Hello? You’re old already!

So recently, I started looking at my face very seriously… Maklumlah I have mirrored iPhone! Haha so every now and then I look at my face and wondered when did I get old! Hahah! My skin may get praises from make up artists last year, but I tell you, not having to meet people like when I was a writer last time made me a lazy person! I don’t really dress up anymore or even take care of my skin!


Hence the super old looking, aging skin that’s on my face right now… Lol! I don’t get freebies anymore, so I shall resort to using “bought” products! The horror!

I miss being a writer, we get bribed with so many products! Lol!

Anyways, I just got an essential item-sunscreen today and I will be getting a toning lotion soon..

its called the Hada Labo Moisturising Lotion. I thought it was a moisturiser, until I read online its really not…its like double moisturizer or sth liddat..I got the sample and I’m loving it! 🙂

Karen’s Basic Skin Care:

Cleanser: Still undecided on what’s nice..hmmph…Gave Simple a try, I don’t like it! Bluekk! Recently I’ve tried Oxy Blackhead Clearing Wash. I think that works!

Toner: Garnier (cos i’m poor)..I really like Laneige’s Skin refiner. its awesum, but owh so mahal!

Toning lotion: Hada Labo! About RM47, yeay! must get it soon!

Serum: I still have some samples from Clarins and Laneige! So don’t need to buy yet! hehe!

Moisturizer: I want Biotherm Aquasource, but once again, I’m poor, so I shall continue on Garnier and my many sample moisturizers!

Sun Block: Clarins UV PLUS Protective Day Screen SPF 40. Wanna vomit blood cos so mahal…but I tried many cheap ones and they all leave my skin feeling clogged up and feels sticky icky! So yes, it is mahal, but hey, I already skimped on toner and moisturizer and cleanser! 🙂

What’s your skincare routine?

Zee Avi Live!

If you didn’t know already, Zee Avi performed live in KL yesterday, 20 March 2010. The gig was held at KL Live at Life Centre in KL (Duh). If you don’t already know, Zee Avi is a indie folk singer/songwriter from Malaysia. Formerly a Youtube star, she was spotted by Jack Johnson’s record label Brushfire Records. This was her 1st homecoming gig in KL after touring A LOT in the United States. In other words, one of Malaysia’s very own, made it! 🙂

We arrived at KL Live kinda early, about 6:15PM. Lined up outside for about an hour ++ before they let us into the venue. Venue is kinda small but it’s a good venue, makes the whole ambiance kinda personal. Within minutes the whole place filled with Zee Avi fans and if they weren’t a fan before, they surely are now. After waiting for about another 45 mins to an hour, a small petite tiny girl with a cool hairdo appeared on stage. She is soooooo small in person. Small talented girl she is.

She started off the show with the song Poppy. Everyone sang along which made the whole show awesome coz we sang to almost every song. Her hits, Kantoi, Bitter Heart and Honey Bee were crowd favorites. Here are some pictures from the show and once I’ve uploaded the videos on YouTube, I will let you guys know.

Just so you know, we had a real encore performance from Ms Zee Avi last night. We screamed her name so loud that she had no choice but to come out and perform one last song for us, Monte. The gig was a good experience as it is different from the normal rock gigs I usually attend. Would have been awesome if we had seats and a cold beer to enjoy together with the performance. 😛

Day 7

So i am on track… Let’s hope this is not hangar hangar tahi ayam! Hahah I ate carbs today! Boohoo! But I also went for 1 hour of combat! Yeay!!!

I cannot be anymore colourful right? Hahha! I love colours!

Day 4-6

This is me under a Pokok Melaka

So, its been 6 days and I’ve been to gym twice -_- how fail. But its a working progress! I cannot afford to loose focus. If i do, please tell me i’m a fat loser and hurt my feelings so that I go back to gym? I got 3 more months till may when I need a decent looking body for Perhentian. Imma take a bra and panties shot of my before self, for my eyes only! HAHAHA You’d vomit blood if you saw my body -_-

ANYWAYS, i had fish oil. gross. but ok la. I think my dosage is a bit too much, but what to do, I have that much amount of fats. hahahah! Gym was alright. My fitness level has obviously gone down since the last time I went. That was like what, a few weeks ago…haihs. I need to make the most out of this regime.

