Because my blog server is fucked up again..

slikslip, originally uploaded by lyyyl.

I shall update from flickr.


(Above dress is from Victoria’s Secret. Awesome eh? Its a slip dress, wear to sleep wan. Too pretty right? It screams spring/summery!)

So the weekend was ok. I joined a bloggers photography competition and lost. lols. A DSLR camera weyyyy. haihs. Never had luck in these kinda things. Plus I was so stress. Photography’s supposed to be calming and stress free. hahaha. Pam Song won the camera:) yeay for her!

I switched off for EH, went to Desa Park City for dinner and all shops were on low lighting. AWESOME:) Also saw KLCC and KL tower switch off from the front of my house.

On Sunday, I also went for Style Village&cuisine festival. Quite sad. really really sad. Met one of the organizer/PR there, really don’t know what to say to her. We talked about the ducks at Lake Gardens -_- I hope the fashion shows will be awesome. Of course it will, they are awesome party throwers:)

Next week’s going to be busy busy. I hope fun, busy busy and not stress busy busy.

I hate that my blog server is always fucked up. I need to update when I need to update and not when it is allowing me to update when its not busy. sucks!

ok, have a great week! Update me on your lives!! I miss all of you loads!

Hi, my name is Karen and I’m a Twitteraholic!

Everyone now, “hiiii Kaaarreeennnnnnn….”

Its true, I am addicted to reading people’s little blurbs. I love replying people’s blurbs and following celeb’s blurbs. Although, some news said Britney Spears and Kanye West hires people to tweet. SHAME ON THEM! Totally defeats the purpose of twitter right?

I love Diddy’s “Ptwitty” updates. He really tweets, like a lot! John Mayer’s tweets are good too. Until Jenifer(shit I got memory lapse) Aniston broke up with him because of his twitter obsession. Occasionally Mariah Carey tweets and also the boys from Backstreet Boys. How sweet right? Celebs little ways to keeping in touch with fans. Its like as if myspace and facebook wasn’t enough. We are now one degree of separated away from our fave celebs.


I don’t have much friends on Twitter because you’re not cool like me, wtf.I asked you to join last time, tak nak…..Anyways, I need to go shower and sleep because I have to like go for this photography competition tmr morning at 930am. *yawns* Just when I thought I could sleep in. HAHA. Cos Lea wanted to skip exercise anywaysss!:)

I’m excited about Stylo’s fashion shows next week! ๐Ÿ™‚ It has all finally come into place. I need to strap on my old, small, useless Digital Camera and brace the big guns with HUGE ASS cameras. Wish I had a cooler camera.

I might need to borrow Lea’s and Joyce’s camera! hahaha. Because sure my battery will die and no more memory! The last fashion show, I had Dell Mini9 with me, this time, no tiny laptop to carry around, boohoo.

When the time comes, and if I remmeber, please remind me to post a photo of this homeless man’s little home. He’s staying under a bridge at Kuchai Lama. I always see him when passing by the bridge and he usually sleeps. His house is actually under this flyover, you know like the end of it. He keeps all his plastic bags of what I think is his belongings and sleeps a few feet away from the end of the flyover. Near his “bed” he has this stick on the ground about a feet high and on top of it, there’s a number 3 on it. Its like as if it was his house number. I always pray for him that he’ll soon find a house of his own whenever I pass him.

Today, he was actually sweeping sand, like as if it was his own house. I wanted to cry because, omg, he’s sweeping sand, on a sandy ground. Underneath the flyover usually got sand one right? He has no slippers and the whole time I was waiting for the traffic to turn green, he was sweeping the sand.

What can I do for him ah? I do want to do something, like help him? Or tell him to go to St John’s AOHD for lunch and a bath. How how how?

Today’s love: Doe-sf, a small craft/clothes/everything else shop in San Francisco. They tweet too:)

Love the frame and the prints in them. I can perfectly fit this frame on my pink wall ๐Ÿ™‚

This one I love long time:

When I get married, I want a big flower on my head. Just like Carrie had a huge bird on a head. WTF.

Here are more headband love:

I love all of em:) Now I just need messy hair and a little blonde, and I’ll look like a hippie!

Polka dot boots

short update on what I found and been lusting over today because it rained.

I was writing this post on rain boots. Then I was thinking, Malaysians usually don’t wear rain boots. They are uber cute though. Read more about it here.

I love this one. Would buy it and wear it around! hahaha. I guess boots save you from the rain more than a flip flop.

Actually my Crocs also can serve as a “rain” shoe because it is rubber! hahaha. only it won’t cover my whole leg like a pair of boots would.

OK bye everyonee!!

I am domesticated

Image Via: Heather Cameron

Well, I think so. lols.

I sign up and subscribe for all these little websites newsletter. Like:

  • Southern Living
  • Southern Accent
  • My home Ideas
  • Open Source Food
  • Handmade items blogs
  • Interior design blogs

Basically anything to do with pretty designs, good food and furniture.

