I seriously need to make better subject for my blogposts.

Today I spent my day….lazing and sleeping. Perfect Sunday spent! hahaha. So lazy. but omg. I so need to go buy the book The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. I watched the movie. Its awesome possum… 🙂

There are also scenes where Kate Winslet is naked. Fyi to those who lurve this kinda stuff. hahaha. No wonder it did not arrive in Malaysian Cinemas. Can’t believe a friend of mine actually saw all that parts of the movie only -_- Shall not say name….HAHAHHA YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

I also finished Doubt. Another awesome movie. I was watching Revolutionary road halfway and slept. haha.

bed + air con + super comfy comforter = sleeeeepp

Ate dinner with my family and went yum cha with my primary school mates.

Teoh Chuan Hui, Go Chee Siong, Loong Mun Fu, Sue Yuen Theng, Foo Wei Foong, Low eng Hoe. and you know me! haha

I’ve never seen some of them since like omg, 12 years old. lols. We’re all big kids now. My cantonese so karat man. Half the time I was trying to figure out what they were saying. But ok lah. Still can make it. Only those deep ones cannot understand.But they were fun. A bit awkward for a few moments, but we managed to talk about school and Low even sang the sekolah rendah song, omg! he still remembers..

Low has grown to be such a fine young man. HAHA. So hensem. Teoh omg, so built now. But he still looks the same. HE got 5A’s for UPSR last time in my school. Together with Lai Mei Ee and myself. haha. I remember we went up stage to collect money and cert. hahaha. Go Chee Siong still looks the same, only much matured. Mun Fu is still small. But much more matured lahh.

All so big big already. awww.. I would like to see all my girl friends from primary though. haha. That would be v.v. awkward.

Anyways..its 210. I should go sleep. Work starts on Tuesday. hahaha.


Delicious with the gang and Kevin. We so healthy. We ate salads.

We also managed to ber-pose under the kampung house at 1U’s centre court. haha.

After that we met Gaithri and Louanne to go to Fullhouse at Ara Damansara.

(Big Thanks to PS for giving directions!lols…)

This is Louanne. She teaches violin. Want classes? Please contact her at….012-8832901! (ok, thats a bluff number)

We also managed to make our way to Disneyland and goofed off with Minnie Mouse.

After that, we went back to 1U and visited Zara. Everything so cheap. Please go to Zara and spend some moolah? I wanted to buy so many omg. But in the end ended up with a work shirt and a skirt.  Happie!

The end.


RAN’s new album Friday is out today 🙂 (Probably in indonesia)

Lea, remember to remind me to go to Rock Corner to find for this CD. teehee. I doubt it will be here so fast right?

My Digi bill said I didn’t pay my bill last month! SHEESHHH It came up to SO MUCH, cos last month’s bill was super high! AND I PAID!! Wanna die. Tmr must go Digi to settle this bill. Scary shit.

I just watched 17 again. Such a freaky friday movie.It was alright. Glad I didn’t watch it in the cinemas. hahaha. Now I’m waiting for Doubt. Can’t wait! I heart Amy Adams and Meryl Streep is always awesome!

I have a day out with my favourite people tmr…from 1U for lunch to Fullhouse for dinner. yeay! 🙂 Lets hope all goes well…I should sleep now!

Btw, tk missed all the fame and requested me to post his picture…

I have “Racing” seatbelts. fuyoh!

Krispy Picture

So remember how I wanted to join the KK’s contest? I took a picture of me and doughnuts. Well, not the real donuts. That’s what lacking in this photo. I need to buy the doughnuts, go back to this place to take the photo of me holding bags of donuts and some in my arms and do this same pose.

I think that’s a winner! lols.

HAHA. Doesn’t my hair look like a sleeve for my dress? lols! Read more


The one part I hate about being a girl is the society’s ideal on what women’s legs should be like. I mean come onnnnnnnnn…God made us with hair on legs. why whyy whyyy do people look down on girls with leg hair? Seriously?

GAH! So what if we looked like hairy little girls? I dun have so much time to shave or wax!! Gahhhhhhhh…

I succumb to peer pressure and yes, I do shave my legs. But sometimes, I just get so damn lazy.

i love to go waxing, but hey, I only earn peanuts for living in the city’s standards! haha. waxing is MAHAL SHIT! But my skin feels owh so soft and smooth after that…

Thank God I got 3 bottles of Veet to try on. Since I won that contest from Veet, they’ve been awesome to let me try their new range of sexy looking bottles with new bladless razors…I mean, if it works….things would be so much easierrrr..Lemme try first. Then I shall tell you how it feelssss…

Btw, one is for you to try Lea! 🙂 Pick which one u want k?I’m sure you’ll want blue. for the obvious reason….

EDIT: Forgot to add the veet pictures -_____-

I wonder if my feet will then become as smooth as, Alesha Dixon?

but then again…my feet has too many scars!! GAH. From that Redang trip with PS and Amelia. My usual Doc said it was probably some kinda insect bite and left some bacteria/germs on my skin!

I need to try this Bio Oil thing. It seems that it helps remove scars. Seems like it even removes Stretch marks. Well I think needs a lot of application and owh wells.

No harm trying…


Image from Daisy Pink Cupcake

Such pretty and awesome idea right? I love how colourful this set up is and the idea itself is plain awesome!

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