Eat healthy and exercise. Speaking of eating healthy…one of the rule I must follow is “NO EXERCISE, NO CARBS!” Which means, if im not going to do any exercise for the day, I CANNOT eat carbs. LOL. How la liddat? I do know that rice and fried food is the source of all my fats…and I really need to cut down, so yea. Grass is good for health. grass, soupy stuff, sandwiches, almonds, nuts, low fat yogurt, what else?

PT said, eat your carbs, don’t drink them! No sweet drinks, this one i die cos PT said cannot drink MILO. My breakfast for champions. My only source of calcium. 🙁 I will need to slowly wean this off. HAHA. Coffee with NO SUGAR!


  • Fish Oil – check
  • Exercise – check
  • Multivitamins – yet to buy!
  • No exercise, No carbs – MUST LIVE BY!
  • No sugared drinks – WIP, must buy green tea

Shopping List:

  • weighing scale
  • Multivitamins
  • Green Tea

Shall get beauty sleep now. Gym tmr! Slap me if I’m lazy thanks!


Well hello there! (cricket noise)

I think the only person still checks this site is Tk who was asking me whyi never update anymore! Hahah! Twitter, Tk! Twitter!! Hahha

Anyways, in case you haven’t seen me yet recently, I’ve gained a lot of weight! Like seriously a lot! Like omg a lot!

I don’t like the way I look now, I used to mask the fatness over I look awesome until I’ve become so fat! Not like I don’t feel like I feel awesome, I still do feel awesome, but it’s harder now when I look like this! Haihs! Arms are fat,legs were always fat! Clothes don’t hang properly on my body anymore, don’t look hot anymore!

People are already doing the usual “wahhh you so fat already” comments! Hahah! I need a fast track losing weight diet! I’m serious! Time to go to gym on a daily basis, ok, maybe 3 times a week! Ok big dreams, but achieveable!

I’ve subscribed to this daily motivation thing online and this personal trainer sends me this daily updates on things I can do to loose weight!

I’m now on day 3. I figured it would be awesome to track my progress here, since I need to jot down some stuff!

Day 1 was signing a contract, WTF! Of course u jut pretended to sign an imaginary contract, dowanna waste paper right? Hahaha..

Ok here’s my contract signature:
Karenmarie signs this contract to loose weight! Hahahah!

Was also supposed to like put down goals and motivations…

I’m supposed to also take a picture of my before self… This I will share later when I’ve got time to do so… Maybe later this week!

Here are my goals!
Goal 1:
Deadline may 2010 to look reasonable for the beach! Hahah WTF! Loose the tummy fat

Goal 2:
Eat less rice and pasta! Preferably take out from diet slowly…Eat vegetables and fruits at least a few servings per day!

Goal 3:
GYM! The 3 letter word I hate, but must love to love! I need to go 3 times a week or more!

Pain/pleasure chart:
If I do it….
PAIN: bodyache, waking up in the morning, tiredness!
PLEASURE: I will rock the bikini with less fat! Haha! Feel more energized and less fatigue with regular exercise! I will get compliments with my bikini body!!! More eyes on me, WTF! I can buy cheap clothes from BKK!!!

If I don’t do it…
PAIN: I will get obese!! Omg imagine all the clothes I cannot wear when I’m size 18!!!
PLEASURE: my current lifestyle continues… Its fun and all that, but imagine…. My life being selamba with my weight and god knows what size I will become by the end of the year! Wtf! Il probably need to join the biggest loser Asia!!! I probably cannot sit on roller coasters anymore…. SO SAD!!!

Day 2 was like this advice to buy fish oil and multivitamins to help the process of body transformation. So today I got fish oil! I don’t know how I’m going to drink fish oil, but for the sake of following the program, I will close my nose and drink the oil! Haha!

Day 3 is when they advice me to exercise 2 times a week! So I will go to the gym tmr morning! And GX classes twice a week!

So this was me now… Well in my gym attire, I guess it would suit the theme! Hahahha (will post a proper before picture soon)

Check me out in may k?

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