Your personality type is INFP

This personality type test reminds me of Mr. Franklin’s class where we had to remember what are Judgers/Perceivers, Introverts/Extraverts, Sensors/iNtuitives, Thinkers/Feelers….etc. For a moment I forgot what class that was. Then I remembered, it was conflict resolution.

I actually miss studying.

Amelia suggested this Personality test.

Your personality type is INFP

Type descriptions
the basis of your answers to the test you are placed in one of sixteen types. What type you are says quite a bit about you – your likes and dislikes, your likely career choices, your compatibility with others, and so on. Click here to read about your personality type.

Type watching in team situations

Having information about personality types and preferences can be quite useful. Once you understand the basic personality preferences under which people operate, as well as your own preferences, you can begin to find ways to more effectively work with opposite types or even your own type. Through type watching, you can find ways to build upon people’s strengths and improve many group activities, such as time management, conflict resolution, problem solving, and team building



We all need sleep. Since I had a whole day’s worth of sleep, I shall now find new layout for my blog and start a photoblog for Project 365, well not really. Because I don’t follow what the world does, I shall start my project make good use of your camera+photoshop and share your pictures with the world:)

So of course, knowing me, I will start and finish making a site in like a day because I just like to finish what I’ve started fast fast and not delay any longer, so here goes:

Yes, I’m using my cupcakes domain name thingymajig as my photoblog. Because, hey, I have this domain why waste it? lols. It will not only contain pictures of cupcakes, although, I do love cupcakes:)

My dad just got a new camera, Canon Digital Ixus 95 1S Camera in an awesome blue colour (They even had pink, but boohoo, shops didn’t have). But the blue is nice:)

My blog layout is so-so. I am still not satisfied with what I’ve found:)

Lee Hom, my love!

I had a dream today that Lee Hom fell in love with me (and I too, vice versa) and like, we lived a happily couple-y life. I also think that he looked much better in my dream. I woke up, smsed Lea to tell her about it and googled Lee Hom. He looked like, so-so. But he does look damn hot in this CNN Interview. We felt in love at first sight, cuddled and it felt so comfy. Like I never wanna wake up from my dream, until my alarm rang. wtf.

I dream of such crap things, FML!!

But it felt so real!! owh well. Lee Hom is like hot lah. A girl can dream, right? HAHAHAHAHA. But you know, I NEVER thought about him, or saw any of his posters, or talked about him to anyone recently. I wonder why I dream about him. So weird right?

I did have a HUGE crush on him when I was in high school. Lea thought maybe subconsciously i saw his poster, since he just came and performed last Saturday on 2nd May (Which I didn’t even know, wtf). That could be it.

Nevertheless, I still find him uber hot. Whoever dating Lee Hom, go and die, because he’s hot and should be mine. wtf. Don’t like him when he had longer hair. Here, oogle on Lee Hom while i salivate (I sound like a teeny booper teenager who is “in love” with pop stars)

Does Lee Hom twitter? (I want to declare my love to him, wtf)

I dream too much crap. FML, FML!

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