Battle of the Mascara

So i tried this new mascara, omg, I super love it and it superceeds my old love for Diorshow Iconic. Bluek. Diorshow Iconic doesn’t even make my lashes long and curly. hahaha. Well, this new one by Maybelline is AWESOME.Puts Diorshow Iconic to shameeee..

Wait for my review on emmagem!


Also, because I look super fat on my graduation photos, I am so lazy to edit photos -_-

I was supposed to…

Edit my graduation photo….

but because I am sneezing like shit until nose watering until cannot make it, tissue all wet kinda nose watering plus with red watery eye super tired wanna die feeling, I only managed to make this tag thingy.

Now I shall go to sleep. hoping tmr I will feel better.

So what are you doing now?

I’m a writer for an online magazine.

Owh really, is that local magazine?


FAQ when meeting old college mates today. So graduation was today and it was, meh, so so. Im just worried about how my picture’s going to turn out. But after seeing my mum’s shaky hands video of me on stage, I think I did well smiling, wtf!!!

I is bimbo, what did I tell you? Because I wore pink shoes for my graduation. I also noticed that Phd hats, are so cute!! 😀

There was some sense of fulfillment when I sat down at the hall and watched some of my lecturers on the stage.The commencement speech was by this fella chancellor of something something from Uni of London. His commencement speech was not anywhere near Randy Pausch’s speech at Carnegie Mellon or Oprah’s speech at Stanford or Steve Job’s commencement speech. I wish someone that inspiring were to give us that talk, which was actually inspiring and insightful. Maybe some speech that would make me cry also can. So anyways, I walked up the stage, shook hands with Dr. Chan HELP’s CEO, took a degree thingy from like someone I don’t even know, Acting head of ADP. Better ask Dr.Goh/James Kuake to give, more meaningful than some fella who is an acting head -_- No one from UIU came, as expected because UIU doesn’t care, wtf. They do have their own graduation in December and they asked me to attend.

The event finished at about 4 something. My Godparents came also after that. We took pics at the garden outside of Shangri-La. Pretend pretend like from overseas, y’know?

Talked to Dr. Goh (My HOD/Dean of Faculty of Behavioral Sciences/THE MASTER of HELP’s psych program/the one that surely convinced me to do psychology/The one that taught me my first General Psych class). It was probably the only time he talked to me, like personally -_- He asked me that question : so what are you doing now. And I answered him that. Then he was asking me if I was going to do that as a career or a transition job.

I told him yeah, until I figure out what I want to do..

He then lectured us (xue zhen and I) about start studying masters within 2 years. Which I think is a fair thing to say. Because anything after that, we’d be too caught up with the world and never want to set foot in a class again. I want to study masters soon. Probably take the route Lainey Boo took and work for a year and start searching for Masters Programs. Doubt I’ll get a scholarship. But I’d def want to do it in the United States 🙂 Since I did not make it for undergrad, maybe masters program lah. I want to do something related to human services/counselling. Clin psych, as awesome as it may sound, I think its scary. lols. But definitely, this convocation made me realise that I love psychology still and I do want to make a living helping others, even if it is scary and I’ll probably never have enough money to shop as much as if I were to become a corporate diva. But I don’t think I can do well being in a corporate company, biting backs and kissing ass to reach to the top!!

Aside from the usual friends and family pictures and Dr. Goh, I managed to catch Mr. James Kuake and Ms. Winnie to take a picture with me. Which was awesome because James Kuake taught me all I need to know about Comm (and made me love writing and graphic designing, teaching us what’s out there in the real world of corporates) and I owe it to Winnie because she was also one of the reasons I love psychology. She taught me how to count! wtf (because of research methods), mostly because she empowered me in many ways by picking me to be a tutor. I miss Fatimah at the convo though. She did not attend the Convo. She was also one of the people who made me like psychology because of all the charity work she makes us do. Made me feel grounded and like knowing all the riches in the world will not make me a better person, but rather how many people’s lives I’ve touched and made a difference. Well, that’s what I feel.

Surprisingly, a lot of my friends/acquaintances did graduate with me. I was expecting less.

Xue Zhen, Nicholas, Xiuli+her bf, John, Asha, Jiachyi, Kimberly, Mag, Wan Ling, Wai Kee, Jasmine, Himrani +All UIU people and Bpsych people I knew.


A lot of people think, what I do is like, a wtf are you doing this job for. I think otherwise. It is more than that, people actually read what I write. Its scary knowing that what you write can actually teach someone and like make someone happy. It may not be that mainstream yet, but, yeah, I hope someone better than me comes along and make it into a better site. After watching this Gilmore Girls clip, I figured, what I’m doing isn’t that bad. After all, Rory Gilmore first took on a job writing for an online magazine 🙂

Ps// I love Gilmore Girls. Please buy for me all 10 seasons of it, pretty please? I will make cupcakes for you for life!

End of Undergrad

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown

So this Sunday would be the “ceremonial” end of my undergrad year. After 4.5 years of studying, I’m finally done with my basic degree.

Am I glad, yeah! But it took me much struggle to actually get this freaking degree, omgness. All that UIU closing down shit and almost did not graduate, and omg, not getting that honors shit. haiyo. so hard meh to get one freaking degree cert?

So anyways, I already have my graduation robe and I seriously did not camwhore with it yet. lols. I have to give it back next wensday, I guess I have time to camwhore with it. I don’t know what to wear for graduation.

