Don’t you just love Karen’s skirt prints?

Happy Birthday Self.

You’re now totally awesomely 23.

You’re young, and an awesome person.

You just need to stop buying clothes and start saving money to go traveling. Remember Project Australia? Project USA? Project UK? If you don’t go soon, you won’t get free accommodation anymore cos your friends will be leaving…hahaha.

And well, for your future you also need money right, wtf. You think money drop from sky is it?


You also need to go looking for a life path. Do you want to study? Do you want to continue on in PR? Do you want to do something else? Find a passion and keep it, and (in the words of tim Gunn) make it work!!

Your 21st & 22nd birthday was awesome. Make your 23rd birthday awesome-er πŸ™‚

You rock la!

I love you!

Of Margarita and Leopards

Karen’s accomplishments over the weekend…

Made Margaritas

Using a margarita mix. taste as awesome as the real one as I added lime juice also πŸ˜€ I LOVE MARGARITAS! My mum thinks I am becoming an alcoholic. but, how to get drunk with one glass? -_-

Made a leopard print bow head band

I LOVE IT! I used my unused bra strap as my headband (Its clean and new, wtf -_-).Β  I reuse, recycle mar. The leopard print cloth was from my BKK bag which i absolutely adore….but tore after a month or so of using it -_- So I cut cut cut and sew sew sew to make an awesome headband πŸ˜€

29th coming soon ):

Shucks, my birthday coming soon. I will be 23 and older. DANG! No birthday plans this year, but maybe over the weekend, I shall have a little get together to drink Margarita’s and Mojitos! Who’s in? HAHA

(Since I just learnt the art of making them right?)

Fall is here…

click: http://pinkshoesss.tumblr.com/

I’m SO glad that Fall is here and the season of series have all started. My nights have meanings now. So many newbie series, old ones also started. I truly hate OTH though. Without Lucas and Peyton, it seems empty. The series now have no meaning. No Lucas’ voice narrating the story is just wrong! :(It was his story! I hope they would bring them back. I miss Lucas and Peyton!

My week has been alright. Monday was my brother’s birthday. I decorated the house quite nicely for this party. I love decorating πŸ˜€ My David Tutera ness was all out for the planning as I had a theme….a photo wall, pictures all over the ceilings, Martha Stewart’s pompoms, and matching pink drinks! πŸ˜€

As I was a crazy woman walking here and there being hostess, I did not really stop and take a picture of the whole party scene or the little details that was up..Like, the Margarita we made…and the Mojito! haha. But thanks to the pink photo wall, I didn’t have to worry about having to take guests pictures as they willingly went to my room for a photo op! hehe. We managed to get a lot of them on photo. Plus, we had props for them to play with. Thanks Weiyenn for that idea! πŸ™‚ I had fun decorating a space for the party.

If I had more time though, I would have so done more!

If I had more KA-CHING, I would have done so much more too!

I spent damn a lot on this party from buying the decorative items to fruits and mixers for the alcohols -_- but it was all good! Money well spent. I still have the photo wall here. It’s still there. So if you wanna come my house to pose with my wall..please do so asap before my brother steals the lighting away…haha.

I just realised I blogged damn little this month. boo. I should ramble more often. I think its all twitter’s fault!If you don’t have twitter already, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

okay, i gotta go rest up. Long day tmr. BEP at Arthur’s Day πŸ™‚

To Arthur!!!

The Pink Party

I <3 how this photo turned out. Esp after the colour processing! πŸ˜€

The pink party was the theme for my brother’s birthday πŸ™‚ It was awesome and tiring…Louanne and I made little pompoms in white, pink and black, stuck photos all over the ceiling and made a pink photo wall. Everyone came in pink and the photo wall was pink too…(ahem, it was my room lah!) Check out the photos on FB.

<3 doof

I <3 Doof bean bags. You know why. Not only they’re awesomely pretty and functional, they also donate all proceeds from the first 100 bags to Agathians Shelter for them to pay up for school.

Agathians Shelter is a nongovernmental organization in Section 8, PJ, that takes in orphaned or abandoned boys. The committee members of the home are rushing to raise RM3500 for the boys’ school fees! Doof Industries has agreed to provide 100 Doof beanbags in aid of Agathians Shelter. This means that…All proceeds from the first 100 sales through GetDoof.com goes straight to sending these boys to school!

Its about RM370 and RM490 for a smaller and larger one.

If I were staying out in my own place, I would so buy this bean bag. Its way cheaper then those that are in the high end furniture store. Plus bean bags are awesome. I have one at home, and while growing up, we used to watch TV on it…Sleep…Kids use to jump on it. like a little ride in the amusement park.

And the colours are too pretty! Check them out!

Looks uber comfortable!

This one is HUGE! Roxxane – RM490

Chuck – Comes in 2 sizes.

OK, It’s officially on my wishlist! Someone get me a Doof please?

4th day of my birthday month!

wahhh, I feel so bad for not updating for 4 days! haha. My 55 year old self will slap my 23 year old ass for not updating. Cos when I’m 55 I want to know what happend on the 1st of september right? Why wasn’t the blog updated? My phone line has been cacat for the past 3 days. No phone line, no internet. so sad.

Anyways. I am at work now and boss just told me Monday’s a public holiday for peeps in Subang! AWESOME POSSUM! She also just left, leaving me in the office aloneeeeee…

I am so tempted to go to Subang Parade to eat lunch and walk around. But. I don’t want to spend money lahh. haihs. I just spent so much over the merdeka weekend. HAHA. Just when I thought I had wahh, so much savings..then I spent so much. sheesshh. I seriously need to open a new account and bank in the money in another bank.

Maybe I shall just do my work finish…then go home…But I do need to go to a magazine shop to check out travel magazines. I actually did this already. Saved the info on my phone and when I changed phone, the draft just went missing! DANG! bodoh betul. All my information goner. Maybe I shall leave at 4 ish to go check out magazines instead.

Owh. what shall I eat for lunch. I hate lunching alone! haihs. I should’ve brought my mooncake to work today. haha. I bought this 4 yolk white lotus paste mooncake from Lavender at Pavi. RM15, MAHAL SHIT. Haven’t had it yet. Waiting for the right mooncake craving. haha.I bought this Overseas Restaurant Mooncake with 4 yolks. HATED IT. I mean, the yolks are awesome and all..but the skin is so thick! omg…I hate thick skin.

I still love Tai Thong’s 2 yolks lotus paste. yums. They have the right amount of skin. HAHA.

Lookie at my piggy mooncake! So sayang to eat it…looked at it until the day ended and had it for supper. haha. This one too, had TOO MUCH skin. I guess they need the skin to craft the pig.

Owh wells. its going to rain.. I shall just ta pau food and watch youtube while eating.

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