A legend has passed on…RIP Michael Jackson!

I love this picture of him. So cute!

So this morning, I woke up to an annoying sms and 2 really sad smses.

“omg, michael Jackson died” – Lea

I’m like, all blurry eyed, rubbing eyes open browser and twitter, straightaway, the news got confirmed! 🙁

My reaction straightaway went from shocked to sad. I was looking forward to his comeback tour and Asia was in his itenary. I told my brother, I would beg borrow and steal to go watch him.

Michael Jackson IS and ALWAYS BE the King of Pop. He made so many awesome songs and songs which you can still remember until the day you die. He made awesome videos which have so much story and changed so many people’s lives.

Jackson 5

MJ with a dog..

and tiger!

The whole day I was listening to Michael Jackson’s songs. All the ballads made me all emo and teary eyed. It is such a sad news for a friday morning. I switch on CNN to triple confirm and so it was true. I don’t know him personally, but I think he’s an entertainer who has made a difference in pop music and his music is part of my life.

So screw you or whoever who thinks Michael Jackson dying has nothing to do with me, because it does and I am saddened by the news okay! Also to all you haters out there, nose jokes now is just plain disrespectful! He is an ICON and should be respected!

I remember when I was young, Thriller used to scare the shit outta me. My brother would threaten to play the song and I’d climb every table and chair to switch off the cassette player! haha.

A not so scary thriller picture! hahaha. Can’t put the scary one. Still get chills!

We had his cassette mostly. As in the 90’s CD’s were so mahal. We listened to his songs as we were growing up.We had videos of his History album. I remember watching people cry as his statue was launched/shown.

He was such an icon that we even played his video game on Nintendo. Funny I tell you, how he walked and held his crotch and it was the Smooth Criminal video. lols.The game’s aim was suppose to be like killing all the bad people, like in the video. He wore the exact white outfit. lols.

He came down in 1997 to Malaysia. I remember we begged our parents to take us there. But they didn’t as we had exams. DAMN YOU EXAMS!!! GAH! Because of exams I missed the legend’s concert here in KL. We were so devastated. haihs. sad sad.

Crotch holding, his fav past time:)

His dance moves were ICONIC. He practically inspired all the other artists to dance like him. Moonwalk? omg such lagendary move. Melody, a friend of mine, wondered if he is now teaching the angels in Heaven how to moonwalk! hahaha. Good one!

“Heal the World” was a song we sang like all the time in choir. I remember in form 1/2 we sand with our class. Had so much fun with my classmates and of course, singing this song was also my favourite as it is so meaningful and the melody is inspiring. Michael taught us to go green way before going green was cool!

I never thought Michael Jackson would pass on so fast! I mean, he was only 50! I feel sad for my children who will never get to live in the same era as Michael did. I hope his family is doing well and his music will always live on in many of our hearts!

I heart you MJ!

Michael Jackson

RIP 1958-2009

25th June 2009

xoxo, Karenmarie

Images are from here.

There will be a memorial tribute on Sunday 7pm at 1 Utama.

Lea, Wei Yenn, Koko, wanna go?

Miss Emma Woodhouse

Why does zaman dahulu kala English ladies have really awesome names? Miss Jane Fairfax. Miss Harriet Smith etcetc. Yes, I have been watching TV. “Emma” Love those good ol English movies.

I’ve always wanted to dance like olden days ballroom dancing. It is just so graceful and nice to look at. With long flowy skirts/dresses, hair tied up with perfect dancing skills.

I have never been good at dancing. But when I was younger, with Lea and all, I used to dance a lot. In fact, I even memalukan myself in front of the whole school. omgz. Never thought I was any good, but I did it anyways. Nowadays, I just stand like kayu on the dancefloor.

I never saw myself as a dancing type. But, I’d like to change that in the near future if I have money! hahaha. I wanna learn how to dance.

Last time, when I was 17. I always remember how I was talking to this guy about prom and how I didn’t wanna go as I said “Who would want to dance with me?” Then he said something which I would remember for the rest of my life!

“I would dance with you!”

HAHA. I don’t know if he was just being nice, or he really meant it. lols. But yeah, he really made my day then, and I will always remember him for it. haha.He’d probably don’t remember it, but I do!

There are just some things people say that you’ll never forget and this is one of it.

Clean air

So if you have been in Malaysia lately, you must have noticed all the HAZE around KL. The haze is so bad that seeing mountains and KLCC seems to be a blur.

Gah. It is no wonder I have so much nose shit. HAHA

Anyways, a few weeks back, I went to Red.fm’s Love Classifieds. Supposedly its a singles party, but quite fail lor cos a lot of them came as couples and I sure ain’t single. We thought it would be a speed dating thing so we were all geared up to meet new people. tengok, tengok, its just a party thingy where we played games and like won prizes. We were also given a list of numbers where we can state our interest in another person. They will only exchange contact numbers when they have both parties expressing their interests. great idea, but like, we didn’t participate because no one was awesome enough! hahahah. 

Spot me! 

The Red.fm people are awesome though. They’re a fun bunch of people. I also won a lucky draw at this party and won a Med Klinn Air Sterilizer.

How awesome eh?