I bought this really awesome figure flattering LBD. Which would be perfect for graduation, but people said wear long pants. I don’t know really.

I got my honors cord. Its like a string to show that I’m part of the honors society (ceh wah).

Honor cords are a token consisting of twisted cords with tassels on either end. They are awarded to members of honor societies, or for various academic and non-academic achievements, awards, or honors. Unlike hoods and stoles, more than one cord may be worn at the same time. Source.

I’m like actually part of a “honors” society, like an alpha beta chi chi (whatever, I watch too many sorority US uni movies) society, wtf. I wonder what’s UIU’s honors society called. I want to go to UIU one day, just to see my uni. lols.

My honors is the lowest of all honors -_- Cum Laude. I no smartass, so never get Summa Cum Laude. Which is like the highest honors award.

The honors cord is gold. The flap thing is blue and of course, black gown. quite nice I must say. No pink in sight, meh. Maybe I should wear my pink dress underneath the gown? lols!!

Yeah, an option. Besides LBD. I would like to remember my graduation with a hint of pink hiding from the gown. I shall camwhore tmr with the dresses underneath. I definitely am not liking wearing pants 🙁 so ugly right? I mean, we must wear sth that we’d like to remember for the rest of our lives rights?

I is


Tmr’s an early start and probably going to be one tiring day. But I’m looking forward to it. Good Bye y’all!

Lomo+Karen+Pink Umbrella+Lake Gardens

Of sleeping late

Last night I spent my night doing work till about 4am. Its been a while since I’ve done that. Starting tmr, Lea and I have a 14 day trial pass to go to True Fitness. We shall make the most of it, now won’t we?

Ok gotta go pack gym clothes. Its been a while since I’ve said that. I miss my gym kaki Lainey Boo Wtf. I will always miss our gossipping at the threadmill and makaning afterwards. (gym for no reason wan I tell you).


Jumpsuit by truestar_alexa (Join my group) featuring Rupert Sanderson heels & wedges


I am so in trend, wtf.

Some random pics

I love the STYLO word. lols. so HUGE. nice to camwhore with..Luckily my brother layan the camwhore-ness. haha

Spot the Karen!!

This is my cousin, Grace. She is so cute.

The pretty and hot bloggers with our gadgets.

I wore this for a gala night at Stylo. Boobs all over can be seen. But, I did not wear bra, so it was quite flat. Boo to small boobs.

At Pavilion F1 party. I bought the headband to match my redness of a dress. The theme was red. I like my shoulders in this picture. Owh, bubblies. I heart champagne!

I won 4 free ticks to Luna Bar. Wearing the headband again. Loving the Blair Waldorf look

This picture is s nice. I like how the mirror is like halfway and it shows the tiles at the bottom. Nice capture 🙂

Here are some lomos I took over the few months…

At Kevin’s birthday. Kevin and his friend. I sorta forgot her name. shit.

Ater FB check, her name is Marilyn 😀

Teezee boy’s new name is To boy.

Walking to the aeroplane at LCCT. That’s my feet with slippers. haha.

We boarded this plane. So not Air Asia eh?

Beautiful Langkawi sky!

Joyce and I in Langkawi. Double exposure thing.

Karen and umbrellas with beach and sea.


The view from our room. Awesome eh? I miss Langkaweee

Makeover, yea right!

Makeover, yea right!, originally uploaded by lyyyl.

So, I had a makeover that day.

NOT. This picture was taken on the day of my “win a camera” contest. which I did not win. I did however win 4 passes to Luna Bar -__________-

so -_- because Luna Bar was just so-so and the price of drinks are mahal shit.

Anyways, I need to go to work early tmr because its good friday and service is at 4pm. Which means I need to wakey at like 7am 0_0 Its been a while since i woke up so early.

Owh wells. I shall suck it up and go sleep now. But wait, I have to type invoice -_-

I tell you, my job as a secretary for my dad, is very the a lot of work. hahaha. At least I’m getting paid with a Macbook. But I’d have to pay for the rest boohoo. Need to talk dad into paying for all. hahaha. Is PC fair much cheaper for Macbooks too? Anyone knows?

Anyways, my brother’s thinking of getting a camera for us:) AWESOME POSSUM! I cannot wait.

ok, need to type invoice, take a shower and sleep. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Hello, I’m still alive:)

Image by Tria Giovan from Southern Accent

So last week was omg, fashion show after fashion show. I took loads of pictures with my lousy digital camera. But turned out better than what we did in previous fashion shows. Sitting at the photog place helps to take good photos, that’s one thing I learnt.

This monday I was sick. heachache until wanna die. plus period. no a good combi. Tuesday morning also got “attacked” by the brainache. Today also a bit brainachey. Why oh why must my brain ache?


My certs have been confirmed. I graduate with Cum Laude. I graduate with Xue Zhen also!!! *jumps with joy* At first the HELP registrar said, omg, you’re not recieving honors!! I was like WAAAAATTEEEFAAAKK! So sad ok, imagine of I did not get honors. Life would be hard. All my hard work of studying has been dang dang thrown down the drain. So I emailed the guy in charge, CC to everyone above him. wtf, he didn’t reply, but his boss from US did.

To Elaine, thanks for that reply. I really appreciate it and you:)

So if you’d like to crash my graduation, its on the 19th of April 2009 at shangrila KL. 2pm 😀 I accept gifts in cash. muahahahahah.

I need a new GPS enabled, wifi, 3G phone.

I gotta run.

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