Commercial break –

Check out Amelia’s brand spanking new website called Runway in a Teacup! Too bad she didn’t go for the name I picked (I forgot what was it!). The sizes are not my kinda size. lols.

But anyways, Lynfunkstar is also selling her second hand clothes here. She sells plus sized clothes, some shoes and bags, so clothes would be UK12 and above. Which is my kinda size:)

– end commercial break.

Image via: Daisy Pink Cupcake

Back to my story, so yea, I am and very much am domesticated. I cannot wait to earn enough money after all my traveling to decorate my room/house (If i ever get one). I think David Tutera is god of party planning and I wish to throw dinner parties like him.

I also love baking. I can just bake daily and find the perfect cake recipe and share them with everyone in a basket like Bree Vanderkamp. Maybe I can grow up to be this woman:

Image via: Faith & Gender

I read about “Dinner Party Basics” or “Best soups” or ” Best bedroom design” all the time. And really wish I could do all that. I KNOW, I sure cannot afford all that jazz. I also dream of becoming a crafter/scrapbooker/designer and do creative designs/writing all day. But where to find this kinda job leh(and make tons of money?)?

Owh can, can, I KNOW HOW!!! Be a tai tai and I can do all that. Just need to find a rich husband who earns 50K a month ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyday just stay home, be pretty, go gym meet the other ladies who are rich and do nothing. Come home cook and slave for the husband.

Image via:

On another note, are people from PR agencies really have high nose up the sky reaching Mars or are they just putting up a “face” to the people and they are actually really nice once you get to know them? Do they also think other people are beneath them and don’t reply emails with a yes or a no? I really thought PR people are nice people until I met some. I am so not an ass kisser, but sometimes it is just a must.

I also oogle on fashion websites on a daily basis and wish I was fashionable. So here’s one which I think the guys will like! muahahahha.

Beach Bunny Swimsuits

Ok 12am already. Time to bathe then need to type invoice again. ugh! Tmr is an early start. 1030am at Menara Hup Seng!


A lot of people have been talking about how Earth Hour is just a hype and PR gimmick. Like wtf lah, if there is no hype, you think people would actually know and care? EH is not about saving energy for that one hour. It is an awareness for everyone to switch off at all times. That one hour is just for show, really. Just so that people will realise that switching off is actually one way to save energy and if their PR gimmick was right, they will achieve their goals, to make people switch off at all times!

haihs.people are so pessimistic. I hate pessimistic people. Drink a load of sunshine people!

Btw, I nanged my post at Nuffnang’s Innit! hahaha


I wanna share with you my fave song a.t.m. Mariah Carey’s I’ll be loving you long time. Of course, youtube banned anyone who’s not from USA from watching any videos nowadays. I hate you tube!!! I hate censorship! Where is the free internet?? So, just listen to it lah!

I’ll be loving you long time…

You don’t even gotta worry,
about a thing,
I got yah babe.
And ain’t nobody taking me away ’cause its not a game. I’m here to stay.

See our love is stronger than any drug.
Addicted just can’t get enough.
And everytime I’m with you I want some more.
Just close the door and let’s explore each other.

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me. I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Don’t care what no one has to say.
They don’t understand us like we do.
I need you near me night and day.
Together their ain’t nothing we can do.

Sweep me up and we can go,
to a little spot where no one knows.
Spend a little time just us alone.
You could caress my body and never let go.

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Don’t want another, ain’t never gonna be another, Can’t nobody do what you do to me. (Repeat 3 Times)
Ad Libs after repeat…
(Nobody)1st Time
(Can’t nobody love me)2nd Time
(Like You Do)3rd Time

I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me. I’ll be Loving You Long Time (eternally)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Long Time (Held Note)

I’ll Be Lovin’ I’ll Be Lovin’ You(I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time)

Pretty Notebook

I’m a sucker for notebooks. If you ask my friends (namely, TK), he will tell you how I am a sucker for notebooks. I bring him notebook shopping each semester before college starts. It is a crucial mission. It shows how much effort i will put into my college sem that semester. I may also need on the side, a pretty new bag, a pretty pencil case, new pencils/pens in all colours, papers and all sorts of stationary rubbish you don’t need.

Ahhh, those were the days of carefree college stationary shopping:) Here’s a few awesome ones I found recently…

Guess which one is my fave?

Zebra Print with a hot pink borderweekly planner from Sarah Pinto So predictable right me?

On another note, some blogshop wrote their sizes as UK 5 and UK13. like 0_0

Also, Harrods is also open in KLCC. Would you buy a Harrods plastic shopping bag for like RM150 bucks? (ok price may be more or less, but around that price lah).

And a freaking Harrods bear for like RM150 bucks? (ok price may be more or less, but around that price lah).

Their price totally times 7 wan. haha. Owh wells, maybe I’m not raised to pay that much for something so cheap looking. Just for the brand, it is like, whoaaaa, mahal shit. A key chain was RM90!!! lols.

In case you’ve missed me, here’s a photo of me after my YSL workshop. That’s Anabelle, owner of Havaianas Malaysia Online Shop. I want a pair ofย  Havaianas!!! When will brands in Malaysia trust that big feet people also will buy wan!!! hahaha

Do we look like as if we’ve been made up?

