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by plasticcoatedcolors

I want to take photos of myself liddat. with balloons and colourful stuff…Who wants to take my photos?

It has been a while since I’ve tracked who came to my site. I always forget to place the analytics back into the different theme i used.

Traffic has been low and good. hahaha. 40-50 visits per day. I used to be such a traffic whore. Till I realise, omg, why why do I want people reading what I write. It is just scary! haha.

Today I met a friend’s colleague. Then she said, eh, you look familiar…..then friend said, owh, she’s the girl who owns that blog.


lol. I is famous.

I also decided to unadvertise-fied my blog. Not that I don’t like extra income, but its useless when my traffic is so low -_- Give nuffnang more views only, and I don’t get nothing.

I’ve been searching high and low for a clean looking theme where I can edit. So far, I’m not satisfied with all my findings :( This one comes close. I just need to find time to edit the background -this is so pink!

My glove rabbit plush needs arms and head to be attached. This rabbit is probably the ugliest handmade plush evahh!! Photos when I’m done with it. hahaha. I’ll probably make a flower choker for my rabbit! hahaha.

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