End of a decade!

So here’s the customary end of the year post!

Well, its more like an end of a decade. I probably spent my entire decade studying – from high school to college+ a year of working.

This past year has been really eye opening. I made new friends, old ones left, made $$$ bought a mac, an iphone, painted my room pink, got a new job, left the old job, got fatter -_-

I shall not go the resolution thing, cos I never keep them! I shall just go one day at a time and try to figure out this thing called life 😉

See you in 2010, where i’ll probably blog more -_-

Should I get a BlackBerry?

Before I start my “preaching” to myself on BlackBerry..

First up, I’d like to thank my lainey boo wtf for giving me this pressie for my birthday!:) Stacy and I finally met to get this gift! hahaha. Elaine was here in like July -_-

Thankies my lainey boo wtf! I heart it! Its so me! Teehee. this necklace was what I always eye on in Diva, but never had the heart to buy it cos I’m too cheap -_-

On to the next agenda…Getting a BlackBerry Curve.

Digi has this like awesome possum plan for existing Digi Postpaid users. I’m not sure if i’ve already been with Digi Postpaid for 12 months, but If I am, I’m entitled to this awesome possum deal with Digi.

(Just checked my bill, I started a year ago!)

AWESOME. If all goes well, tomorrow, I shall get a BlackBerry Curve and be connected with all of you people all the time. hahahaha. (Wahh damn fast)

So fun!

I’d like an iPhone, but Digi got no deal and I cannot afford to pay for iphone. mahal giler at Low Yat, RM2500+

I know, I’d be busting my savings for a phone, but I’d really like a 3G wifi enabled phone because I’m addicted to staying online lah! Everytime I’m in the jam, I wish I can tweet about it, wtf.

Besides, its about time I get a new phone, my old phone is a w700i..I got it in 2006 after I lost my k500i in college. HAHA. It HAS been 3 years! That’s 10 in tech years! My w700i is also now not in use as I spoilt the charger. Been switching phones with my bro’s and dad’s since then.

Getting to be on 3G at all times is just awesome! 🙂 I love my brother’s iPhone and how he gets to be online all the time! I know, BlackBerry is just a compromise, but hey, all my life, phones and I don’t always see eye to eye. I’m always one technology slower -_-

Anyways, I’ll think about it, mull over it till next year, maybe by then, Digi has the rights to sell iPhones! hahaha

Twitter-esque update: Had Pasta Zanmai with tk just now. awesum food. walking aimlessly in an empty mall after 10pm. normal day outing with tk! haha!


I’m staring at a chocolate box given by the boss, so prettily tied with ribbon. Too sayang to eat, as they are handmade chocolates made by her friend. But I’m hungry. But this cannot be, cos I had Tutti Fruitti frozen yogurt for breakfast, and subway sandwich for lunch.

I stopped eating chocolates for a long time. Like no craving for it. Until I had Kit Kat International Recipe. OMG. I’m addicted! hahaha. I hope this handmade chocolates are as nice as Kit Kat Itnl recipe! HAHAHA

Btw, I FINALLY has Tutti Fruitti Frozen Yogurt and I loved it! I wanna have more!!!! I can eat like a whole tub full of frozen yogurt…Then I put like choco covered corn flakes topping with jellies and nata de coco. yums.

I shall stop thinking about food and eat dinner later. Sandwich or salad only please?



Thanks to all the stupid Malaysian who are there illegally. Daym! RM1200 is like freaking a lot okay. Malaysians “overstaying” at England, please get outta there la. You’re illegal, and please la have some face a bit. People don’t want you there, why you go and stay there somemore? Memalukan mamalia only!

Let’s hope the free visa thing doesn’t go away…

Cotton On

Ever since this oh-so-lovely Aussie shop sailed to Malaysia, I’ve never failed to buy something each time I step into the shop. Dangerous grounds!

Today I bought a couple of undies which are SO CUTE! I would take photos, but I’m too lazy! So deal with it!

I also grabbed an awesome deal on a gym bra.

Guess how much?

RM 15!!!! so cheap, I should’ve bought 2! Too bad it only comes in 1 colour. I guess they’re clearing stocks.

I splurged on these undies today. BUT, I have a valid reason. I didn’t spend in SG, so I’m making up for it! HAHAHAHAHA.

ok, goodnight, gym this morning was awesome. I shall do it again on wensday 🙂

think happy thoughts

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