My hair sucks, FML!

Ok gtg wash hair and type invoices(dreads).

my screen life

I wanted to blog about Langkawi, but my photoshop CD expired. Which reminds me, I have to meet up with Lea and Joyce to get more photos.

Was just msn-ing with TK and PS.. haihs, how I miss them both! When Ps comes back to Msia this year, we’re (with Amelia) doing something super stupid on Bukit Bintang. Wait for us k? hahaha. Anyone I am close to just moves overseas and never comes back, why oh why! Maybe I’m meant to have friends on screen only (ie: msn). haha. Thank God they blog and I blog too. I keep in touch that way, wtf.

my life=my friends=my job=my internet.

Well at least i think my friends are reading what I write and are looking forward to my posts (perasan). I hope, are you? gimme a holler! I just found out recently that Sarah my friend from college reads *waves* lols

Anyways, I heart It is a website with a lot of hippie clothes. haha. Or at least very bohemian, earthy tones, Serena Vanderwoodsen kind. Which is a style I like and wish to emulate, but always fail dot com.

I love earth tones/greys/browns/black/white combination.

don’t get me wrong, I’m still cheerful colours karen. I just LOVE freepeople’s style and clothes. Wish they ship overseas and owh, yes, wish I was earning 10k a month too.

FTW cos I earn peanuts! Where is the moolah??? lols. start working in banks?

Crocs, eiuww!


okay, so i got one. a normal black ballet flats looking kind. which is UBER comfortable and omg I have one:)

Ok, its not ugly ok!! hahaha. Just a rubber ballet flats with a slingback. Not the basic crocs. lols.

Plus I can like get jibbitz to replace the diamentes/rhinestones.

my brain clock for sleeping is so goner..

Beauty and Karen

So today the YSL make up workshop was fun. Got compliments from the make up artist of 11 years for YSL, Patrick Frenchsecondname that my face don’t need any foundation, just add this awesome magic highlight stick which works as a concealer which totally took off my dark eyebags and works wonders. It was also RM133. omg super mahal. haihs.

YSL Touche Eclat-Radiant Touche – RM133 I think I liked number 3. (mental note)

I am broke. But they did gimme a RM20 voucher to be redeemed from YSL counter (*smiles*). So then the magic stick would be RM113. ๐Ÿ˜€ Joy. Now I’ll have to wait for my next pay. lols. ok maybe I don’t need it. But omg, if I don’t have to use foundation to cover my dark eye circle. I would pay RM113 to get that highlight magic stick. I NEED that highlight stick! (shopaholic speaking, not me.)

The YSL’s mascara I tried was also awesome. Really sticks on my lashes and made it look awesomely LONG and THICK. It was also a breeze to take out with make up remover! Unlike the Diorshow Iconic one. super resistant until can die i tell you. I dread taking out the mascara.

I love over-exaggerated lashes. Makes my eye look damn big and nice. I love my Diorshow Iconic mascara, but this YSL one is awesomely awesome too.

I love mascaras.

If I were to rank all the mascara’s I’ve tried,

  1. YSL’s VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS Luxurious Mascara (luxurious, nowonder..must be mahal shit)
  2. Diorshow Iconic
  3. Lancome Oscilation (the one that vibrates, really makes eyes look nice too)
  4. KATE gel mascara (this works, I bought it online.lols!)
  5. Loreal mascara Double Extension (my first evahhh mascara)
  6. Maybelline Volumizer

(can see the price range also dropping, wtf)

I still have Lancome Virtuose which I’ve yet to try because I have so many!!

Mission now: get YSL’s mascara!!!

According to some of the other girls, the eyeliner is also awesome. I tried the pencil eyeliner and it was really easy to put on too. The liquid one is omg, I still don’t dare to try.

sucks to be poor, FTW!

I used to be the girl who hated make up. HAHAHA That was when my face was flawless. Now that I know the wonders of eyeliner and mascara, i do sometimes make myself look all pweety and go out ๐Ÿ˜€ I used to be like, but I don’t know how to make up, how how howww???

Amelia once told me, make up does wonders and makes us look damn pretty(I don’t know why, but I’ll always remember that). Elaine bugged me and encouraged me to use make up and now, I can proudly tell them I can do it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Aren’t you proud of me, amelia and elaine???

So the make up artist was not a good make up teacher. lols. He did not teach well. Like rushing like that. The Stage Cosmetics one I went to, was better. At leaset he paid enough attention to everyone of us and also taught us step by step on what to do. Maybe because it was a big class. But yeah, still wasn’t that good lah. But he complimented my skin, so he gets a thumbs up!! He just said I need to put sun block everyday.

Playing with make up will always be fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish any of my friends came with me! Would be so much fun-er.

Feel like eating cake, like layered cake with whipped cream. or Tony Roma’s ribs. yums. I should sleep. Tmr another dreadful exercise happy morning with @leaspy ๐Ÿ˜€

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