly. I was just browsing MAS airline tickets to Sydney. SO CHEAP!!! RM1300+ for return tickets. omg wtf bbq.

Lainey Boo, I’m coming to you soon! hahaha. Need to save money first.

I don’t think I will ever be rich lah. How now brown cow? Now that I’m earning in the thousands (ok very little i earn k!!), I’m already going to be broke.. Saving money is just not my thing.

This is because, I’m thinking of holidays way out of my budget already. But I love traveling. I plan to do so until im old enough to omg, start settling down. haha. Why save when you can travel, wtf! hahaha

Actually I really do need to save lahh.. haihs.

So anyways, today I ber make up for the farewell bbq. Elaine invited me to her high school fwens bbq. Not that I felt left out, they were great company to be with. Elaine’s fwens are awesomely fun people πŸ˜€ Finally met Melody and actually had conversations with her -_-. Manda, Stacy, Sue and Joy and everyone else were there too. Owh, also finally met Kat, her lawyer friend that I’ve never met before πŸ™‚ This would probably be the last time I’m hanging out with them as our mutual friend is leaving :/ The bbq wings were really nice. Some honey glazed bbq πŸ™‚ Kat’s bf’s recipe. heehee. Overall, twas a great night of laughter.

Back to the make up, I used this new eye liner. Which is like omg, so much nicer than my stiiiuuuppidd Loreal one πŸ™‚ It goes on better and like, no need to press so hard. Loreal cheat me cos theirs must press hard hard. lols. This one just glides on smoothly.

Its the Rimmel London Extreme Definition Two-Tone Eye Definerin Black and White #003 trendsetter. I remember watching some make up artist do some white eye liner on me once upon a time ago to define the eye, but I never remembered how to do it.

I tried it and omg, so fail. I guess people with dark skin should not attempt the white liner.

But if you have a tan or chocolate skin tone, try a bronze-shimmer liner instead.
Source: iVillage

But Tyra banks did it and she looks awesome.I guess she use damn minimal. Plus she has a glam squad with her. MEH!

Image from Popsugar

Defining Eyes


Make your eyes look bright and big like Tyra’s by applying white eyeliner on the inside of your lower lid. Tyra says white eyeliner is the best investment a woman can make because it makes you look vibrant even when you’re tired.


Apply one coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes, which keeps the lashes from getting clumpy. To emphasize your bottom lashes, touch the mascara brush to your lower lids as you apply it.


Use an eyelash curler after you apply mascara to make your upper lashes look longer. Squeeze the curler two or three times to curl the upper lashes. Wipe excess mascara off the curler after each use.
Source: Ehow

I so fail at make up dot com πŸ™‚
This thursday, I’m going to KLIA to send Elaine off. I really want to because, hey, I won’t be seeing her anymore!(Well unless she comes back for hols!). So yes, Elaine, I know what time’s your flight!!! 2240!!

Happie Birthday!

Today’s Lavena’s birthday. She’s in India and far away. It rhymes.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Have loads of crazy drama fun in India and tell us about it when you’re back. Maklumlah, kita memang Katak di bawah tempurung kat Malaysia ini….

This reminds all of us that this year we are ALL 23. Shit lahhh. 23 weyyy… Wish us luck, before we know it, we’re already 25… and then 30… and…..40…..50…….and then we die……

I just bought this headband online. It is a crochet headband which is handmade and I truly love how it looks on the girls head. I just had to get one. I got one in light purple. Because I have dark hair! lols. I just have this thing for all things handmade. The quirkyness and like how its one of a kind, turns me on. lols.

Lets just hope it looks nice on me eh?

Today, tk and I went to the ZOO. Yes, zoo negara. Saw loads of animals. Some slept like pigs, smelly as hell. we’re probably 5 shades darker. Owh, also went to Daiso for shopping. tk hates that place, but I LOVE IT. Everything for RM5!Plus, the Japanese can really make all kinds of craps which we all practically don’t need. I love looking at craps like that.It is therapeutic.

I bought 3 storage box thingy for my make up stuff πŸ™‚ It is now super organized. I will bergambar soon.

We also made our way to Ikea to design and plan my very new project: Project Dressing Table. I will update more on this soon. We looked through all the cheapest and chic-est way of getting my Project Dressing Table done πŸ™‚ I like my projects… I will tell you all about it soon…

But I think I should sleep. I had 2 hours of sleep last night and I walked so much today, my feet were killing me.

On another random note:

I miss eating Rock Candies. To all who are in Australia/UK/USA, please bring me back some lovely rock candies πŸ˜€

Can’t you tell, I’m in love with my polaroid πŸ™‚

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