Just when the air is becoming bad to worst, I got a  Medd Klinn air sterilizer! lols. It has been on and off in my room for quite some time now. On and Off because my socket is wonky and I keep on switching it off accidentally! lols. But it has been great. At first it smelt like metal. Seriously. Maybe because of all the ions thingy. 

Sorta reminds me of Cool Rhino water. I got one bottle and it wasn’t a pleasant experience drinking it. Have you tried Cool Rhino? Sucks right? I don’t know, it tasted like metal when I first opened it. Like seriously. Then I made Louanne and my brother to try it, it was normal. hmmm.. weird eh? Lea thought I was just thinking too much. Maybe I was. lols. I still got half bottle left. I guess now its basi already. HAHA

I got this dress, the purple one and the blue one hanging on the wall. Forever 21 makes me broke. But I so awesomely love the casual dresses! Cheap and pretty…I also finally used my Iora voucher and got a ruffled top with 3 super cloth scarves. lols. super cloth cos its literally pieces of cloth. But its okay. I can’t find anything else to fit the budget anyways. Plus I could give Louanne to choose one! haha. i still now have to redeem my Sasa, Isetan and Jusco vouchers. heehee. Shall keep it for next month. 

On a final note for today….


Kun Cheu A-rai Kaa?

Chan Cheu Karen Kaa!

I now speak Thai okay. I terror, don’t play play!

So anyways, you know what’s bliss?

Chatting with friends, drinking coke, aircond on, semi naked and chilling with my own version of chillout music. lols. John Cena’s Right now…Frankie J’s don’t wanna try. Pdiddy’s I need a girl…the list goes on. 

So it has been a week with my mac. My love affair with mac is a love-hate relationship. I love how new it is and how it has been awesome for the eye, but I hate how I don’t know how to do many things like how I used to do with pc. Maybe in time, I’ll be fine 🙂

You know what I hate, mosquitoes!!! They bite, make me itch and leave scars. I seriously need some kinda lotion and cream to make my scars less visible. damn those small insects. please die!

So this week has been alright. I’ve been meeting friends, Louanne finally has time for me, ahem. lols. We went shopping like we used to. haha. missed you loads! Shall go more shopping k? (With NO money)

My face needs hydration, cos I got dried up face. 

My hair needs a shampoo that’s worth RM68, cos I got dandruff, but oily scalp.

How lah liddat? I feel poorer by the day. Being maintained  and prim and proper is not cheap. Why not just go out with ugly hair and dried up face? cannoottt, the world thinks we all need to dress well, cob hair, make up and put on like one ton of face products so that the face doesn’t age and get patchy because of the sun…

But thank God I attended all these talks and workshops on facials and make up while i’m still a writer. I now know how to cleanse tone moisturize and put mask and shit. Also know the basics of make up. I still haven’t found my fashion sense, but learning, learning…I can now consider myself a girly girl. 


i miss YOU!!!!

Why is wordpress 2.8 so weird?

So I just installed wordpress 2.8 and the whole rich text editor thing is missing! how now brown cow?

Now I’d have to live with this crap no text editor thing until they update 2.8.1…. or I could revert back to 2.7.1…But I need to log in to myPhP Admin thingy like last time. I totally forgot how to. HAHA

Anyways, I can live with HTML updating for a while. But omg, this wordpress 2.8 has too many bugs. Not a smooth transition I must say!

Owh wells, I shall see over the weekend if I want to revert back to old wordpress. Nothing great about 2.8 also…except the widgets part.



ok, wordpress is not lame. its awesome possum cos I get to do this to fonts now with rich text editor!

Karen Rocks!

ok, so now i think this layout sucks! Time to test out that new layout installer on wp2.8! I go shower first!

Would the Singaporean Government hire me?

So I am now looking for jobs that would help me create a career in helping. I did find one that suited me really well. But knowing how life sucks, I’ll probably won’t get it. Its in Singapore and its govt job at one of the ministry. 


Knowing how the economy meleset why would they hire from outside right?

But then again, we all must try before saying anything. 

I’m also afraid to change my current lifestyle here in Malaysia. I mean, I have great friends and family here, xoxo hugz hugz. Im so comfortable that to pack up and leave would be omg. 

But its an adventure, no?

First up, I would actually grow up by making my own decisions, living alone. LDR would be so hard, but then again, I’m only 23, I need a hard hitting life lesson of growing up and not relying on my parents for one! I’ve never stayed out before and have never been independent at all. 

so i guess…Singapore, here i come!!

Well, I need to apply first! hahaha wtf.

anyways, my dog is too cute. Whenever we say “Teezeeboy MANDI!!!” he will run away and hide somewhere cos he hates to bathe. 

I met tk just now at DPC. I helped him with his presentation slides design as I love doing things like these. hahaha. I is geek.Also helped him map out his presentation. That boy is such a noob when it comes to research presentation.

We psych students did so many research and presentations, I think our lecturers did a great job because I feel we are so much more ahead when it comes to knowing how and what to present. We have Dr. Goh to thank for that! 😀

Lea and Joyce joined us for a while after that. Then left. 

Nice being able to just hang liddatand go home at 10pm.lols. We should do this more often. 

I just realised my mac don’t have card reader! boohoo. Must use cable. Shall upload some long awaited photos for my cousins. hahaha.

trying out the iPhoto + Facebook upload thingy. Hope it works. 


ok bye!

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