The power of Photoshop

Yes. Good ole Photoshop.

It’s one of my all time favourite image manipulation software where bloggers may photoshop away the following imperfections before pictures are posted online.

  1. Warts
  2. Double chin
  3. Jaundice
  4. A cup breasts
  5. Gap tooth
  6. Cold sores
  7. Amnesia
  8. Sore throat
  9. Swine flu

Not many people know Photoshop is fast approaching it’s 25th anniversary. Originally started in the basement of a greasy haired geek called Thomas Knoll with his brother, John Knoll, it has now become a multi-trillion dollar business. I honestly think that all the magazines in the world will cease publications if Photoshop wasn’t available. Who will be there to doctor all the model’s skin to make it look all dewy and shiny? Who will digitally shave of 100 pounds off an elephantine woman? Microsoft’s Paint? HAH!

If Leonardo had Photoshop who knows what he would have done to the Mona Lisa? (source)

So in light of this, i told myself to use Photoshop and perform the same miracle with my amateur skills. My challenge was to create a campaign ad worthy of a fashion giant from pictures of old people.

I present to you the latest in eye-wear standards to give you that distinguished I’ve-made-it-in-life look…

D&G Heritage collection (arriving in Summer ’10)

I  think it’s ingenious considering i started off with this:

Images sourced from (1, 2, 3)

As a side-by-side comparison:

Once again, i would like to proclaim my undying love for Photoshop. Thank you Jesus.



Haiyo. Feel like sore throat coming. haihs. should i sleep with Panadol? I took Clarintyne this afternoon and slept to get better, but its still here. Although the sneezing has stopped a bit, but still feel phlegm build up in nose. sucks!

Need to drink water and get some rest.

Dinner + Shopping with Elaine+Louanne+Sidney-Lea today. Twas fun 🙂 I miss my lainey boo wtf! 🙂

I seriously need to bring my camera out more often. iPhone photos just don’t do justice to photos! Ish!


I’ve been blessed to get to work from home every now and then 🙂 When we’re usually having low period, where we’re waiting for people to confirm this and that, we usually have a lot of time in between.


So be jeles bitches, because I can work from home! hahahah. ok /end action

Yesterday I met up with my Lainey Boo wtf to makan like gluttons and shop a little. I got the backless strapless bra strap, if you get what i mean? I saw Louanne’s one and I totally had to get it! Been looking for something like this for a long time 🙂

I probably shouldn’t shop anymore. Like Seriously. I need to STOP shopping and STOP eating.

I got this dress from Blook. MAD LOVE for this dress because it is just so awesomely nice. You can’t see it, but it has like bondage-kinda lines thingy in the black skirt area. Love how they have bigger range of sizes 🙂

OK back to work! 🙂

Healthy Diet

At 1utama now.. Waiting on my veggie wrap. I tried this veggie wrap over the weekend and it tasted alright. So here I am, eating dinner, more like eating grass if you asked me!

Went for combat today. So I’m damn hungry! But the grass is not here yet. Ok makan!! See ya!

Confessions of an Urban Caveman

Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot

I met up with a clairvoyant over the weekend. That’s just as embarrassing as meeting up with a shrink. But in any case, she told me to close my eyes and to just relax.

The thing with fortune tellers and these new age people isn’t the general statements they always say that make that makes my 5 year old cousin seem like Einstein, but rather the subtle, little details of you that they somehow guessed got right.

I mean the person only met you for like less than 3 minutes and all the sudden the person knows about your personality, minus the deep dark secrets that you hold safe from the depths of your soul (thank God for that). Invasion of privacy that may be but it must be scary to live that way, knowing people without even meeting the person.

There was this thing that she told me that somehow rang very true to me and even got me thinking about the life I was leading as a corporate slave by day. She mentioned that I was empty in terms of relationships with others and for my reason of existing. The very questions that I struggle about each day is knowing why bother existing when everything else works perfectly well without you.

The world is already plagued with hunger, the economic divide and overpopulation.

Isn’t that already too many problems. An addition of another entity does not justify my existence.

Fortune tellers have a strange way of telling you that things are OK and that as long as you resolve to do some things in a different way, life is going to be OK. I really wonder if there is going to be a happy ending and silver lining to this.

The whole episode didn’t end in futility, she told me to stay on to what I have as I need it at the moment and to find out what I really want to do. Meanwhile I should start expressing myself more doing what I like to do as a side. Thus why I started writing here. Hopefully the exploits of an urban city dweller looking a life in a paradoxical, somewhat satirical and hopefully inspiring way will finally bring me to the path of discovering myself (oh, haven’t we all heard this one already) and to entertain and make readers just stop at life, think and smell the roses.

Then again, perhaps a trip to the shrink would do me much better.

The Urban Caveman (th uh ur-buh n kāv’mān’) is 5 ft 6”, typical male who came from the depths of the jungle before pursuing a career in the big bad city as a typical salaryman / corporate slave by day and avid dreamer by night. His interests include the guilty pleasures of staying home, indulging in differential experiences, and other hedonistic pursuits.

Bizarrely, he doesn’t mind being alone for long periods of time doing nothing.

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