Tee Zee Boy is sick :(

Teez, my dog, AKA Timtam boy is sick! 🙁

He was whining in the morning this past few days, I know because I wake up at 630am cos he whines so loud. So this morning, I googled, at 630am “why do dogs whine?” and they said, that they might be seeking attention or might be sick. Then I got worried 🙁 🙁

At first I just thought, nahh, he just manja la. Making noise for attention. So tonight I came home. My mum’s asleep, dad went out, bro’s not back yet, I was petting him while watching TV. Tired already, so I stopped. He started licking my hands. I mean, usually he does that, but this time, was excessively! I pet again, then he ok. When I stopped, he started licking my hand and you know, put his head on my hand, lick lick lick until sampai my elbow when I let him lick. -_- damn gross, but omg, it struck me.

He’s trying to tell me he’s sick!!!!

🙁 He was trying to tell us for a few days already… Then I checked him thoroughly. See what’s wrong, then I saw his eye. Got like an infection on it. I googled the symptoms of an eye infection. And tada, it matched

What are the Symptoms of an Eye Infection in a Dog?(Source)

A dog with an eye infection will show several symptoms, including the following signs which can affect one or both eyes:

  • Eye discharge – In a dog with an eye infection, discharge is often thick and yellow or greenish in color.
  • Red, swollen eyes – In the case of an eye infection, the eyelids and area around the dog’s eye will often become swollen and red.
  • Bloodshot eyes – The dogs eyes may become bloodshot if an infection is present.
  • Squinting – Dogs will often squint if they have developed an eye infection.
  • Pawing the eye – A dog with an eye infection may paw at the affected eye.

Being Perfect

I doubt anyone thinks they’re perfect. I mean I have flaws like no tomorrow. I hate myself sometimes,  but I must say, I really do have high SE and screw you for saying I am fat or ugly, DLL.

I am awesomely awesome, and I look so pwetty! Right right right?



I rock la!

Night everyone!

The art of creating

I like to create things. Be it an edited photo/photos. a layout, an article, a concept. Mostly visuals, because I love everything to look pretty. I just love creating. I guess you can say, I am creative. HAHA. But nola, as compared to like really creative people.

I never liked Art class in school. Maybe cos we were forced to draw really ugly things and paint under pressure -_-

I had this project at work where we had to create an idea/branding behind this development. So at a cafe in TTDI Plaza while boss was typing an email, I started drawing – on a tissue paper -_______-

I imagined this place, it looked like this:

LOL I know. it looks so messy. But if this place really turns out to be what i imagined, it would be awesome.

I guess that’s how interior designers feel each time they think of a concept, execute and create homes 😀

I bought a 4 inch high heels today. Please kill me because this is a backache causing shoe which is OWH SO CHEAP and IN MY SIZE. 😀 😀 😀 I love shoes in my size. But, good luck to me wearing this shoe!

Enough 230am ramblings.


its been a while…

Since I did some serious editing of my blog’s theme. I dun likey the theme. The colour, no pictures. bleh.

My weekend has been unproductively lazy. I have an article to finish by tonight. FML.

Hard cloth – for bag – RM10

Soft Cotton-for shirt – RM3

Third cloth for dunno what – RM3

I bought a couple of scrap cheap fabrics from Ikea, hoping I could sew something, but nothing has been done. I was thinking of sewing an oversized Tee. Let’s see how my hand-sewing skills are. LOL. Maybe I can make a handbag? haha. I may need a sewing machine for that purpose. I doubt my hand sewing skills can make it.

Living through FB

I just realized that I live through facebook. its sad. but I know how everybody is doing, how much fun they’re having with their lives right now, through facebook. I send birthday greetings through facebook, I rsvp for events through facebook, I make new friends on Facebook, I find old friends on facebook.

How is it that this happened?

* * *

Btw, if you missed me updating the blog. chewaaahhh, macam lah. Please add me on twitter. I’m really, always on twitter.com/lyyyl and check out my daily photo on DB dailybooth.com/lyyyl. I may not post pics on FB much, but I am on other sites online. Stalk me Find me kthanksbye.

I need to pay saman. FML

3 minute update

0905:So I am on my way to work now. All ready and about to off my lappie, I thought I’d add something here, every other hour or so. wasssssuupppppppp? Okay, That’s all I can think off. Buhhbye!

1020am: ok  reached work. Took me 15 minutes to start the internet because something happened, it won’t connect. gah. Now going to start on my daily stalking of car blogs and updating my report! Toodles!

1301: Lunch. Same old same old. I bought the sandwich in front of the office form a cake shop. its COLD and meh. Not nice lah. I resorted back to eating my fave rice. HAHA. So much for losing weight eh? Fat people rules, FTW!!!

1313: Whoa, I eat damn fast!

1452: Owh, awesome contest coming soon! Working on the kinks now.

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