Hello Friday, please come soon?

This friday, you’ll find me sipping awesome Mojitos at the beach!


As if!

But come Friday, I will be chilling in crystal clear blue waters, snorkeling and soaking up the sun! I cannot wait to swim in salt water and see turtles. I also wanna sleep under the tree, hear the sound of the waves and smell the ocean.

Melia looking purdy in a purdy beach dress!

Me looking awesome!

Ps’ meditating, konon!

Browsing through my Redang Pictures, brings back memories. I’m not putting high hopes for Perhentian to be as clean as our, ahem, private beach back at Redang

(Will always wanna go back there despite gross room!LOL, the water is so untainted there)

, but I’m hoping the water is clear enough!

We’ll be staying at Mama’s Chalet, as recommended by Nora. Once again, girls, we should not have any high expectation for the chalets. AHAHAHHAA.

Could turn out to be nasty! But, we’ll survive!

Should we bring mosquito coil thingy? I think it would help keep away the bugs. That also means we need lighter and coil holder. HAHA.

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