Hello, I’m still alive:)

Image by Tria Giovan from Southern Accent

So last week was omg, fashion show after fashion show. I took loads of pictures with my lousy digital camera. But turned out better than what we did in previous fashion shows. Sitting at the photog place helps to take good photos, that’s one thing I learnt.

This monday I was sick. heachache until wanna die. plus period. no a good combi. Tuesday morning also got “attacked” by the brainache. Today also a bit brainachey. Why oh why must my brain ache?


My certs have been confirmed. I graduate with Cum Laude. I graduate with Xue Zhen also!!! *jumps with joy* At first the HELP registrar said, omg, you’re not recieving honors!! I was like WAAAAATTEEEFAAAKK! So sad ok, imagine of I did not get honors. Life would be hard. All my hard work of studying has been dang dang thrown down the drain. So I emailed the guy in charge, CC to everyone above him. wtf, he didn’t reply, but his boss from US did.

To Elaine, thanks for that reply. I really appreciate it and you:)

So if you’d like to crash my graduation, its on the 19th of April 2009 at shangrila KL. 2pm 😀 I accept gifts in cash. muahahahahah.

I need a new GPS enabled, wifi, 3G phone.

I gotta run.

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