RIP Uncle Ben

RIP Uncle Ben

He was my Sunday School Confirmation teacher and the spiritual adviser for YAC. He and Aunty Margaret, together with Aunty Sheila and the others def made an impact in my life and more importantly, my faith. Great man he is and may he rest in peace with God. My faith in God will not be the same, if it wasn’t for my confirmation class and what I gained and learned from them.

Aunty Margaret was so pulled together at the wake. She and Uncle Ben was inseparable! Wish her well.

I miss my fellowship with YAC. Gathering soon?

Thoughts for the day

Time: 1915pm
Location: Starbucks Sunway

I don’t know what I want in life.

I really don’t! I just know I want to chill. Work, yes, who doesn’t need to work. We all need money. But to me finding the correct work is essential. I want to work for the fun of working and not working because IΒ  need to get money. I mean, of course, you need to make money. But it has to be fun! I need a fun work atmosphere. I want to work at Intergricity! They make work sound so fun. Plus I also love what they do. I live breathe twitter and social networking sites. LOL. Maybe I should delve myself into the online/social media/advertising world. Since I love doing it anyways. Besides, I don’t think I’m awesome at PR. I am just not a type of person who likes to call people and organize events. I hated it in college during Student Council, organize this, organize that, but I guess it gave me a lot of experience working with people and coming up with events.

Anyways…let’s not talk about the future and what I should do.

Bunch of yuppies in front of me discussing a project or something. Got this one girl with this unique voice. I think you either love the voice or hate it. I think I hate it. Sounds so mengada. Maybe because she uses a lot of “fucking” in her conversation. Makes that pretty girl look so vulgar. Why do people curse so much?

So much hate in their lives.

On a lighter note,

I got the jacket from F21. Damage = RM89. Supposed to look for Lea’s present, but ended up with a jacket. I am awesum la, really awesum. BUT BUT, I NEED this jacket to make me look professional at work -_- Who am I kidding, I don’t really have workmates at work to show off to. LOL. But I like to dress up, so FTW! The skirt’s awesome too kan? Its almost the same price as the jacket. So mahal. I can sew myself wan this skirt. Looks easy! πŸ™‚

Time: 2015
Location: Starbucks Sunway

Yes I’m still here. I hate waiting. I’m impatient. Waiting just makes me older. Well at least I’m exercising my brain by typing this entry. I love writing about my day. It makes me happy to review what happened during the day. Well, what DID i do today? I wrote a news release. I edited a whole lotta photos, updated the report, printed some thing, finished “I love beth cooper” during lunch time while eating chap fun. That’s about it.

Fun eh?


I love tinting my photos. If you’ve noticed recently, I have tinted all my photos unless they are awesomely colourful. If not, expect your photos to be tinted before being uploaded on Pinkshoes.

A girl is studying beside me. I miss studying. I remember the times when my Lainey Boo and I would go to Starbucks to study. Then, all that group meetings in Starbucks. Starbucks really got a lot of money from us college students.

My Jinjang neighbour’s doggie, Shelly.

Isn’t she the cutest shaved doggie evahh? Those eyes. those precious eyes. Cute dogs liddat should not be tied. All dogs should not be tied. I’m glad my mum finally allowed Tee Zee Boy to be free at home! πŸ™‚ He’s now more friendly to people and more friendly in general as compared to being tied last time when he was so angry at everyone! LOL.

Eiuw, cold coffee is not nice. When I come to Starbucks, I like to order the Coffee of the Day. It taste good. Simple black coffee. Awesome. I used to like all those mocha frap, green tea frap, but now I just stick to plain ol black coffee. It IS after all the cheapest drink at Starbucks! -_____- I am a cheapo, I know.

So many families are out with their kids, all dressed up nicely in the mall. So happie to see families like that. The concierge guy is wearing a blinged out Santa Hat. LOL. I miss that hot Singaporean concierge guy at City Mall (is it?, or Raffles?). Maybe when I go there next week, I’ll go find that hot concierge guy and ask him where’s Forever 21.


Xue said she’ll tell me where are all the awesome shoe shop! TeeHee! I cannot wait to buy awesome flats and I must come back with an awesome work-shoe. Preferably the similar one at Pedal Works that lea and I saw. I tend to think of people’s twitter name when I type out name. Like just now when I wanted to type Lainey’s name, I teringat @ooolainey, and Lea’s, I wanted to write @leaspy! I am lame. Please save me.

Time: 2034
Location: Starbucks Sunway

I reached here at 1745 today. Angela and I went home early as everything was done for the day. Walked at Forever 21, Cotton On (LEA, OMG, Cotton on here got so many nice, non-flats-shoes!) and tried on clothes. Walked into Starbucks at 7. And now, 1.5 hours later, I’m still here. Sucks la

Ok, need to pee. Bye!

