Strong, strong as a soldier

My new found love, AJ Rafael.

haha. I heard his music through a twitter link by one of my tweeps. FELL IN LOVE STRAIGHTAWAY!

There’s something awesome about his voice and music. Love the piano playing covers of songs. Love his original music. I’m suddenly a 15 year old groupie….lols.

Even his remix of one of my fav songs from him.

Soldier (This video is a mix of the original song+remix)

Such a rare find from Youtube! I’m glad I was introduced to AJ Rafael. Take a listen and tell me what you think?

I guess he’s of Phillipino decent. His videos and friends all quite Asian wan. I guess the “hang out with your own kind” also goes in the US.


Anyways. I love (my kinda) chillout music. This song would fall into one of it. another song I heart is this song called “Little Piece of Home“.

Nice to find new songs to listen to! My love for music never dies…

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