Zee Avi Live!

If you didn’t know already, Zee Avi performed live in KL yesterday, 20 March 2010. The gig was held at KL Live at Life Centre in KL (Duh). If you don’t already know, Zee Avi is a indie folk singer/songwriter from Malaysia. Formerly a Youtube star, she was spotted by Jack Johnson’s record label Brushfire Records. This was her 1st homecoming gig in KL after touring A LOT in the United States. In other words, one of Malaysia’s very own, made it! :)

We arrived at KL Live kinda early, about 6:15PM. Lined up outside for about an hour ++ before they let us into the venue. Venue is kinda small but it’s a good venue, makes the whole ambiance kinda personal. Within minutes the whole place filled with Zee Avi fans and if they weren’t a fan before, they surely are now. After waiting for about another 45 mins to an hour, a small petite tiny girl with a cool hairdo appeared on stage. She is soooooo small in person. Small talented girl she is.

She started off the show with the song Poppy. Everyone sang along which made the whole show awesome coz we sang to almost every song. Her hits, Kantoi, Bitter Heart and Honey Bee were crowd favorites. Here are some pictures from the show and once I’ve uploaded the videos on YouTube, I will let you guys know.

Just so you know, we had a real encore performance from Ms Zee Avi last night. We screamed her name so loud that she had no choice but to come out and perform one last song for us, Monte. The gig was a good experience as it is different from the normal rock gigs I usually attend. Would have been awesome if we had seats and a cold beer to enjoy together with the performance. 😛

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