Time: 0046 next day
Location: Home
Song: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – Nsync

So all that waiting was worth it. Had a blast! πŸ™‚ Thanks for an awesome night.Had Papa John’s pizza, not bad. Especially if you paid half price. Citibank card gets 50% 9″ pizza, selected ones only though. But still, worth it! Of course, us being cheapskates, we drank water -_- ! Took loads of pictures at the mall. Which shall be edited soon!

Deco at Sunway Pyramid πŸ™‚ Windmill, very French with french music all..

So energetic cos I had grande sized coffee -____- Hands all working damn fast. Need to shower and get a good night’s rest for tomorrow is project wash my car!!! anyone wanna help? HAHAHA

Happy Thanksgiving!

Roast Turkey, FTW!!!


Monthly Shopping Affair

Hello! Its me, Karen. Really! Its been so long since I did a, “Today I did this this and that” blog entry with a shitload of edited photos. HAHA. So here goes…

Yesterday I was out with Lea shopping! πŸ™‚ Miss our monthly shopping affair. We can go on and on until wanna die. LOL. We left at 11am and shopped at Uptown – bought nothing, had lunch at Wondermilk with Sidney too and headed on to BB for more shopping!

Here’s my lomo-fied bunch of photos…

At Wondermilk. I’ve always loved hanging out at Wondermilk. I love oogling at cute cupcakes. Eating cupcakes, eating the Honey Mustard sandwich with the awesome chips, eating fries or wedges and just basking in the cuteness of Wondermilk. πŸ˜€ If only they’re cheaper, I’d be there everyday! LOL.

Lea with a cupcake.

Karen with her handmade flower headband used as baju accessory. LOL.

Sidney’s new PR shot! haha.

Lea got star head…

Anyways, Lea and I headed to KL City afterwards. Lea needed to buy something from Sg Wang. We also visited Pavilion, duh. Lea and I will never miss F21 and Cotton On visits. Pavilion had like OMG, so many christmas trees! Teehee. We enjoyed the scene and took some photos with it.

Tall tall tree

Spot the Karen!

Now spot the Lea!

Now spot the reindeer’s balls! HAHAHAHA

FOREVER 21 has awesome boots in size 10!

But but but, its so tall and unnecessary hahaha, but owh so cute!

Shopaholic of the trip, Miss Lea bought 2 shoes, 2 slippers andΒ  a shirt! (The black flats is mine)

This is a corset christmas decoration. So cute!

Purple balls, this is for you My Lainey Boo, wtf!

We tried on Santa hats at Tangs..

This is funky! LOL.

+WISHLIST: bird cage from Tangs Pavilion, KL. Only RM59.90. Buy for me?

Sore loser freeloaders

Some people think that they are SO BIG. Some people have no manners. Some people need some organizational skills. One company needs to buck up!

I don’t know why people get so angry over freebies. Eg:@digi_telco‘s giveaway. its FREE (or practically free), hello! If you’re not first in line, then sorry lor! Make so much noise for what! Its not the company’s fault that you went late, or you got problem with the people when you line up, or when you go there and the stuff is finished, go try elsewhere, or go home.

Damn sore losers people who complain over not getting freebies. ITS FREAKING FREE ALREADY. Go get a life la. READ:LIMITED QUANTITIES! FTS! IF you’re not the first few then just walk away. Or go fly a kite.

Sold out means you’re too late la. gaaahh. Very angry. Also angry at stupid people in the servicing line who are rude. HELLO! Management, please do something! Your company’s reputation’s at stake here! You may not take social networking seriously, but i tell you, it is super important!

No matter how much FB and twitter social networking they do, if the front line service is bad, it will just hit you back from behind anyways.

OK enough of getting angry over stupid things, stupid freeloaders.

I is angry and should sleep.


Weekend of Sleep

Taking antihistamines can make you really sleepy and headache-ey. The whole weekend, I was on antihistamines.. I was so sleepy and if I wasn’t sleepy, I get headache-ey.

But I did get a well rested weekend =)

Last week, I also made an awesome cape with the help of my brother’s sewing (he sew one part, wtf -_-).

We wanted to rent, but the mask at the rental place was SO BUSUK, plus the cape also probably would be too short for my brother and renting costumes just so mahal!

So we decided get like ALOT of cloth from Nagoya. BoughtΒ  a mask and weapon. Measure measure, measure…sew sew sew and wala..we got a cape! Cost less than the rental. So yeay to us.

What’s AWESOME-er, is that my bro won BEST DRESSED/MOST SCARY OUTFIT! hahahahhaa.

So we won a RM50 Jusco voucher and a 8G pendrive – which is now MINE!!!!! I’mma use it for my car music. Now I can have all the music in the world while driving.


Otitis Media

Ear Infection Antibiotics

So I have a mild case of Otitis Media. Some fluid is built up in my middle ear. Its not infected yet, but will soon if it doesn’t come out or dry out soon πŸ™

I feel like I just came off swimming pool sometimes. Feels like waves floating in my ear. So annoying cos sometimes it gets so loud when I’m super still.

I have to take Antihistamines for a few days. Annoying cos I’m always sleepy…

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